Upon getting out of college Kate, Dorothy, Lily, Shelley, and Paige had all managed to still keep in touch though Shelley moved to a different city to attend medical school. They had all grown into beautiful mature ladies especially Dorothy who managed to lose weight in about 6 months. The change made her feel better about herself but didn't seem to be effective in finding herself a boyfriend. She didn't know if it was her face, her looks, or if she was still just too big but the constant screw up in all her dates had made her become bitter especially when she was out with Paige and Kate and men would talk to them and ask for a date or their number.

Lily, now a successful business executive, had been moving from boyfriend to boyfriend, saying how she was trying to get as much action as possible until Mr. Right came along. She went through two guys in a month, and while she was with this guy named Todd for 3 months she was secretly seeing another guy named Brad whom she had met at a club. Their relationship went on even when Todd found out Lily was cheating on him and left her. Todd then began sending her flowers and cards saying how he had forgiven and wanted to give them another chance. Lily didn't feel the same though. She ignored Todd and when he confronted her one day when she got home with Brad from a party Brad ended up beating Todd until his whole face bled. Lily then told him to leave then she took Todd up to her apartment and cleaned him up. The next morning Todd woke up in his bed and found a note from Lily saying how she had dropped him off after he had fallen asleep. She went on to say how she never wanted to see him again and that if he really cared about her he would leave her alone so she could live happily. The note had upset Todd but he gave in to her wishes and two weeks later he moved out of his apartment and that was the last Lily had heard of him.

Paige continued to be the sexy hard to get woman that every man wanted. She remained single throughout college having a few flings here and there. She didn't mind the single life as much as Dorothy and Lily since most of the men who eyed her just wanted her for a good time. After growing tired of a quiet apartment she moved in with Lily in a big condo just a few miles from Dorothy's house. The two went to parties continuously and when Paige got bored she took a bottle of Champaign and a glass and went outside to be alone.

Shelley grew distance from her friends after moving away to attend medical school. She became more focused on her studied and less focused on her love life. She made frequent calls to each of the girls but that soon changed after a year when she stopped talking to them. Their relationship wasn't a complete lose though since she got a visit from Kate and Dorothy who came to see her during the summer. Dorothy convinced her to start dating again and she even talked her into joining speed dating just for kicks. Kate wasn't so sure about the idea but she tagged along being the good friend that she was.

As for Kate, she got a job writing for the local newspaper as a journalist. She even bought a small apartment ten minutes down the road from Lily and Paige. Everything was fine in Kate's life except for her creepy neighbor Gary who seemed to have a strange attraction to her. He would always end his sentences with a word that rhymed with her name and looked at her with hunger eyes that seemed to want to swallow her whole. Kate found him creepy but nonetheless ignored him as best as she could. Life seemed to go by normally with living on her own, to hanging out with her friends and having a job she loved. Her life changed though when he walked in the elevator as she made her way up to her floor.

"Hi," the man had said as he stood next to her in the elevator.

"Hi," Kate said.

"Adam Carr, new employee," he told her as he offered her his hand.

"Kate Davies, welcome to the paper," she said as she shook his hand.

"Thanks," he said as he gave her a charming smile. Kate looked into his eyes and froze thinking she recognized him from somewhere. Unfortunately she couldn't picture ever seeing his face before. Adam noticed her stare but didn't say anything not wanting to blow his cover. He knew if he messed up the slightest bit she would possibly recognize who he was. Even though he had changed his face and spent countless hours working out he was still the same old boy who she once kissed back in high school. He was still Jeremy Melton.

When they got to their floor Adam followed Kate as she made her way to her desk. Surprising his desk was right next to hers. "What a coincidence," he said as he sat down and got settled in. "Yea," Kate said letting out a small laugh. Adam smiled and watched her as she logged on to her computer and began going through papers. Throughout the day he tried to not stare at her but he was finding it a bit of a challenge considering how much he missed her and the sound of her voice.

When the time came for their lunch break he thought about asking her if she wanted to have lunch with him but hesitated when another man walked up to her and started talking. Adam couldn't here what the two were saying but judging by the look on the man's face it wasn't something that he was expecting. Just as Adam got up to leave for lunch someone tapped him on the shoulder and called out his name.

"Hey" he said cheerfully when he saw it was Kate.

"Hey, umm you wanna have lunch together, I sorta lied and told Arnold over there that we were having lunch together," she said. Adam looked over to the man Kate called Arnold. He was glaring at him evilly and Adam was able to put two and two together. Obviously Arnold liked Kate but she wasn't interested, lucky for him.

"Sure, I'd love to," he said to Kate.

"Great, let's go, I know this great place just up the road," she said as she held him by the arm. Adam looked over his shoulder and from the corner of his eye he could see that Arnold was still staring at him. He smirked feeling a sense of accomplishment and let Kate hold on to him as two watched out together.

"So tell me about you, Mr. Carr," Kate said as the two sat at a little table outside of Vito's. "Well Ms. Davies, I'm from Seattle which is where my parents live, dad's a lawyer and mom's a teacher. I'm twenty-three I love football and baseball, and I'm single," he told her. Kate laughed at his last comment. "And you,"

"Well, I've lived here all my life, my parents live her also, my mom's a nurse and my father is a writer. I turned twenty-three two weeks ago, I have four best friends who I've known all throughout school, umm what else is there to say,"

"Are you single?" he asked. Kate laughed and nodded. "Ok, tell me about your friends,"

"Well there's Lily, Shelly, Paige, and Dorothy, and all of us have known each other since elementary. We've always been there for each other though there were times when we had our disagreements but what friends don't."

"So what happened to them?" Adam asked.

"Well they all still live here except for Shelley, she moved to the next town about an hour away so she could go to med school. It's been a about a few months since I've last seen her. Lily's a business woman, an executive or something like that, and Dorothy and Paige are just doing their own thing, trying to find love and all,"

"Well if your friends are as pretty as you they shouldn't have to look far," he said.

"Well aren't you quite the charmer," she said smiling.

"Just being honest," he answered.

As the two talked they didn't seem to notice Paige who was just driving by and happened to get sight of the two talking and laughing. Paige was surprised to see Kate having lunch with a man but she was happy nonetheless. She quickly pulled out her phone and plugged it up to her ear piece and called Lily.

Lily was in the office going through papers when she called. "Hey,"

"Guess who I just saw having lunch with a very cute guy," said Paige.


"You wish! No actually it was Kate,"

"Really," said Lily getting up from her chair. "Details,"

"I was just driving and caught them sitting together laughing. Looked like a date to me,"

"I can't believe Kate met a guy and didn't even tell us. Remind me to go to her apartment later,"

"I'll tell her to come over after work," Paige said.

Lily secretary walked in telling her that she had someone on the phone and set down her coffee and some papers. "Ok thanks, Paige I gotta go,"

"Alright see you later," she said then hung up.

After lunch with Adam the two took a walk around the block then made their way back to the office. For the remainder of the day Adam kept close watch on Kate and somehow always found a way to start up conversation with her. Arnold watched on jealously but didn't confront Adam since he didn't want to make a bad impression on Kate. Adam was pleased to see his fellow employee so envious but at the same time he felt angry by the fact that he was interested in Kate. Even though it was clear that she had no interest in him Adam still felt the need to get rid of Arnold. Nevertheless he convinced himself that it was a waste of time. Arnold was just a kid with a little crush. If he was really interested he would have asked Kate out by now.

6 pm rolled by fast and Kate was already heading out the building. Adam had offered to walk her home but she declined when she said she was going to Lily's apartment instead. That didn't stop him from following her. He took a cab just as she did and told the driver to follow Kate paying him extra so he wouldn't ask questions. When they came to their destination he had the cab driver stop and he watched Kate get out of the cab and walk into a building that said Granit Falls. Now he knew where to find Lily. He was just about to tell the driver to drive off then he saw a car pass by him and pull up to the gate. 'Paige,' he thought. The gate opened and she pulled into the lot. 'So she lives here too,' Adam thought. 'Maybe her and Lily live together.' If so then he just killed two birds with one stone. He already knew where Dorothy lived and he had just recently discovered Kate's apartment before taking a job at the paper where she worked. Now all that was left was to find out where exactly Shelley was, then he would begin to carry out his plot for revenge.