Hello Daddy!

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Summary: Inuyasha is back to being Japan's hottest bachelor after his breakup with top model Kikyo Higurashi. In an effort to keep his miserable life together, he comes across a familiar face and a scent that has been engrained in his minds since four years ago.

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Chapter 1 – Do I Know You

"Good Morning Japan, This is Akina Hayata reporting live from the station. Our top story for the day revolves around a very model couple. After eight years of intimate dating, everyone shouted for marriage, but there has been a turn of events. Sources say the couple has split. Yes, you heard me, split! Reporters have been swarming around top supermodel Kikyo Higurashi all morning questioning her about her break up with Japan's Sexiest business man Inuyasha. As to why they spli—"

Inuyasha clicked the television off with the remote before tossing the small object at the stupid box attached to his wall. The screen of the flat plasma TV crashed, scattering across his immaculate carpeting. Ignoring the damage he'd done, Inuyasha stomped out of the room grabbing his cell phone, wallet and a varied set of keys off the glass table. The glass from the table also shattered as he made his way out the door.

It didn't take him long to reach his garage as he pressed a random button from the key set. The familiar beeping of his red hot Mercedes unlocked itself from the other hundred cars parked in clear defined rows. Starting the engine to life, he backed out and headed towards the front of the silver metal gates. The guard must have saw him since the gate quickly opened while Inuyasha smoked his way out leaving fumes in his path. He had no destination in mind as he floored the acceleration pedal, zooming towards the rural side of town. He wanted nothing more than to be as far away from civilization as possible.

His hair flew around him in all directions barely having time to put on the aviators which hid his golden eyes that captured hearts of women around him. He definitely would not be sporting his cocky smile for anyone today. To be frank, he was damn pissed. It was bad enough that Kikyo dumped his ass recently after everything he had done for her, but for it to go public without consulting him first was uncalled for. Sure it would eventually go out to the media, but he had really hoped he could patch things up with her.

All his life, he truly believed she was the one, his destined person, but if she was the one, why did she walk away from him? Inuyasha gripped his steering wheel until his knuckles were white. 'That damn bitch. And I actually told her I loved her.' Inuyasha laughed dryly. Did the word love mean anything to her? He didn't just say it spontaneously to anyone. It was a special word that had a deep meaning to him. Honestly he'd only said the "L" word twice to her. It wasn't that he couldn't say it; he wanted to show her he did and this was how she repaid him.

He didn't want to remember anymore, didn't want to think, didn't want to feel, and most definitely didn't want to live. He thought he had been coping well during the past week since their departure, but it turned out as hell that he was suffering. He didn't cry when she told him she wanted to separate from him. Sure they had argued for some time, but he finally got pissed and just let her do whatever the hell she wanted. In truth, he felt an unfathomable numbing pain that didn't leave his chest. If he didn't know any better, he probably would go back to her if she begged him to.

'What the fuck am I supposed to do now?'

Wrapped up in his thoughts, he almost didn't hear the vibration of his phone. Checking the caller ID, it read Miroku. If anyone could make Inuyasha somewhat like a cheerful zombie, Miroku was the man, his confidant, his partner in crime, and his best friend. Clicking the speaker button, Miroku's voice filled the empty recess of his mind.

"Inuyasha! Where the hell have you been? I've been calling you for the past thirty minutes!"

'Thirty minutes?' Inuyasha hadn't realized.

"Hello lecher," Inuyasha retorted as normally as he could before he rounded the corner of the curving road.

"Excuse me for being worried for a friend. I just saw the news and I don't believe it. Tell me the media is just sticking their heads up their asses to get money for bullshit stories like this," Miroku's tone was clipped and angry; apparently he had seen the news coverage of the recent breakup.

"If I told you it was true, would you believe me?" Inuyasha had said in all calmness waiting for a response, but Miroku remained silent for what seemed to be the longest time.

"You're shitting me right Inuyasha? You would have told me if she did right?" It seemed the anger in Miroku's voice continued to rise.

"I don't know anymore," Inuyasha said in a sarcastic tone, "How was I supposed to tell you she said no when I asked her to marry me Miroku? How the hell do you think I was after she rejected me? How do you think I fucking felt as she pulled my fucking heart out and stepped all over it as if it was a piece of fucking dirt? Tell me Miroku? Did you possibly think I had the capability of calling you? Damn you bastard. At least you have a perfect wife who's fucking faithful to your perverted ass!" Inuyasha's own voice rang in his ears as the line went silent.

Inuyasha pinched the bridge of his nose knowing Miroku did not deserve half the shit he was giving the poor man. He took a deep breath in to calm his frazzled nerves. If he continued to be angry at the wrong person, it wasn't going to get him anywhere.

"Look, Miroku," Inuyasha spoke carefully, "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have brought Sango into thi—"

"No, you're right. Don't apologize Inuyasha," Miroku cleared his throat. "You know what, how about we meet at Ringo's tonight. Just the guys. We'll grab a couple of beers and just do what we used to before I got married."

"What about Sango?" Inuyasha knew Sango's wrath when it came to Miroku going to the bar and later hitting up a strip club. Miroku was infamous for it back when they were younger.

"Don't worry about Sango. I'm sure she'll understand," he said unconvinced of his own decision, "So, tonight, you, me and the guys at Ringo's. Everything will be on me. I'm doing this because you're like a brother to me Inuyasha. Let us drink until we're wasted." Miroku laughed over the over the phone, bringing a sense of calm over Inuyasha.

'Brothers?' Yeah, they definitely were like brothers.

"Thanks Miroku, I owe you one," And with that said, Inuyasha flipped his phone shut. Somehow, talking to Miroku at least put a semi-smile on his face. Tonight, it would be just like the old days when they were just bachelors. Him, Miroku, and the other guys. At least something right was happening in his day.

Checking the time, it was an hour to noon. Perhaps he'd get brunch, go for a run, take a nap, and then get ready to meet everyone at Ringo's. Deciding what to do, he felt a rain drop fall on his nose.

'Great, This is fucking GREAT!' Inuyasha cursed, pushing the square button that controlled the hood to cover the top of the car. Within moments of putting the hood up, the rain began to pelt down harder.

It was a quiet drive as Inuyasha passed through some small towns on the outskirts of Tokyo. He had to admit, it was quite beautiful out where it was void of tall skyscrapers and gray skies. The air was just a bit cleaner. Pulling his car to the side, Inuyasha let his window roll down before sticking out his hand to touch its coldness. He embraced the chill it offered as he stepped out of the car, leaving his door open.

The rain pelted his body, but he felt no pain, nothing. The freeze that wracked through his body was but a numb feeling no longer biting at him. He walked a couple of miles down the road making sure not to wander too far. After all, Miroku had offered to pay for the night, not that he couldn't have, especially with all that money he rolled in on a daily basis being one of the heir's to Takahashi Corporations.

Seeking shelter under an old tree, Inuyasha shook the excess water and stretched his creaking bones. Kami he felt so much better. The only sound was that of the rain and his breathing. He could definitely get used to that.

Running back to his car took merely seconds as he arrived there without breaking a sweat. The rain had died down by the time he had returned. Getting into the convertible, he put the gear in reverse as he headed back towards the city. About ten minutes into the drive, Inuyasha barely had time to react as a small child stumbled from the bushes onto the road. Immediately, Inuyasha pressed the breaks and parked before unbuckling his seat belt and getting out of the car.

'Damn pup. Why the hell is he out here?'

Inuyasha made haste to where the child had collapsed before the car. From what Inuyasha could discern, the pup was definitely male and could not have been more than four years old. The small boy wore a baby blue t-shirt with white shorts and little red high top converse. His hair was short and shaggy, but the color of his hair baffled Inuyasha. It was almost the same shade of silver as his own, not to mention the tiny little dog ears that rested on top of the boy's head. Inuyasha lifted the boy into his arms examining the similarities that they had. Surely enough, the little boy had tiny claws like Inuyasha and the little fangs presented themselves through his open mouth.

He sniffed the child, a familiar scent scorching his nasal passage. It was pure and so tranquil he forgot why he was out driving in the first place and the fact that he nearly ran the kid over.

Looking around the vacant road and expanse of forest where the boy had jumped from, Inuyasha felt no other presence but their own. Feeling almost angry at the lack of responsibility some people had for their children; Inuyasha started towards his car, the child in his arms.

Setting the child in the passenger seat beside him, Inuyasha buckled the small boy in and noticed just how soaked the child had been. Clicking for his small trunk to open, Inuyasha hoped he had left his gym bag there; at least there would be a clean towel for the boy if anything. Luckily, there was. He quickly grabbed his towel and a clean shirt to change the boy.

As Inuyasha made it to the passenger side of the door, it suddenly swung open into his gut, causing him to stumble. Trying to catch his breath, his brow wrinkled as the little boy, now awake and alert jumped out attempting to run. Inuyasha barely had time to grab the child by his arm.

"Let go!" The boy shouted fairly well in his childish voice. By now, Inuyasha had regained his composure grasping the boy by his shoulders and lifting him high above. It didn't stop the incessant kicks and punches the boy tried to throw and Inuyasha had to admit that the boy was rather strong for his appearance. Inuyasha waited for him to at least calm down, but it wasn't happening.

"Listen pup! I'm not trying to hurt you!" Inuyasha tried to explain, but the loud screeches of the child drowned out his manly voice. If he was going to knock some sense into the small boy, he'd have to get him to quiet down. Acting solely on instinct, Inuyasha tossed the boy high into the air, floating for a couple of seconds before gravity had him falling back into Inuyasha's arms. That did the trick of silencing the boy.

With his little clawed fists, they wrapped around Inuyasha's neck instantly, nearly choking the grown hanyou.

"Hey, little buddy, calm down. I wasn't going to let you fall," Inuyasha soothed, in a way he never knew he could. Grudgingly, the little boy released the grip around his neck. Before Inuyasha even had a chance to do anything, the small boy pushed away, but still rested firmly in Inuyasha's arms as golden eyes glared into golden eyes.

Inuyasha couldn't find the words to speak as the little boy looked back at him with the same confused look. How was it possible that the boy had golden eyes like himself? It was as if he knew this boy, but at the same time, he hadn't the slightest clue who he was. Inuyasha didn't even realize he had reached out for the boy's ears until the boy chuckled lightly from his touch.

"Twickles!" The boy cheerfully laughed before grabbing at Inuyasha's own ears. Inuyasha unknowingly growled causing the boy to retract his arms instantly, little tears already forming in the corner of his golden eyes. Kami, how Inuyasha hated tears despite. Giving in, he bent his head down, giving access to the boy's hands.

"Sofft," the boy screeched, with one of Inuyasha's appendages entangled gently between his fingers. Inuyasha couldn't help the smile that passed his lips just by looking at the innocent and pure happiness plastered on the boy's face. Inuyasha never let anyone touch his ears. Kikyo didn't even have the pleasure to touch them. Only his mother ever did when he was still a pup, but it had been so long since her death.

Although Inuyasha had a problem with others touching what was personal him, he let a complete strange little boy indulge himself and he could have cared less. After a couple of moments the boy reluctantly let go of the fuzzy appendages, pressing his hands to his chest in a bashful way.

"Sowwee," the boy cast his head down avoiding Inuyasha's stare, but Inuyasha's soft chuckle brought his eyes back up.

"It's okay pup." Inuyasha gently ruffled the boy's short silver hair, his hand passing across the small triangular ears atop the boy's head. They definitely were soft, if not much softer than his own. The boy let out another gleeful laugh, before smiling his sincerest.

The smile had Inuyasha's breath stop. For some particular reason, it was oddly familiar. It took a couple of seconds to recollect himself from his illusion. There was no way he ever met the kid before or known of him. Nah, his mind was just playing games on him.

"So pup, where's your mama? Isn't she going to be worried?" Just the mention of the kid's mom had the pup in tears.

'God dammit, not again,' Inuyasha groaned inwardly.

"Come on now, no crying," but that did little to stop the tumbling fat tears. Inuyasha never handled children before, especially not like this. Sure he loved kids but he wasn't what they called, 'father material'. Trying not to scowl, he carefully tossed the boy into the air again before catching him.

"Again! Again!" The boy screamed with happiness all traces of tears gone. 'What a mood change,' Inuyasha thought, ignoring the persistent chanting of 'again' from the boy. Inuyasha took him to the passenger seat, reaching for the dry shirt he grabbed earlier.

"Not now pup. Maybe later," Inuyasha stated with an air of dominance the boy knew well of, and there were no complaints. "Here, how about you change into this. Your mama wouldn't want you to get sick in your wet clothes." Inuyasha squatted down holding the large gym shirt out trying to convince the boy, but there was a bit of defiance in the boy's golden stare.

"No! I hanyooo. I no get sick. Mommy say I strong!" The boy began to speak, but a small sneeze escaped his reddening nose. Inuyasha couldn't help the small chuckle that fell from his mouth. The boy sure was stubborn and it was expected. As his laughter died down, Inuyasha cocked his head to notice the boy sneezed again and tried to cover it up. 'And he said he doesn't get sick,' Inuyasha smirked as he put the boy in the front seat.

"Come now. Hands up!" Inuyasha commanded, trying to get the boy to change, but it wasn't working. The little boy hugged himself tightly refusing to let Inuyasha change him more or less help him undress. What kid in their right mind would allow a stranger to change them? If Inuyasha didn't know any better, he could've easily been mistaken for a pedophile.

Rolling his eyes, Inuyasha popped the trunk to grab another t-shirt for himself. He walked back to the passenger side and peeled his wet shirt off before replacing it with a dry one.

"See, it's okay. I changed, now it's your turn," Inuyasha explained, holding out the other t-shirt in his right hand. Hesitantly the boy took the shirt before trying to lift the slopping wet one that clung to his body. The shirt barely made it over his tiny head as Inuyasha gave a helping hand and gently raised the rest of it. As Inuyasha quickly put his large shirt over the boy, he noticed a name tag hanging around his neck.

Keishi H.

4259 Nagatsuta-cho,

Midori-ku, Tokyo

Japan 152-8551

After the boy's head popped out from the hole of the shirt, Inuyasha gave him a questioning eye.

"Pup, why are you so far from home? Isn't your daddy worried about you?" Inuyasha asked, remembering to refrain from using the word mother since it apparently brought the boy to tears. He watched the emotions of the boy's face contour into a mix of sadness and anger as his little fists balled up at his sides.

"I… I…," The boy's lip quivered, "I don't have… daddy," he whispered the last part. Inuyasha could see his little heart breaking from his golden eyes. It was an emotion Inuyasha knew well. Didn't he use to wear it when he was younger? He, whose father died when he was just a baby, a mother who passed away shortly after, a half brother who didn't give a shit about him. All his life, Inuyasha knew the dark empty feeling of being fatherless. It was a touchy subject, and Inuyasha would try to avoid it at all costs.

"Hey," Inuyasha rubbed his head, "Everything will be okay pup. Let's go home to your mama. I bet she misses you." Giving one last flick to the boy's ear, Inuyasha buckled him up and got into the driver's seat.

"So, you're name is Keishi huh?" Inuyasha looked to the boy as he revved up the engine. The boy smiled brightly and nodded his head once making Inuyasha double think about where he'd seen a smile like that before.

"What's your name Mr. Something?" Keishi questioned with the voice of an innocent child causing bouts of laughter to come from Inuyasha's mouth. Mr. Something? No one had ever called him something like that before. With a wry smile, Inuyasha rubbed Keishi's head again.

"Sure kiddo. What ever you say." Inuyasha began to drive at a slower pace, or more like the legal speed with Keishi sitting in the front. He hadn't even driven for five minutes when he heard the even breathing of Keishi's breaths. Turning his head, he softly smiled. Surely, the little hanyou had fallen asleep, his head bobbing up and down with the motion of the car. Stopping at the side of the road, Inuyasha adjusted the inclination of the chair so Keishi could rest more comfortably. Staring for what had to be the longest time; Inuyasha was so confused and amazed. He barely even knew the kid and here he was acting like the child's parent.

'Best not to get attached now,' Inuyasha told himself.

Getting back on the road, he drove at a relaxed speed. He wanted to cherish this moment. It was the greatest thing that happened in his day so far.

'Mr. Something eh?' Inuyasha grinned.




'Today is Keishi's birthday!' Kagome smiled, checking the clock in her large office. Only four more hours before she'd pick up her son from daycare to set up the surprise she had for him. Seriously, working for more than eight hours a day and being a single mother was finally taking a toll on her. What she really needed was a nice long vacation. Ever since she began her work at the hospital; that was all she had done. Work, go home to her adorable son, and start all over. Not that she minded being with her son or the work she did, it was the fact that the day was never long enough to enjoy both.

Checking her watch again, she realized it barely even changed since she last checked. Heaving out a sigh, she stretched her hands above her head. It wasn't easy working at the hospital. She saw many different patients each day varying from newborns to even the elderly. Overall, she specialized in the demon species and their illnesses. Most of her patients were that of demons and half-demons, and they paid her a hefty price for the help she provided, but she never accepted the large sum they offered.

Kagome rubbed her temples. She got up to grab a cup of warm water when a nurse she knew fairly well barged in.

"Dr. Higurashi," the nurse had a certain air of distress about her, "There's a phone call for you."

Kagome checked her watch again. Thirty seconds had passed. She sighed inwardly.

"Tell them to leave a message Hana. I'm going for my lunch break," Kagome said as she grabbed her lunch card that hung from the desk, but the nurse was adamant of her taking the phone.

"Please Doctor Higurashi, whoever the caller is, they seemed very… upset." The nurse stressed, giving Kagome a look of guilt as if the caller would kill themselves if Kagome didn't answer the phone right that moment. Giving in, Kagome threw the lunch card back on the table and sat in her comfy work chair.

"All right Hana. You win. Send them to line one please," Kagome mustered a small smile. All she wanted to do was go home with her son, cook something delicious for him and watch him eat happily. Gosh, did she miss her son and to think he was turning three already. Glancing at her watch, the phone at her desk rang to life. Kagome thought about purposely not answering, but the crazy person would probably call back again. Squeezing the bridge of her nose to rid of the fictitious pain, she reached out for the offending piece of plastic.

"Hello, this is Dr. Higurashi's office, what may I do for you?" Kagome waited for an answer, but it was deathly silent. Had the person already hung up because she picked it up too late? About to hang the phone up, she heard a whimper on the other side of the line.

"Excuse me. Is someone there?" Kagome asked again, though impatiently. She hated when people would call her office for no apparent reason. Other peoples' lives were in danger and probably trying to reach her while stupid people like the one right now wasted her time.

"Well, if you have nothing to say, I'm going to hang up an—"

"Please wait Ms. Higurashi!" The voice finally blurted. Kagome immediately recognized the voice. It was the young woman who ran the daycare Keishi recently stayed at, although, there seemed to be despair in her usual cheery voice.

"Miyo, is that you? Is everything all right dear? Why do you sound so—"

"Ms. Higurashi, I'msosorryIdidn'—"

Kagome interrupted the young woman's jumble.

"I'm sorry Miyo; you'll have to slow down. I can't hear what you're trying to say. Did something happen to Keishi? Is he all right?" Kagome tried to calm the worried woman, but she only cried harder confirming something had gone wrong.

"Please Miyo, you need to calm down. Take a couple of breaths and tell me what happened?" Kagome was becoming irritated with the whole situation, but she still kept her cool. From where she sat, Kagome could hear the woman take a couple of deep breaths that she had advised before her tearful voice boomed over the phone.

"Ms. Higurashi, I'm…" Miyo's voice trembled, "We, we can't find Keishi. I don't know what happened but he suddenly disappeared today an–"

Kagome dropped the phone, her eyes wide. Tokyo's best daycare that she had researched for many months trusting that they'd take care of her son, and they'd lost him. Forgetting the person on the phone, Kagome grabbed her purse and keys before rushing out of the office room. Hurried, she bumped right into Hana.

"Dr. Higurashi, is everything all right?" The young nurse noticed the sudden paling of Kagome's face. Hana gently squeezed Kagome's shoulders as she watched the doctor force air into her lungs.

"He, Keishi, they lost my baby Hana," Kagome was at a lost of words as she fought back tears.

"Go Dr. Higurashi. You'll just be miserable here. And don't worry; I'll reschedule today's appointments for next week. Enjoy your weekend." With full understanding, the nurse gave Kagome a smile of encouragement as Kagome rushed out of the hospital.

Kagome managed to get into her car and out onto the roads. By now her eyes were full of tears as she pulled out her phone. Pressing the number she trusted most and knew she'd find comfort in, she waited as the ringing began. Moments later, the familiar voice echoed into her ears and a new line of tears flowed out.

"Hello. This is the Higurashi shrine residence. How may I help you today?" Mrs. Higurashi said in her practiced voice.

"Mama," Kagome said in a cracked tone, wiping the tears that fell into her mouth. Instantly Mrs. Higurashi turned into mother mode.

"Kagome honey? What's wrong dear? Why are you crying?"

"Mama…" Kagome tried to force the words to come out, "They lost him mama. My baby Keishi. Mama, what should I do?" Kagome mumbled through her tears trying to keep her eyes on the road.

"Baby, who lost Keishi?" Mrs. Higurashi tried to soothe, feeling the pain of her daughter.

"The daycare!" Kagome shouted, sobs escaping from her lips. "They called… and said… he's gone," she hiccupped in between her sentence. At this point, Kagome was ready to kill the daycare and whoever came between her and her son.

"Listen to me Kagome dear," Kagome's mom's voice was now serious but calming. "Keishi would go straight home or here if anything happened to him. He's a smart boy and hanyou Kagome," Mrs. Higurashi could imagine her daughter nodding on the other side of the line. "Now; I want you to go home to see if he's there. He knows where the spare key is and will probably call you soon. I'll go over to the daycare to straighten this mess out. Grandpa and Souta will stay at the shrine in case Keishi shows up here. If I find out anything I'll call you. And you do the same too. Do you hear me sweetie?" Kagome sniffled but let out a reasonable okay.

"Good. Now hurry home and be careful. I don't want anything to happen to you too dear." This relieved some of Kagome's anxiety. Her mama always knew how to make the situation better.

"Thank you mama. I love you," Kagome said before her mom said goodbye, the line going dead shortly after.

Wiping the last traces of tears, Kagome drove home trying to not break the laws. Her mom was right. Keishi was a smart boy, he'd go straight home. She had taught him very well for almost three years now, but why on her favorite little boy's birthday?




Inuyasha pulled up in front of a two storied light blue house about half the size of his solitary mansion. 'Not bad' He thought, 'But it doesn't compare to where I live.' A pool of pride swelled in his chest.

Getting out of his Mercedes, he walked to the passenger side and opened the door. It seemed Keishi slept throughout the ride and still was. Bending at his knees, Inuyasha was eye level with the boy and helped unbuckle him. It didn't take long to get the boy out of the car as Keishi grasped around Inuyasha's neck before resting his head on Inuyasha's shoulder. The older hanyou hadn't realized he purred in happiness. Something about this boy had Inuyasha's level of dopamine soar after his crash earlier that day.

Inuyasha unconsciously rubbed the little hanyou's back as he walked up the entrance path. Knocking on the wooden door, there was no answer. He waited patiently before he pressed the bell. An annoying ding rang three times causing a buzzing in his ears. Immediately his ears folded towards the center of his head. How was it possible that a mother would be so ignorant to a hanyou's sense of hearing and have such a mind exploding noise as a bell? Inuyasha recovered from the incessant dinging when he felt the weight at his shoulder change.

Turning his head to the side, he noticed Keishi awoke covering his ears from the bell. His little golden eyes looked pained and frightened as if the noise offended him. On reflex Inuyasha moved from the house and headed towards his car. At least they would be under a roof until someone came home. Before he had a chance to reach his car, the boy had jumped down from his arms and began running towards the next home.

This home was white, and much larger than the blue house that stood beside it. Perhaps Inuyasha had got the wrong house? Confused, Inuyasha watched the little boy run to the doorstep of the house banging his tiny fists against it. Keishi realized no one was going to open it and he began to sob, calling out for his mama. He continued his banging and crying while Inuyasha stood there unsure of what to do. Was it really his place to comfort the boy? Inuyasha took a step until he heard a car rushing in their direction.

The driver of the car was a woman, from what Inuyasha could tell. She had long raven hair that probably was mid back length. With the doors shut and the engine running, Inuyasha couldn't make out her scent, but she looked so familiar to him. He watched as she drove right pass him. If she saw him, she made no gesture in his direction, but when she turned her head to the white house and saw the little boy crying and thumping the large oak door, she braked, before pulling into the driveway and parking.

The moment she opened the door, the scent that had haunted his dreams so long ago came slamming towards his nose. He knew this scent. He knew this girl. His heart never truly forgot her. Inuyasha blinked twice as his eyes focused in on the one girl he thought he'd never see again.





She ran to her son not caring how she parked. Her little boy that she had spent nearly twenty four hours of labor for stood at their door calling her name in agony. She swallowed the bile that slowly made its way up her throat. What kind of mother was she? How could she trust other people to watch her son? She knew she should have just left him with her mother like she always had, but she wanted to try something different. She wanted Keishi to have friends, mingle with other children his age.

The moment she opened the door, she shouted his name, long and full of love. She saw him turn around so fast, his large golden eyes full of tears, boogers running down into his mouth, fists red and sore. He wailed louder running in her direction. Kagome did the same following her son's lead. Meeting halfway in between the house, he jumped directly into Kagome's arm inhaling her scent to calm down his agitated nerves and ensure she was there, wholly and physically. Kagome wrapped her arms tightly around his waist, kissing his forehead, his cheeks, his chin, his nose while rubbing his teary face away. He did the same trying to muffle his jagged voice.

Kagome gave Keishi her large bright smile to ensure him that she was there as he wrapped his arms around her, his sobs subsiding with her very presence.

"Shh, baby, it's okay. Mama's here now. I'm so sorry Keishi honey," Kagome cooed, holding him tightly with one arm while rubbing his ears. She found that it always calmed him when she massaged his little appendages. Apparently he never let anyone touch them but herself, not even Grandma Higurashi, Uncle Souta, or Great Gramps.

Kagome let out a sigh of relief just having her son in her arms. She knew he was safe now. Kissing his cheeks and nose again, Keishi pressed his forehead against her own looking directly into her chocolate eyes.

"Mama," he whispered flashing her one of his sweet smiles.

'One day, he's going to break my heart' Kagome thought sarcastically giving her son full attention.

"Keishi sowee," he said avoiding her gaze. He knew he had caused the problem today and even made his mom cry. He was almost three yet he blamed himself for her pain. "Keishi sowee," he mumbled again though much quieter. Kagome instantly hushed him.

"No Keishi. It's not your fault," she explained, rubbing his ears in circles. She wouldn't let him blame this on himself. He was too young to know reproach. It was really her fault. She should have known no one could care for her son as much as her mother could, but she did not want to burden her mother with Keishi.

After her repetitious motherly words to Keishi, she hadn't realized that she had an audience; a one man audience to be exact, until a hand reached out for her shoulder. Kagome flipped her head back to see the stranger that had approached her so cautiously.

"Yes, can I hel—" Kagome's breath caught in her throat when she recognized those golden eyes that stared at her from above. Those four long years since she last saw him and he still had long silvery hair that flowed past his waist, his skin glistening in a light tan while his ears a top his head remained untouched. Kagome was finding air no longer going into her mouth until she felt his large warm hand cup her left cheek with affection. She flinched from his touch as he pulled away, hiding his hand as if he was diseased.

Kagome took the small fraction of time to swallow some oxygen and put Keishi down on his feet. She expected her son to crawl behind her and scowl at the stranger like he always did, but Keishi surprised her when he jumped into the grown hanyou's arms. It seemed that had brought Inuyasha back from his trip to memory lane.

"Mr. Something!" Keishi shouted with glee. Inuyasha smiled at the kid before pretending to sucker punch him in the gut. Keishi played along acting as if the punch had really hurt. It obviously had been a bad idea since Kagome lashed out, grabbing her son protectively as she set him behind her again. Both hanyou and pup dropped their playful façade and stared at the woman standing between them.

"Inuyasha," Kagome said as calm as she could, "What are you doing here?"

Inuyasha didn't miss the crack in her voice and her protective aura that surrounded her and the pup. How could he have forgotten how beautiful she looked when she was angry? In four years, how the hell had he forgotten about her? And now she had a son with no husband? He had so many things he wanted to ask.

He wasn't quick to answer her question though, too mesmerized by her charm, her delicious scent; the way her pencil skirt shaped her legs and showed her tight buns. His eyes traveled up her body noticing the round mounds that hid behind her white blouse. Oh if she only knew how much she was turning him on in that instant. Then his eyes roamed up to her face. Her eyes still sparkled with the chocolate hue he missed so much. And her skinny pretty nose that sat above her pink soft lips. Her cheeks were flushed, as the sun glowed marvelously on her skin. Was she always this beautiful?

A desire began to build up in his body, one that he knew he could not control and never could. She was the girl that he'd dreamt about every night, wasn't she? That mysteriously faced person, with the scent of a woman only for him. Although the bitterness he felt due to Kikyo's recent departure lingered, that feeling dissipated in an instant with Kagome's physical presence. The longing to see Kagome since her disappearance those long years ago replaced all feeling in his heart.

Tenderly reaching her arm, one hand cupped her cheek again, his thumb, wary of the claw, rubbed against her cheek. She made no movement, eyes still linked with his. He felt her hot breath reach his face while her eyes held some sort of wanting that only he could give her, but was afraid to ask. Ignoring the small boy that was intently observing the two, Inuyasha pressed his lips against her warm ones. Surprisingly, she didn't resist his touch, but she didn't welcome it either. He hadn't the slightest clue to explain his forward actions, but it was the first thing that came to mind when he saw her.

Keishi, trying to cover his eyes like his mama taught him when people were kissing, couldn't help but smile. He could smell the familiarity each adult poured into one another as they displayed their public affection. This time Keishi grinned larger. The moment he met Mr. Something, he felt some sort of attraction towards him. Now, without a doubt, the blood within him was reaching out, but for what? Was it something that possibly connected to his father? Keishi's heart beat loudly and wildly. There was something about Inuyasha that made the pup feel… secure.

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