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Libby and I were sitting at lunch with a few of the girls that were in our social circle. And I'm tellin' ya', the conversation isn't exactly the smartest. Anyone who can talk about nails and hair for this long is obviously missing a few brain cells. I cant believe they haven't started drooling yet. So I'm sitting here twirling my spoon in my apple sauce, waiting- no begging for some sort of intellectual stimulation, when my peripheral vision catches blue jeans and a red shirt sitting down next to me. Guess who.

"Hi Cindy. Mind if I sit here?" Thats right. Its Jimmy.

"Uh. Sure." I told him while studying him suspiciously. Never in my last 3 years at this school have i ever witnessed one of the nerds attempt to sit with the popular kids. Which means either Jimmy has a pair of brass balls, or he is peeing his pants. Good thing he is wearing dark jeans.

"So... What are you doin' over here?" I asked. Noticing that the table had gotten considerably quiet during Jimmy's arrival.

"What? A guy can't visit his neighbor every once in a while?" He asked with a smile. And what a smile it was; Straight, and pearly white. Really complimented his face. You could just barely see the dimples he had which were... adorable. And the way his hair fell over his ocean blue eyes. Thank god he got rid of that soft serve hair-doo.

I had been brought out of my musings by a hand that was waving infront of my face. "Uh. Cindy? Hey. You still there?" He asked. I started blinking rapidly. Crap, I was staring again.

"Uh...Uh-" No I was stuttering again too. Stupid mouth. Ok Cindy quick look for an escape. Uh bathroom. No. Classroom. No. Car. Jackpot.

"I..uh.. have to go get something out of my car." After giving that sad excuse which probably sounded a heck of allot more like a question, I bolted.I ran so fast I'm pretty sure a flier is flying through the air due to my escape. I bet I'm still blushing to.

I can see Jimmy's face in my head. Eye brows raised with a suprised look on his face. I bet it was really cut- WAIT. WHAT? Okay this is getting way out of hand.I mean its just a crush. Right? Yes. Its just a crush, nothing more. Vortex's do not contradict themselves. Were always on level ground.

I sat in my car with my eyes closed until i heard a tap on my window. My eyes flew open, and I think I gave my self whiplash from turning my head so fast. I immediatly relaxed when i saw who it was. I opened my door and got out to lean against my car.

"Hey Libby." I said, still breathing a bit heavy from the suprise.

"Hey girl. What happened in the cafeteria? I look away for one second next thing i know your out the door faster then my mom when my grandmother asks for a foot massage." She was right. Her grandmother had some funky feet.

"Nothing just...need some fresh air is all." I told her.

"Mhm. Are you sure it had nothing to do with a certain genious?" She asked with a knowing smile on her face.

"No of course not. Besides its just a crush."

"Cindy, you sound like your trying to convince your self more than me. I mean we both know the boy is fine." I scoffed at that even though I agreed with her completely in my head. " Come on Cin. When you gonna admit that you like him. Maybe even love him?" I was suprised my head didn;t snap of from how fast I turned it.

" No I don't. Its just a crush. Not even. Like you said, he's just cute is all." I didn't give Libby a chance to respond. I made a bee-linefor the school entrance. I know its wasn't good to avoid these conversations, because its looks like I'm hiding something. Andthat probably makes people suspicious. But I can deal with it myself. No outside influence. 'BRIIIING'.

Finally, class is starting again. For once I'm actually thankfull for that bell.

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