Chapter 24


Tom stood outside the gates of Hogwarts with his death eaters and the many creatures but the final few of creatures that were in the forest on Hogwarts were inside the gates. Such as the unicorns, huge snakes, that Harry had persuaded to join a Darker Shade of Light. Elf, Fairies and Griffins. Tom knew that Albus Dumbledore didn't have many creatures on his side and he would use this to his advantage.

"Skippy!" Tom called out among all that stood behind him. The house elf appeared next to the wizard. "Narcissa," she walked up to Tom. "I want you in the Shrieking Shack. Skippy will take you their once we enter the grounds." She nodded her head. He turned to the house elf and said, "Skippy, I want you standing beside me to take Hermione, Ginny and Minnie to the shack."

"Tom they'll be in with the crowd next to Dumbledore." said James.

"Don't you worry. I have a plan that will shock all." He told him with a smirk. James nodded. "Let's finish this once and for all." Tom demanded and opened the gate.


Albus and his army stood outside the doors of the school. Remus stood next to Harry and smirked. Dumbledore was in for a shock of his life. He looked over at Hermione and Ginny with worry. He prayed that they would win the war and the babies would be healthy.

Tom stopped in front of Dumbledore. He stepped away from his death eaters. He saw the castle shake. He knew only the founders heirs could see the shaking castle. Albus stepped up to Tom.

"This will end tonight Tom. Your rein of terror is over. The rein of your death eaters attacks will end." said Dumbledore.

Tom's red eyes shined evilly at the wizard that stood before him. "You are right about it ending tonight Dumbledore. Your true self will be shown and you'll be in hell for your crimes." he hissed. Tom drew out his wand and held it at his side. "Riddle family line up!" he said with a smirk.

Minerva walked away from her spot next to the Headmaster. She stood beside her husband. Remus took Hermione's hand and they walked away from the group and joined his family followed by Severus and Ginny.

"Dumbledore meet my family. My wife Minerva Riddle. My grandsons Remus Lupin and his wife Hermione Lupin. Severus and his wife Ginny Snape." Tom said motioning to each family member. "Life is funny don't you think? It's a blessing. A sliver lining in a dark time."

Skippy stood between Hermione and Ginny. The witches grabbed the house elf's hand. Minerva grabbed Hermione's hand and they were gone with a crack. The men sighed grateful that they were safe.

"Death eaters line up!" Tom yelled to those that stood among Dumbledore's ranks. He smirked when saw little under half moved his side of the field.

Harry remained at the Dumbledore's side for the time being. He smiled at Neville who stood in the front row. He heard major gasps among the witches and wizards.

"Remove your masks!" Tom ordered. It was time to show who was among his ranks. He smirked at Harry. The witches and wizards removed their skull masks.

They heard major gasps among Dumbledore's side. Molly nearly fainted when she saw Percy among the death eaters along with Bill and Fleur. She saw James Potter. She began to yell telling them to get back over to the right side.

Arthur looked at the people and looked at his children. Tom nodded at the man silently telling him he could join his side. He didn't have to carry the mark. Arthur thought back to the night at Grimmauld Place when he had small conversation with his daughter. Than what Remus had told him about his grandfather. The whispers he had heard Ginny and Hermione were discussing. Arthur took a deep breath and slowly walked over to his two oldest sons. He couldn't believe what he had just done but he only knew it felt right. Tom turned his head and nodded to the man that had joined his side.

"This ends now. Attack!" Tom yelled and the battle for the Wizarding World and Hogwarts began.


Ginny and Hermione laid out each on a bed next to each other both now in full blown labor. Ginny smiled and took Hermione's hand in her own. They heard the battle raging outside. Minerva sat down in chair next to Hermione's bed. She rang out the cloth that was in a bowl of cold water. She pressed it against her granddaughter's sweaty brow. Narcissa did the same with Ginny.

"Everything's going to be fine sweetheart." Minerva said soothingly trying to reassure herself as well.

Hermione nodded her head and breathed through a strong contraction. She squeezed Ginny's hand until it passed. She turned her head when she felt Ginny squeeze her hand. They didn't have their husbands with them liked they had dreamed of and wished for so they held each others hands throughout the pain.

The longer the war ragged the stronger and longer the contractions came. Minerva and Narcissa did their best to comfort the women and themselves praying that everything would be fine and their losses would be none.


Neville pushed Remus to the ground before a jet of green light hit him in the chest. He blocked another curse as they stood up. The werewolf nodded and they continued to fight side by side. They also had something Dumbledore's side didn't have or studied. They had learned the art of sword fighting. Tom wanted his men able to fight if they had lost their wands in the battle. They had also learned wandless magic just in case they lost their swords.

Kingsley smiled at Moody. He pulled his sword and twisted it around in his left hand. He knew that the ex-auror would use his large cane. "Hello Alstor. I fear you have been on the wrong side of this war for years. There's still time to change sides." He said blocking a spell with his sword.

"I'll never join Voldemort!" Moody yelled.

"Need a little help Kingsley?" James said with a smile. They continued to fight side by side.

Albus looked around the battle field and saw Riddle had a plan. It was a good plan. He had two death eaters to a team. He mentally swore because his men were all over the place with no help from the others. It was one against two. He saw that he had lost all the support from the creatures. They turned out be on Riddle's side. He was truly in deep shit.

Tom walked up to Albus and circled the wizard. "Oh dear me. You've lost the support of most of your men." He blocked the elderly wizard's spell. "You're out numbered. Such a pity," blocked another spell. "What is poor Albus Dumbledore to do? Cry to the heirs of Hogwarts!" He cast a silent spell that Albus easily blocked. "I fear Remus, Minerva and myself will not help you!" They threw curse after curse to each other easily blocking them.


Ginny breathed heavily and groaned out of pain. Narcissa moved her legs into birthing position. "Alright Ginny on the next contraction I need you to hold her breath and push." Ginny nodded. "And Push sweetheart." She grabbed Hermione's hand and bared down hard. Narcissa counted to ten. "Good relax and breathe."

Hermione gently squeezed her best friend's hand. "You can do this Ginny."

Ginny gripped Hermione's hand. "Push Ginny." Narcissa instructed and counted to twenty. "Good girl. Relax."


Molly and Severus stood face to face. The red head stared evilly at the vampire. She knew that he had killed her son. Dumbledore had told her that's what he thought had happened and she blindly trusted the headmaster.

"You killed my son. You bastard!" yelled Molly.

Severus twisted his wand between his thumb and index finger. "Yes I did kill the son of a bitch. He threaten my family and was going to kill my wife and son! I really don't want to kill you Molly. I'll do what I must to ensure my family's safety." Molly threw a curse at him. "So be it." The fight between them began.

James and Kingsley stood over the dead body of Alstor Moody. They shook their heads. It was a shame that a good man had to die.

Severus blocked a jet of green light from Molly's wand with his sword. When an elf with blonde hair stood beside him. "Carsa, here to join in on the fun?" he asked.

"You know it." Carsa answered, firing his bow at wizard hitting him in his wand hand. He felt the ground shake. "Hogwarts is vanishing." He told him able to see the magical barrier that held the school. Severus tied up Molly and turned to his right. "The heirs must put their blood into the castle before it's too late." Severus nodded and they continued to fight.


Ginny screamed out in pain and pushed hard. Narcissa told her relax and slowly unwrapped the cord from the baby's neck. Skippy gave the vampire a sip of blood. He sat it down on the table.

"Alright Ginny one more big push and Sebastian will be here." said Narcissa. Ginny only nodded. "Push." she grabbed her knees and pushed forward screaming out of pain. "Keep going sweetheart." She laid back when she heard a loud cry from her son.


Tom held out his hand and a ball of yellow light shot out and hit Albus in chest. He quickly covered his eyes when the light intensified. The light vanished and found the elderly wizard on the ground. Tom looked down at him and smiled. He knew Sebastian had just been born.

"Is that all you have Riddle." said Albus and rose to his full height. He cast a spell but nothing happened. He tried to cast the killing curse but nothing happened.

"Oh dear. Dumbledore has lost his magic and you have been exposed as the Light Lord who has lost everything. Prepare to meet hell. Avada Kedavra!" Tom cried and jet of green light shot from his wand and hit Albus in the chest. He fell to ground motionless. "Such a pity. You had so much to offer. You can offer it in hell."

Harry walked up and stood beside Tom. Harry shook his head. They turned and faced each other. "It's time." Tom told him. Harry nodded his head. "It's alright Harry."

Harry circled Tom both with their wands raised. The grounds stopped and everyone watched light versus dark as some people saw it.


Ginny held her son and gently ran her thumb over Sebastian's small hand. He had straight black hair, black eyes and freckles on his face. He was a perfect blend of his parents.

Hermione looked over and smiled at her best friend. She quickly grabbed Minerva's hand when a contraction hit hard. She closed her eyes and breathed heavily. Narcissa moved to the end of the bed. She smiled when she saw the baby crown.

"Sweetheart push." said Narcissa. Hermione gripped Minerva's hand and pushed hard. Narcissa counted to ten. "Relax." Hermione laid back. "Push!"

Hermione screamed out of pain and pushed hard. She couldn't stop she needed the baby out of her. She had already been in labor for hours. Hermione fell back in exhaustion when she heard a baby cry.

"It's a girl." said Narcissa.


Tom stood in front of Harry with his arms spread open. "You must do it now!"

Harry's wand shook. He closed his eyes tears rolled down his face and said, "Avada Kedavra." The jet of green light shot from his wand hitting Tom in his the chest. He looked down and saw Tom's lifeless body. He dropped his wand to ground. "I'm sorry."

Draco walked up to Harry and pulled him into his arms. The death eaters stood quietly out across the battle field. They knew that Tom had died for a good cause.

Tom wand floated out of his hand and Slytherin's wand floated out of his robe's pocket. They moved to each other and twisted together making one wand and sliver and green shot from his wand. Than at the base was a serpent.

Harry pulled back when sliver and green light shined in the dark starry night sky.


Hermione screamed and laid back in pure exhaustion when she heard aloud cry of her son. Minerva pushed Hermione's sweaty hair from her face. She handed Ellen to her mother. Narcissa handed John to his mother. Hermione smiled and looked at her children.

Ellen had curly sandy hair, pale skin, amber eyes. John had straight brown hair, pale skin and sliver eyes. They were both prefect blend of their parents.

Minerva stood up kissed Hermione and Ginny each on the forehead. "I'll be needed to renew Hogwarts." She told them. The new mothers nodded and she left the shack.


Tom rose to his full height and took his wand that floated in the air. The green and sliver light vanished. He looked at Harry and smiled. "Harry, we did it. The war is over."

Minerva stopped in her tracks when she saw her husband standing in front of the family. She couldn't believe how handsome he looked. Tom had short brown gray streaked hair, pale skin, brown eyes and broad shoulders.

Tom turned his head and smiled. He opened his arms to his wife. She ran into his open arms. She buried her face in his chest. Tom kissed her brow.

The ground shook violently causing windows of the castle to shatter. Tom pulled back and said, "Remus let's go. We must save the school." They ran to the castle.


Tom, Minerva, Remus and Harry stood in the entrance hall and formed a circle. They placed their wands in front at their feet. They held hands. They looked around when the ground shook.

They said together, "We, the heirs of Hogwarts are here to offer our blood to renew."

Harry said, "I, Harry Potter offer my blood to renew the wards of Godric Gryffindor. The founder of the courage and bravery," his wand floated in the air and red and yellow light shot from his wand.

They said together, "We, the heirs of Hogwarts are here to offer our blood to renew."

Tom said, "I, Tom Riddle offer my blood to renew the wards of Salazar Slytherin. The founder of sly and cunningness," his wand floated in the air and green and sliver light shot from his wand.

They said, "We, the heirs of Hogwarts are here to offer our blood to renew."

Remus spoke, "I, Remus Lupin offer my blood to renew the wards of Helga Hufflepuff. The founder of loyal and patient," his wand floated in the air and yellow and black shot from his wand.

They spoke, "We the heirs of Hogwarts are here to offer our blood to renew."

Minerva said, "I, Minerva McGonagall-Riddle offer my blood to renew the wards of Rowena Ravenclaw. The founder of kindness and intelligence," her wand floated in the air and bronze and blue shot from her wand.

They said, "We, the heirs of Hogwarts are here to offer our blood to renew the wards and to ensure the existence of our beloved school. So she my continue to pass her bravery, cunningness, patience and intelligence for another 1,000 years."

The raise of lights blended together and form the Hogwarts crest in the middle of the circle.

Tom pulled out a dagger and handed it to Harry. He took it from the wizard and cut his hand letting the blood fall to the floor. A lion roared once his blood hit the stone floor. Tom took the dagger and cut his hand. He let the blood fall to the floor. A serpent hissed. Remus took the dagger and cut his hand and let the blood fall to the stone floor. A badger squeaked. Minerva took the dagger and cut her hand and let the blood fall to the ground. A eagle squawked.

The ground shook knocking them to the ground. The wind blew heavily slamming the door and rain poured in the center of the castle. Than everything went still.

Tom helped Minerva to her feet. Harry helped Remus to his feet. They looked at the crest that floated in the middle of the circle. Harry ran his hand trough it in awe. They grabbed their wands and the school symbol vanished.

"The wards are renewed." Tom said breathlessly. He pulled Minerva into his arms. "Go Remus. Go see your children. We'll be right behind you." He smiled and ran from the castle.


Remus walked up the stairs and into the room. He found Severus holding Sebastian. He smiled at his cousin. Severus looked up and smiled. Remus sat down next to his wife.

Hermione smiled and said, "Meet your daughter Ellen." Remus gently took her into his arms.

He smiled and kissed Ellen's forehead. He gently ran his thumb over John's small hand. "They're beautiful love."

Tom and Minerva, Harry, Draco, Luicus and James walked into the small room. They looked at babies with smiles. The war was over and Hogwarts was renewed and the best of it all were the tree babies.

Tom leaned over Remus's s shoulder. Hermione handed John to his great-grandson. "Meet John, Grandpa."

He gently took the baby and looked down with tears in his eyes. "This is what life is about. Family, friends and these little ones."


Twelve years later:

Harry and Draco stood on Platform 9 ¾ with their adoptive daughter Arya Malfoy-Potter. Remus and Hermione ran through the wall with Ellen and John for their first year of school with Arya.

Remus turned his head and laughed when he saw Severus run after his five year old daughter Windy before she got onto the train. He heard her crying about not going with her brother.

Ginny sighed and walked through the wall with Sebastian. Ellen ran over to her cousin and hugged him tightly. Ginny walked over to Severus and kissed him gently.

The family gather together. Hermione supported her back and Remus rubbed his wife's five month stomach where his twin girls where tucked away safely. The train whistled and they kissed their children bye and wished them a safe and fun year. They all climbed onto the train and it pulled away from the station.

Severus owned Apothecary in Diegon Alley. It was one of the most popular stores where people got their school supplies to many range of potions. Ginny worked at St. Mugo's as a healer. They lived in Godric Hollow.

Remus and Hermione worked at Hogwarts as professors. Remus was Defense Against the Dark Arts. Hermione was Potions Mistress. They were lived in a family quarters at the school.

Neville worked at Hogwarts as the Herbology professor. He married and had two children that resided at the school.

Draco and Harry both became aurors and lived in Godric Hollow. They had plans to adopted at lest two more children in the near feature.

Minerva took on her post as Headmistress of Hogwarts. Tom was appointed Deputy Headmaster. The school became one of the most popular wizarding schools that the magical world had ever seen.

James was able to return to his old post as an auror. He was the main guard for the Minister of Magic, Lucius Malfoy. The death eaters were active and kept a close on those that wished to expose the wizarding world. The wizarding world was going to be ready for anything in near feature. They didn't want anyone like Dumbledore threatening to expose and destroy the Wizarding World.

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