Sephiroth walked cautiously, and quietly.

Harry quietly snuck down to the stairs, Sephiroth right behind him. He cursed and hid in the shadows as group ran past the stairwell.

"Feck. It's the Order Of The Phoenix…." He hissed, biting his lip and then looked back at his mate. Then he realized. He had an of-age mate. Dumbledore's orders and wards were now null and void. Harry smirked, and shared this revelation with his bonded, who chuckled, making the other remnants grin.

Harry stepped into the light, going along with his mates idea from a just a second ago, and everybody froze, looking at the Savior of the wizarding world. Snape sneered. "There you are. Do you know how long we've been looking for you?" "Far longer than you should've been?" Harry said cheekily, rocking back and forth on his heels.

Snape rose an eyebrow at the blatant disrespect and looked back when Dumbledore stepped into the tavern, noting that Harry's entire playful demeanor disappeared, and he subtly rearranged his body into a defensive stance. Snape was –grudgingly- impressed. Dumbledore looked pissed.

"Harry! How dare you run away from your Aunt and Uncle. It never hurt anybody to be punished. So stop acting like a child." Dumbledore said furiously. Harry looked his use-to-be-Mentor in the eye. "Punish me? PUNISH ME?" He growled, taking a step forward, leaning forward and growling louder. "You call that punishment? What he did was inhumane!"

"Stop exaggerating and sniffling for attention!" A short blonde haired witch simpered in a high, whiny voice. "You should be grateful that Dumbledore decided to spend time on someone like you, your sniveling little liar!" She screeched, making all the ones in close proximity to her wince. "That's quite enough, thank you Lidia." Dumbledore said quietly, looking back at Harry and stepping back quickly. Everyone looked at the savior, and screamed, jumping back.