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As i was dressing, i happened to look ot my window and see the most mesmerizing thing. James Isaac Neutron. Without a shirt. Oh my Lord that boy have muscles. Were talking washboard hot. I mean I always knew he was fit, but those were impressive.

He was wearing dark blue jeans that fit him just right, and tan that was probably from some of the time he spent outside testing his newest inventions. Not that is was complaining. Definetlly not. When my eyes were done trailing up his body i found that his eyes were... Oh Crap! Looking straight at ME!

I quickly ducked behind my window sill, and prayed to God that he wouldn't say anything about it. This had to be the most embarrising thing that had ever happened to me. And adding the fact that I was not only gawking at him like some sort of obsessed stalker, did I forget to mention the fact that I still haven't gotten my shirt on.

Yes people thats right, I'm still in my bra.I yelped as i realized this and threw on my tank top fast as lightning. Oh Man. Now Jimmy probably got an eye full of me. Don't get me wrong, I am definetlly not underdeveloped. And though that may make me sound vain, its also true. Comes with being popular.

So I finished getting dressed, and made my way downstairs, grabbed a cereal bar since I clearly did not have enough time for breakfast, and opened the front door only to come face to face with the most beautiful blue eyes I had ever seen. And since I remebered that there was only one person i knew with those eyes, i could immediatly feel my face getting hot. I looked down quickly, hoping he wouldn't notice.

"Good morning Cindy." he said with a smug smile on his face that I really wanted to slap off. Or kiss maybe. NO. NO. Get your head in the game. (Yeah i just made a HSM reference. LOL:)

"G-Good morning Jimmy." Oh. I cannot believe I just stuttered. And yes, just in case your wondering, we are on a more civilized first name basis now.

"So... I was wondering-" Oh crap. Please dont say anything about earlier. Please.

"If you could drive me to school." he finished. Saved. Whoo. That was close.

"Uh... Sure. What happened to your car?" i asked casually, as to lead away from a certain subject i was sure was bound to come up. Maybe i can Fake hearing loss. I do listen to my Ipod allot.

"Carl has yet to learn how to drive." I had to laugh at that. Carl probably has some phobia that involves driving to.

"Ahh. That explains allot." I said. We got in my car. The drive to school was not that bad. He mostly talked about his newest invention, which probably had to do with going back in time so he could meet Einstein, while giving me sly glances. We pulled up into the parking lot, and got out of the car.

" Thanks for the ride Cindy." Yes! Conversation avoided.

"No Problem." The bell rang, signalling that class was starting, and we had to go our seperate ways, when i heard my name being called.

"Oh Cindy by the way, I hoped you enjoyed the show this morning." He said this walking away laughing.

I squecked, quickly ran to the closest girls bathroom, and hid in the farthest stall from the door. I cannot believe he said that. My face is probably so red, i look like a cherry. Its probably a good thing that there wasn't allot of people walking around the halls when he did. I would have killed him, then brought hime back to clean up the mess. ( I got that from 'A Cinderella Story'. Go Rhonda.) Jeez I'm acting like some little school girl.

I mean I'm 17 for pete sakes. 1 Year away from adulthood. This is senior year, and i shouldn't spend it cowering in the bathroom from my crush. Yes, that's right, I have finally figured out that I did have feelings for Jimmy.

But that didn't mean I was going to tell him. I mean sure I would like to, but im more scared of the rejection that i may have to endure if I did. I might not be the crying type a girl, but i still have feelings.

Plus, he might still have the hots for Quinlen. Ugh, she is so... INFERIOR. Why in the world a genious like Jimmy would ever want someone some stupid ditz like Betty is beyond me.

'BRIIIIIING' Oh great. That God forsaken bell. I swear. Best get to class. Definetlly dont need a detention today.

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