He couldn't keep his eyes of her during class as she sat just across from him in English. Beautiful Kate Davies, just her name was enough to make him melt. He had known her since the 3rd grade and he had loved her ever since. She didn't known of course and he was alright with not telling her. He didn't want her to feel uncomfortable and to make their friendship go down the drain. After all Kate was the only girl in school that was nice to him especially within her group of friends.

There was Shelly, the intelligent one, Lily the wild party girl, Paige the sexy one who boys drooled over and Dorothy. Not much could be said about her. She was the girl in the shadows, the big one but still well known because of her friends. Kate was the popular one, the one every girl admired, the one he loved with all his heart. Honestly he loved all her friends but he loved her the most. He wanted to ask her to the dance but he figured it would be a lost cause since the group usually went to dances together. It was frustrating since he really wanted her to be his date but he wasn't at a complete loss. He would ask her to dance and she could even decide to hang out with him.

"…everyone needs a partner," was the last thing he heard his teacher say before all the students started moving around. Jeremy didn't bother getting up, he knew no one would want to be his partner, no one ever wants to partner up with him.

"Hi Jeremy," says a soft voice. He looks up into the sparkling eyes of Kate Davies as she smiles at him and sits in the desk decides him. "Is it alright if we be partners, Dorothy isn't here today." Jeremy nods repeatedly and adjusts his glasses. He watches her continuously as the two work on their English project that he wasn't really paying attention to. He couldn't believe his luck. He, Jeremy Melton was sitting down next to the most popular girl in school and it was because she wanted to be his partner. He silently thanked god that Dorothy wasn't at school.

He was sad when the bell rang for lunch and everyone started packing their things. He helped Kate put all the supplies away and she thanked him for staying and helping her. "Bye Jeremy, I'll see you at the dance," she says as she grabs her bag.

"Yea, at the dance, bye Kate," he says. She smiles and walks out of the room and he watches as she walks away with Paige.

Later at the dance he watched as Paige, Shelly, and Lily talked to two others girls giggling and drinking pop. He didn't see Kate around yet. Jeremy decided to be brave and ask go up to the three and ask them to dance. He stood up from his chair and slowly inhaled then exhaled then made his way over the girls. He decided to ask Shelley first. He tapped her shoulder and she looked at him, her smile turning upside down.

"Shelley, would you dance with me," he asks.

"In your dreams loser," she says then turns away. The girls laughed and Jeremy turned his attention to Lily.

"Umm Lily, would you dance with me,"

"Ewww," she said disgusted. Jeremy hung his head low and walked off. Then he turned to Paige.

"Umm Paige, would you dance with me," he asks.

"I'd rather be boiled alive," she said eyeing him angrily.

"Get loss geek," said Lily. "yea," said the others. Jeremy slowly nodded and walked away sadly.

It was then that he saw Kate standing alone by the punch bowl drinking some juice. He smiled as he noticed how pretty she looked in her white dress. He walked up to her and she watched him with a smile on her face. "Hi Kate, wanna dance,"

"Maybe later Jeremy," she said kindly.

"Ok maybe later," he said brightly. She giggled and he waved bye as he walked away over to the bleachers. That's when he saw Dorothy. He went up to her and she looked at him puzzled but smiled when he asked her to dance. He held out his hand and she took it standing up and following him to the dance floor. The danced to one song then went behind the bleachers where Jeremy leaned in and kissed her. She kissed back and the two held each other as they made out. Four boys saw then from where they were standing and crept over to the bleachers looking down at the two.

"Check it out, thick and thin getting it on," says one of the four boys. Jeremy and Dorothy pulled away quickly and stared at them. The two recognized them to be the school bullies, David, Robert, Jimmy, and Jake. They always teased Jeremy and on occasions they would also tease Dorothy, calling her buffalo because of her weight.

"Oh man that's nasty," says Jimmy.

"Ya like it buffalo getting hot," says Robert as he pulled on his shirt glaring at her.

"Stop it get away from me," Dorothy then screams as she pulls her hand away from Jeremy.

"Is this pervert at it again, did pervert attack you," asked Robert.

"Yea he attacked me," said Dorothy.

"Pervert jumped buffalo," said Robert as he run off grabbing the punch bowl.

"I..I..I didn't know," cried Jeremy.

"Pervert," Dorothy tells him with a evil glare.

Robert passes the punch bowl to David who then pours the whole thing on Jeremy. The boys laugh and Dorothy and Jeremy look at each other for a second before she runs away frightened leaving Jeremy standing there wet and humiliated. His nose begins to bleed and the boys jump down from the bleachers and begin grabbing and pulling on his clothes stripping him down to his underwear. Jeremy runs but Robert catches up to him and trips him making him fall flat on his face.

The other kids then stare and start chanting fight as the four brutally kick Jeremy over and over. Shelley, Paige, and Lily all begin to laugh and start calling him a pervert while Dorothy stands behind them slightly ashamed. Kate runs up with a teacher who separates the boys from Jeremy who know lays unconscious.

When Jeremy wakes up he notices he's in the nurses office on the small plastic bed. He sits up and his eyes widen as he sees that Kate is sitting in a chair next to him leaning forward with her head on the bed and her eyes closed. He smiled, happy that she cared enough to stay with him. He hated all those boys especially Robert. He didn't know why they constantly tortured him, it wasn't like he ever did anything to them. Nevertheless they still insisted on punishing him every chance they got. Not only did he hate them but he also hated Dorothy for lying and getting him beat up. He didn't understand why she would try to please those boys when they called her worse names than they called him. Whatever the reason was, he didn't care. He would never again try anything with her as long as he lived.

As he took one last look at Kate and brushed a strand of hair from her face, Jeremy took her hand in his and laid his head back down. Hopefully tomorrow would be better than tonight had been.