Chi Chi was still embarrassed from the fiasco with the air conditioner, as she cleaned off the table and put the dishes in the sink to soak. After the vent had blown her bathrobe onto the ceiling, leaving her to stand stark naked in front of Goku and Gohan. She had ran from the kitchen and pulled the controls out of the wall, effectively cutting off the air conditioning. Unfortunately, they could no longer control it, and the air turned on and off as it pleased. She was able to get her bathrobe, since it fell off the ceiling, and she had put it back on. Chi Chi decided she was going to take a hot bubble bath to ease her nerves and help her calm down. As she was walking towards her room she saw a mouse run across the floor. She jumped onto a chair and lifted the lower part of her bathrobe above her waist and screamed for Goku to come save her. He came running in, wearing his boxers and chased the mouse into a hole in the wall. Chi Chi wasn't satisfied and kept screaming until Goku shot an energy ball into the hole, vaporizing the creature, or so Chi Chi hoped.

"Um, Chi Chi, you might want to cover yourself," Goku said, turning to his wife. Chi Chi blushed and let go of the bathrobe. He picked her up by the waist and swung her around before setting her down. Goku began to walk back to their room, when Chi Chi cleared her throat. Goku turned around and saw his wife with her bathrobe over her head like a long hood, her bare hips tilted to the side with her hands upon them. Goku walked back over to her and took the robe off her head. Chi Chi stood there with her robe open as she watched Goku go back to their room. She was about to follow him there when Gohan came running down the hall. Chi Chi whipped around and closed her robe, tying the belt in a bow. Gohan ran to the kitchen and got a cup of milk and a plate of cookies before kissing his mother on the cheek and returning to his room. Chi Chi smiled as she walked down the hall to her room. Goku was lying on the bed watching TV, and Chi Chi passed by him as she went to their bathroom. She closed the bathroom door, but left it open a crack and turned the faucet on in the tub. She took the cap off the bubble bath soap and poured in a generous amount of it into the running water. She slipped out of the robe and threw it into a corner.

"Goku? Is the toilet fixed?" She called to him as she sat down on the toilet seat.

"Yeah, good as new!" He answered. Chi Chi finished peeing and flushed the toilet. At first nothing happened so she flushed it a bunch of times and the toilet began to shake in a low rumble. Suddenly, a scream came from the bathroom. Goku heard his wife's cry and ran to their bathroom. He found a very shocked, uncomfortable and naked Chi Chi hovering above the toilet or a spout of water.


The next morning, Vegeta woke up suddenly, when cold water was splashed on his face. He had been sleeping in his male form naked, due to a lack of male clothing. Several flashes went off, blinding him. He rubbed his eyes and was able to focus them. He saw Bulma with a camera in a pouch on her hip, and pictures in her hands. She was waving them around in the air and smiled at Vegeta.

"What is the meaning of this, woman?"

"They're just publicity shots." She replied, still shaking the photos.

"What the hell are you talking about?" He growled.

"For your boyfriend, silly!" This made Vegeta stand straight up on the mattress. His crotch was a few centimeters from Bulma's face, she was hardly amused and she pushed his hips, knocking him onto his back, his legs open in a compromising position. The flash went off again as she took several more photos. "That's good, very good, work it baby!" Bulma said angling the camera and taking more pictures.

"I grow tired of this," he said, rolling onto his stomach.

"Oh this is perfect!" Bulma squealed, taking several more pictures. Vegeta grabbed the camera and crushed it in his bare hand as Bulma pulled out the last photo. "Too slow Veggie, I already have all the pictures I need." Vegeta swiped at her hand that held the pictures, but she moved away and he fell off the bed, landing on his head. He rolled over and stood up following Bulma down the hall to her room. Without her noticing he picked up a camera sitting on thin table in the hall. They both entered Bulma's room and Vegeta closed the door and locked it. He smacked the pictures from Bulma's hands as she turned around, scattering them on the floor. He pulled her shirt over her head then tore off her bra. He yanked her pants off and ripped her panties into two pieces, the front and back parts fell off, leaving Bulma as naked as he was. He pushed her onto the bed then whipped out the flashing camera, taking several pictures. He grabbed her ankles and flipped her over on the bed, taking pictures from behind as she turned her head to yell at him. She got up on the mattress and he pushed the area below her navel and she fell down onto the bed in the same compromising position that he had been in, and he took even more pictures. He tossed the camera aside as he made his way to the door. He opened it then turned around and shot an energy blast that burned the carpet slightly, but destroyed the pictures of him.

"Ooh, Yamcha is going to just love these pictures!" Vegeta said taunting the naked Bulma. "I must get them out by noon, if he is to get them with the afternoon's mail." He smirked.

"I am so going to kill you Vegeta!" She shouted as she leaped at him. He dodged her but she came back around and grabbed his shoulders and threw him to the ground. He tripped her and the two women wrestled on the carpet for a few minutes, Vegeta overpowering Bulma, running out of her room and down the hall. She chased after him and the two struggled out into the corridor. Vegeta ran through the kitchen, Bulma close behind. She chased him into the parlor by the front door, and he surprised her from behind, dropkicked her below the breasts, and sent her out of the conveniently opened front door. He slammed the door closed and double locked it. Bulma began to pound on the door, and Vegeta made faces at her through the window. He went to his room, threw on a shirt and opened a window.

"Hey everybody, look at Bulma Briefs! She's running around naked in public!" He announced, men and boys came running out of their houses, dropped whatever they were doing, and gathered around the Briefs' residence to get a peek at Bulma, who was screaming to be let inside. Vegeta looked down at Bulma, "Are you going to stop setting me up with Yamcha?" He asked.

"Yes! Yes! Just let me in!" She replied sobbing.

"Oh fine," he said as he closed the window. He walked to the front door and slowly unlocked it. He opened the door and Bulma rushed in. "You can't outdo me, woman," he said, pulling off the shirt. "You'd better get dressed and go get my clothes from the cleaners before I make you suffer any more embarrassment."


The next day, Z-gang were going to have a beach party that day, and everyone was getting ready quickly, hoping to get to the beach before the crowds do. At Chi Chi's suggestion, Goku decided not to go, but Krillin's sister was going in his place. He borrowed one of Chi Chi's bathing suits and put it on. He came out of the bathroom and showed it to Chi Chi.

"It looks good on you Goku but there's one problem," She said, as she stepped into her bathing suit.

"What is it Chi Chi?" He asked as she pulled the bathing suit up over her breasts and adjusted the straps.

"You're not female yet!" She said, turning to face him. Goku looked down and realized this also. Chi Chi filled a cup with water and threw it on Goku. "That's better, now turn around and let me look at you." Goku turned around in a circle.

"Something doesn't feel right Chi Chi," He said.

"Well, obviously!" She said turning him around. She grabbed the edges of the back of the suit and pulled them out so they covered his butt.

"Wow, that's feels better," Goku said smiling.

"Now you'd better go meet up with Krillin, so you two can come to the party together." Goku nodded and flew out the window.


"Can you not understand what I am saying woman?!" Vegeta said, pushing away the two piece swimsuit that Bulma had on a hanger in her hand. "I am not going to the stupid party as Veggie! Why the hell do I need to do that?"

"You'll be sorry…" She replied, adjusting the back of her top. Vegeta put a shirt on that had a picture of a shark on the front and tightened the waist of his bathing suit. Bulma left his room and went to hers, still unsure whether or not to wear a thong bikini.

"Sorry, huh?" Vegeta said to himself after she left. "What did she mean by that?"


"Water proof camera?"


"Water proof zoom lens?"


"Extra film?"


"Fishing pole and replacement hooks?"


"Shark fin strap on accessory?"


"Diving mask?"

"Double check."


"Double check."


"Double check."

"Underwater microphones?"

"Double check."

"Ready to see some hot babes?" Roshi asked Oolong.

"Oh yeah!" Oolong replied as he put down the checklist and high-fived Roshi.


Vegeta put on a pair of flip-flops and walked down to Bulma's room, making the distinct sound with each step. He opened the door and found Bulma standing in front of the closet, top on, but nothing else. In her hands were two bikinis, one a thong, the other not.

"Are you ready to go yet?" He asked, as she turned around looked at him.

"Vegeta, what do think looks better on me?" She said as she turned around, and held the bikinis next to her butt, one on either side.

"Does it really matter that much?"

"Yes, it does." She replied, putting her fists on her hips.

"If you can't decide, just don't wear one at all," He replied.

"Are you crazy?" She said, as her eyes opened wide. "I'll just bring both and change in the air car at some point," she said stepping into the bikini. "Vegeta, could you help me with this?" He walked over to her and grabbed the back of the bikini, placing the other hand on her butt. He then yanked upward, letting go of her butt.

"Is this right?" He asked, as he held her in the air. Bulma's eyes were fluttering, she made a grunt sound and Vegeta put her down. She quickly pulled the bikini down to her knees and slowly pulled it back up herself. She put on her sandals and walked in an odd way to the door.

"Ready." She said beckoning him out the door.


"Hey Krillin! Race you to the water!" Gohan said, challenging Krillin.

"You're on!" He answered. The two ran towards the water, and reached it at the same time. They jumped in, swam out a couple of feet and began splashing around. Roshi and Oolong, who were wearing wetsuits, were working together as planned. Oolong walked around between sunbathing people, and suddenly stopped and waved his left hand in the air, signaling Roshi, who stood at the water's edge. He threw back his fishing rod and cast it into the group of people. His hook hit its mark, snagging the strap of a bikini top that was unhooked and its wearer was lying on her stomach on a towel. Roshi reeled his catch in, and in seconds he was holding the top in his hand. The topless woman abruptly sat up, Oolong snapped several pictures before darting through her legs, taking a picture in the process, and running down the beach to safety. The embarrassed woman wrapped a towel around her bare torso and ran to the edge of the water and picked up her wet top. Roshi used his exceptional speed to get behind the woman and cast his fishing hook again. It caught her towel, and Roshi waited for Oolong to get up next to her before he reeled in his line, pulling off her towel, allowing Oolong to take several more pictures. The poor lady quickly slipped on her top and chased after her towel, which Roshi had tossed into the waves, giving cover for him and Oolong to escape. They high-fived before setting back out on the hunt.

"That pervert!" Bulma commented, watching the daring duo go after another helpless lady.

"Hey Kakkarot! I bet I could beat you to the water!" Vegeta said, taking off his shirt.

"Ok! Let's go!" The female Goku replied, getting out of his chair.

"One second Goku!" Chi Chi said. She got up and turned Goku around, she then pulled the back of the bathing suit out so it covered Goku's butt. "There you go." The two Saiyajins ran down the beach, but Vegeta pulled ahead, since Goku's legs were shorter since he became his female self. Vegeta got to the water and dived in, followed shortly by Goku. They swam under water until they reached Gohan and Krillin, who were playing catch with a small blue ball.

"Hey cue ball! Throw it over here!" Vegeta shouted at Krillin. Krillin hesitated, but Gohan nodded, and he threw the ball to Vegeta, who jumped out of the water to catch it, revealing his topless female form. Vegeta splashed into the water, and then his head broke the surface. He looked around at the two guys and female Goku, all three were blushing. "What is it? What's wrong?" He asked.

"Uh… Vegeta, you're a little bit, shall we say, uncovered." Krillin said raising an eyebrow with the last word.

"W-what?" Vegeta stammered as he looked down, seeing his breasts bob up and down in the water. His bathing suit started slipping off so he pulled it up and tightened it.

"I told you!!" Bulma called from the shore.

"Oh crap." Vegeta muttered, seeing Roshi and Oolong swimming just under the surface towards him. Instead of running away, he dashed straight at them, he kicked Roshi in the face, causing him to lose his mask and snorkel, and then he kneed Oolong in the stomach and grabbed the camera. He tossed it into the air and blasted it with an energy ball. Roshi and Oolong quickly surfaced, and Vegeta crossed his arms over his bare chest.

"Now what did you do that for?" Roshi said, adjusting his mask and snorkel.

"Yeah, my greatest work was on that camera!" Oolong commented on the side.

"Old man, if you don't leave me alone, I may be forced to kick your wrinkled old ass where you tread water!" Vegeta growled, glaring at Roshi. "And you!" He said, turning to Oolong, "I may get a craving for a side of bacon pretty soon if you don't leave and take your grandpa with you!"

"Grandpa?!? I'll show you Grandpa!" Roshi said as Oolong pulled him toward the shore.

"Really, why the hell did we invite those idiots?" Vegeta asked.

"We um, didn't." Krillin replied.

"Well, I've got to do something about my predicament." Vegeta said, sinking into the water so only his head was above the surface.

"Krillin, where'd Vegeta go?" Gohan asked curiously.

"Why I'm right here you stupid little ki-" Vegeta started to say before Goku clamped his hand over Vegeta's mouth.

"He had to uh… go home and brush his teeth! This is Krillin's other sister, Veggie." Goku said quickly, Vegeta promptly bit Goku's hand and he let go with a shout.

"Pleased to meet you, brat," Vegeta said, looking at Gohan.

"Vegeta!" Goku shouted. Vegeta sank under water and quickly returned with a crab. He pulled open the front of Goku's bathing suit and dropped it in. Goku splashed around wildly, trying to get the creature out of his breasts. Vegeta swam by Goku and looked towards the shore.

"Bulma! Got anything for me to wear!?!" He yelled to her. Bulma got up and walked over to a beach bag and pulled out a hanger with a two piece bathing suit on it. He jumped into the air and flew at lightening fast speed over the water, water spraying around him as he flew. He snatched the hanger midair and continued until he reached the women's bathroom.


Damn this place is gross! Vegeta thought to himself as he hovered over the ground in the women's bathroom. It stinks in here and there are disgusting little puddles everywhere! Vegeta uncovered his breasts and loosened the waist of his bathing suit, not caring to enter a stall. He slipped it off and put the top around his breasts, reaching behind him to secure the clip. He bent over and stepped into the bikini, noticing a woman in a swimsuit that had a hole on the stomach watching him change.

"Do you mind?" Vegeta said, holding the bikini at his knees. The lady pulled out a piece of paper and a pen (Vegeta didn't know where she got them) and she scribbled something down on the paper. She walked over to Vegeta, her sandals flapping against the floor, and stuck the note in his exposed cleavage.

"Call me sometime," She said, grabbing his exposed butt with both hands before leaving the bathroom.

"What is the meaning of this?" Vegeta said to himself as he pulled the note from between his breasts. On it was a phone number and a name. "Why was this woman 'flirting' with me as Bulma says?" He crumpled the paper in his hand and tossed it into one of the stalls. Vegeta then pulled up the bikini and flew back to Bulma and Chi Chi, who were sitting in their chairs talking. He landed in front of Bulma and threw his bathing suit onto the sand next to her. "Bulma, is this swimsuit supposed to be this, intruding?" He asked, pulling at the thin strip of cloth nestled between his butt cheeks.

"Yes Vegeta, it's called a thong." Bulma replied smiling.

"Well I don't like it," He said, pouting.

"It's either that or you can go naked," She replied flatly.

"I really don't see the difference concerning my butt!" He said, still trying to get the thin strip of cloth to cover more of his butt. He let go of it and started to walk towards the water, but Bulma leaned forward and grabbed the back of the thong, then let it go suddenly, snapping him around the sensitive area. He quickly turned around and scowled at Bulma, then continued to walk towards the others in the water.


Later that day, the Z-gang had finished swimming in the ocean and decided to take a walk and look for shells.

"Hey look at this one mom!" Gohan said, handing a shell to Chi Chi.

"It's very lovely Gohan."

"Here, Chi Chi!" Goku said, handing her a conch shell.

"Wow Goku, this is the best one yet!" She replied. Vegeta walked ahead of everyone, not caring to bend down to pick up anything, he just nudged stuff around with his toe.

"Krillin come look at this!" Gohan said, jumping into a tide pool. It was about two or three feet deep, and Gohan easily submerged himself. "Come on in, the water feels good." Krillin walked over and stuck his foot in, then jumped in.

"This water does feel good, it certainly is different from swimming in the ocean." Krillin said.

"Yeah, it's pretty much calm here."

"Hey Kakkarot! Care to join me?" Vegeta asked Goku who was looking for shells behind Bulma and Chi Chi, he looked up and shook his head. "Fine then," Vegeta said, crossing his arms, "It'll be just me, cue ball and squirt then." Vegeta jumped in the water and submerged himself up to his neck. Chi Chi watched Gohan splash around with Krillin and smiled. She suddenly felt something crawling up her breast.

"What the…" She said as she looked down and saw the conch shell Goku had given her crawl up onto her shoulder. Its legs were sticking into her bathing suit, and she screamed out, hurling the hermit crab into the ocean.

"This warm water feels great," Vegeta said. He turned over and floated on his back.

"Uh, Vegeta…" Bulma started to say.

"What is it Bulma?" He asked in a relaxed voice.

"Um, that water is a bit warmer than you thin-"

"Hey Vegeta!" Gohan cried out patting Vegeta's flat chest, "When did you come back?"

"Huh?" Vegeta said, feeling Gohan's patting against his chest. He abruptly sat up and looked down. He wasn't female anymore, but he was still wearing the thong bikini and top. He jumped out of the tide pool and ran down to the water, where he jumped into the waves. He came back out in female form, and stomped back to the others. He snatched Bulma's towel away from her and began to dry himself off.


"I still don't see why I have to take a shower, Bulma," Vegeta said, following Bulma down the hall. He was still in female form, and had not taken off the thong bikini and top yet. Bulma and Vegeta entered Bulma's room. "Bulma! Tell me why I must take a shower after just having bathed in the ocean!" He demanded of her.

"Because you're all salty now," she replied, taking off her top.

"What the hell does that mean?" He asked. Bulma slipped out of her bikini and threw the swimsuit into the clothes hamper. She then grabbed her bathrobe out of the closet and put it on, not caring to tie the belt. Bulma left her room and went to her bathroom, Vegeta following close behind her. She shut the door behind them and slipped out of the robe, she sat on the edge of the bathtub and turned the water on, she felt it with her hand then turned the shower on.

"Vegeta, you have sand on your body, and your hair is all salty from swimming in the ocean." She put her hand in his hair and shook it, causing sand and salt to fall onto Vegeta's torso. She stepped into the shower and closed the curtain. Vegeta promptly opened the curtain. "What is it, Vegeta?"

"My bathroom doesn't have any shampoo," He said looking down.

"Have some then!" She said squirting the shampoo up and down his body, the pulling out his bikini and squirting a large amount into there. She let go of the waist of his bikini and it made a strange noise when it went back to its original position, spraying some shampoo out of the sides. "You're welcome!" She said after him as he shuffled out the door, trying not to spill anymore of the shampoo from his bikini.


"I can't believe she made me used that soiled shampoo!" A male Vegeta grumbled as he wrapped a towel around himself and left to bathroom to go to his room and get dressed. "I am the Saiyajin prince after all," he said to himself as he opened to door to his room. He walked over to his dresser and pulled out a pair of shorts.

"Vegeta…" Someone said behind him. Vegeta whipped around and saw Bulma standing in front of his bed wrapped in a towel as well.

"Oh, hello Bulma," he said, turning around to look through his clothes.

"Vegeta, I have something to show you…" She said in a sultry voice.

"What is it?" He said, turning around. Bulma opened the towel, dropped it to the floor and stood naked in front of Vegeta.

"Been there, seen that," Vegeta said, and went back to sorting through his clothes. Bulma walked up behind him and began to massage his back and shoulders. He ignored her and continued to look through his clothes.

"Come on Vegeta, let's have a little fun," she whispered in his ear. Her hands drifted down to his towel and she began to unravel it. He stopped her and turned around. He put his hands on her breasts and Bulma smiled. Suddenly, he pushed her back, sending her onto his bed. She got onto her hands and knees and crawled forward on the bed. He dropped his towel and put on a pair of shorts, then a shirt.

"Let's go Bulma," he said turning to her.


"Let's go! We can go see a movie or something." He said as he walked to the door.

"B-but Vegeta…" A puzzled Bulma stammered.

"What is it?" He turned to face her.

"I meant have a little fun here."

"Fine, we can go rent a movie then." He replied.

"Ugh! I mean here, now, in this bed."

"What type of fun is sleeping?" Vegeta said with a quizzical look on his face.

"Not sleeping, exactly, although you could call it that."

"Will you stop with the damn hints and just tell me what the hell you are trying to tell me is fun!" Vegeta demanded.

"Fine then! Sex. I want sex!"


"'Oh'? Just 'oh'!??! Vegeta! You're as dumb as a brick!"

"And strong as one too!"

"Shut up!" She growled, silencing Vegeta. "Come here, you big lug," she said in a much sweeter voice, grabbing his shirt by the neck and pulling him onto the bed. She slipped his shirt over his head, and moved down the bed to remove his pants. She then got onto his chest, but fell off when his breasts shifted. "Waitaminute!" She exclaimed, standing up on the floor. In Vegeta's hand was a glass that had had water in it a few seconds ago.

"Heh heh heh…" Vegeta chuckled nervously.

"You tricked me! You tricked me, you cheap jackass!" She yelled. Vegeta got off the bed, and Bulma backed him into the corner. Vegeta hit the wall, and slid down until he landed on his butt with a soft thud. Bulma slowly stomped towards him, cracking her knuckles.

"Bulma, listen to me. Bulma! Stop this, come on!" Vegeta said nervously.

"Put this on!" Bulma commanded, grabbing a pair of panties from a drawer.

"How are those still in here?"

"Put it on!!!"

"Yes ma'am!!" He replied, jumping into the panties.

"Now you will feel the pain." She said as she went behind him. She grabbed the panties and pulled them upward, hooking the leg holes over Vegeta's shoulders, who fell to the ground gasping and twitching. Bulma laughed and left the room.

End of Part Four