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Rating: Mature

Pairing: RL/HG SS/GW

Era: Hogwarts (Seven year) Ginny skipped her sixth year and used a time turner in her fifth year and is 17. It's a fanfiction Come on guys!

Category: Romance/Drama/Aust

Attention: Student/Teacher relationship Hermione age of twenty due to the time turner in third-fifth year.

Darker Shade Of Light


hermione snape

Chapter 1


Severus Snape, Hogwarts Potions Master and spy for the Order of the Phoenix swept into the dinning room at Number Twelve Grimmauld Place, or better known as Headquarters for the Order. He ducked away into the shadows. He rolled his eyes at 'Leader for the Light. Leader for the Greater Good,' the Headmaster of Hogwarts Witchcraft and Wizard Albus Dumbledore called the meeting to order.

Severus turned and looked at the legendary 'Golden Trio' Harry Potter, The-Boy-Lived. His two best friends, Ron Weasely and Hermione Granger. They stuck by the 'Oh Poor, I just want to be Harry' for nearly seven years. It made him sick. The whole Order made him sick. Except for Hermione Granger and Remus Lupin for reason unknown to the damn Order.

If only Hermione knew the real reason behind the war. The real reason behind 'Voldemort' the reason behind everything. The lies she was told only to keep her on their side of the war. The reasons are as followed. He thought to himself.

Reason One: She was best friend to Harry Potter.

Reason Two: Her talent in research.

Reason Three: Her unweaving loyalty and she would die for the 'Greater Good.'

Severus was shaken from his thoughts when Albus called his name. "Nothing has been planned. The Dark Lord is lying low for now. No attacks have been reported or made." he told them. 'If there was a damn Dark Lord.'

Remus gave him an un-noticeable nodded. He returned it before leaving the room un-noticed by all. Except for Hermione. She wondered what actually went on at the death eater meetings.


Tom Riddle sat in the library in front of the fireplace. The flames cast an eerie glow over his white snake like face and long boney fingers. It was a price he to pay in order to do what was expected of his destiny that lay head of him.

The Death Eaters were followers of Tom. They were mainly an origination of witches and wizard. They only killed when it necessary. They did kidnap witches, wizards and some muggles, but they were leaking information out into the muggle world endangering the wizarding world. The rapping and torturer were rumors to get hostages to talk and worked quite well. Than those that were 'killed,' actually had their memories erased and were moved into the states with new identities for the safety of both worlds.

"Come in Severus." Tom said gently before the wizard had a chance to knock. He walked into the room. "Sit down and tell me what has you at such a state of concern." Tom said motioning to the vacant chair next to him. "I know this look. Miss Granger has you worried." he said and gently placed his book down on the side table.

"Yes. The longer I wait. The stronger Dumbledore's walls are placed."

"You care for the woman. This is good. Now as for the wall or as I call mind altering charms have been slowly lowering themselves. Hermione's bloodline must be strong." Tom said and walked over to the shelf. He ran his long fingers along the spines. "She must be powerful." he whispered pulling down a thick book and returned to his seat. He flipped through the pages. "Granger. Granger. Ah here we are. But wait this can't be." Tom looked up and his red eyes made contact with a black pair. "She muggle-born correct?"

"Yes why do you ask?" said Severus with a puzzled expression.

"She must have along line of squribs. Hermione Granger is the last living descendant of Nicholas Fammel. Severus must get her on our side of this war. Go and do what you must. Have Remus help you."

He nodded and walked to the door but turned around. "Grandfather, what if she doesn't believe me."

Tom walked over to his grandson and gently rested both of his hands on his arms. "Protect her Severus. The prophecy must be fulfilled. Remember Harry or I will die."

"I can't loose you again." he whispered.

"Oh my Grandson, sacrifices must be made. We are here to ensure our survival. If we don't the muggles will destroy us. This is the reason behind Miss Granger being on our side of this great war. Her research and her strong magic." he gently squeezed his arms. "And our fight for our beloved Hogwarts. Go with my blessing." he kissed his forehead and watched Severus leave the room.

Tom returned to his chair and sat back with a heavy sigh. At lest he had his two grandchildren left. Terea died giving birth to Severus. He raised him the best he could. He was greatful for his youngest daughter, Ellen that help him raise Severus along with her own son, Remus. Tom knew they grew into good young men that would acheive in anything they set their minds to. They were both powerful in their own ways. He couldn't have been prouder than if they were his on sons.


Remus sat in the library at Order Headquarters. He looked up when he heard someone enter the room. He sat his book down and studied his cousin carefully. "Severus what did Grandpa say?"

"We must get must get Miss Granger on our side." he whispered, moved to the couch and sat down next to Remus. "Remus things aren't going to be easy. We can lose everything."

Remus took a deep breath and nodded his head. He'd already lost just about everything. He rubbed his face with his hands. He looked at Severus with amber eyes. "She's my mate Severus." he gave the werewolf a puzzled look. "Hermione's my mate. I didn't see it before. I chose not to see it." Severus smirked and squeezed his hands. He whispered in his ear and Remus smirked and nodded his head. "Oh like it. It's perfect. I'll have to wait till the full moon when we go to Hogwarts. That will be just a…wow idea."

"You and your cheesy lines. Good night." and he left the library with a swish of his black robes. It was the perfect idea to keep Hermione safe to have her marked by his cousin.

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