SUMMARY: One shots of father/son moments between Tony and Gibbs; takes place within my adoption universe.

DISCLAIMER: Don't own…now I'm sad again

EXPLANATION: Please read before continuing to the first actual chapter. I have this up to explain what I'm doing with this story…

I was asked if I planned on writing a third story to my (what I am calling) adoption universe. For those who don't know what I'm talking about, I have two stories "I'll Always Take Care Of You" and it's sequel, "You'll Always Be Mine" in which Gibbs adopts Tony.

I'm not sure I want to turn it into a trilogy quite yet just because I don't have a real idea for another and I don't have the time. However, I did have some one-shots I really wanted to post.

HOWEVER (yes, I know another however), I didn't want to post 10 one-shots where I would have to explain everything all over again. So, I decided to do that right here.

Each chapter is it's own story with it's own title. At the beginning of every "chapter" I will post a summary to explain where the story is coming from. Chapter names will be shortened names of the one shot. (ex. the first one-shot is called Not So Veiled Threats, the chapter is called Veiled Threats)

Most will be things I want to elaborate on from the two fics mentioned above. A couple will be ones that I thought would make a good story but I didn't want to do a multi chapter on.

Finally, I have 3 chapters…um…I guess you could say final/conclusion chapters. I had one started and then changed my mind and then I changed my mind again. I've decided to go ahead and post all three throughout the story. The last conclusion will be the last actual one shot.

I don't know when it will come but I know there will be at least 10 one shots. If they do not deal with Gibbs and Tony directly (for instance in one, one shot I discuss McGee and Abby's feelings on their search of Tony's past) they WILL relate to them.

Some will be long and some will be short. In fact, I know there will be at least 2 that will probably be under 600 words. Sorry! One will be a stolen moment with Gibbs and Tony in the basement working on the boat.

So, I hope you like what I have! Let's begin…