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Chapter 12 — A New Beginning

A scribbly noise woke the drowsy grown hanyou as he rolled over to the nuisance causing trouble. Inuyasha cracked an eye open to find his pup engaged in drawing in the little art pad they had bought the night before. Even before Inuyasha could say a word, Keishi shushed him with a vertical finger between his lips.

"Go to sleep," Keishi ordered in a hushed voice, continuing doodling away without even looking up.

Inuyasha easily complied as he pulled his lovely sleeping wife back into his arms and shutting his lids. He'd be damned if he said he wasn't curious about what the pup was drawing, but he focused all his attention on the beautiful woman sleeping so innocently in his arms. Her beautiful long lashes resting so delicately above the skin covering her eye socket. He gently reached to brush his thumb against her lips before replacing his finger with his very only lips for a brief peck.

If she was any bit conscious, he was sure she'd respond to his growing pressure between his very lips. Even with the pup around, Inuyasha wouldn't mind terrorizing her body, but he kept in mind Kagome's own thoughts on his… idea. Her half naked figure continued to torment him, but he stilled his rising blood remembering her present condition as his hand slipped down the sides of her waist to rest on the growing bump of her belly. He made a silly grin before rubbing her belly soothingly.

Kagome was already five months pregnant with his child. According to the last doctor's appointment, they were going to have twins. That thought was enough to give him a big flush of pride. Never in his life did he think he'd have a family to love or take care of, but life was always surprising him wasn't it?

Inuyasha laid comfortably for another ten minutes before Keishi gently poked his back.

"Daddy," the small boy whispered. "I have present for you."

Inuyasha turned around, accepting the thin sheet of paper his son handed to him. With a deep chuckle, Inuyasha took the drawing and set it on the nightstand of their room.

"Come here pup," Inuyasha pointed to the space between him and Kagome. Keishi smiled as he climbed in between the two adults being wary of his mother's growing belly.

Inuyasha kissed the pup's forehead before resting his forehead against his son's.

"That was a good drawing you know. I think your mama will like it when she wakes up," Inuyasha complimented seeing the dark crimson color rush to his son's face.

"Mama like it?" Keishi blushed, digging his face into Inuyasha's face to cover his overwhelmed happiness.

"Of course she will," Inuyasha responded, inhaling Kagome and Keishi's scents. He held the both of them. They were really here with him and they'd never go anywhere else.

Within moments, Keishi had fallen back to sleep. Inuyasha observed them quietly, his smile never once leaving. Just last year, all things in his life had fallen, but his angel Kagome and his little boy had saved him from that darkness. He couldn't be anymore happier than this very moment.

Getting comfortable, Inuyasha embraced his family, the very last thought on his mind of the picture Keishi had drawn for him: A portrait of him and Kagome sleeping on the bed.

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