Fandom : Final Fantasy XII : Advent Children and Harry Potter

Rating : M

Title : Bondings

Author :Yami Kuro Ookami Hatake

Main Shipping : SephirothxHarry

Other Shipping : Slight VincentxReno - CloudTifa

Warnings : Yaoi/Slash, Lang, Abuse, Rape, MxM, MxF

Summary : To bring back Mothers Mimetic Legacy, the remnants escape into the past and bond Sephiroth with the most compatible magical being they can find. What happens when the Savior and the Legacy decided to mold the world to their liking? SephirothHarry

Timeline : After the end of FFXII:AC and After Order Of The Phoenix

Date : 3-31-09


While it starts out with the Cloud gang, they won't be around very much at all- if at all again- in the story. The stories focus will be Harry and Sephiroth



Cloud sat the desk, holding back a smile as Marleen and Denzel ran around him. Since Denzel had been cleared of his Geostigma, he had been much happier, not depressed and withdraw like before.

He picked up the phone as it rang. "Strife delivery service." "Cloud." The sharp, deep tone was smooth over the phone. "Vincent." "I'm afraid we have some disturbing news."

"What? Is something wrong with the Reno? The crew?" "No…not exactly. We've received confirmation that part of Jenova's cells escaped with Kadaj, Yazoo and Loz into the past. It looks like they've revived Sephiroth. Not just his spirit, but the man himself." Cloud sat in his chair, resting his forehead on his hand.

Soon after Kadaj had been released into the life stream, Loz and Yazoo had found a way to bring him back, somehow convincing the life stream that they could take care of their wayward brother.

"Well…fuck." A warm chuckled from Vincent made Cloud grin himself, even if the discussion was nowhere close to amusing. "Our sentiments exactly. We think that by using an old converter of Shinra's, some of Jenova's cells and a generous supply of Materia from Yuufie, we can open the same portal that Jenova and the remnants did." "I see…" "Barrett has agreed to stay behind with Marleen and Denzel. We can expect to see you and Tifa at the old Healing Springs soon?" Cloud nodded to himself. "Of course. See you soon." He hung up the phone, and walked to talk to Tifa and the kids."