'Did you see Gibbs face?' Ziva laughed as they cleaned up the lounge room after putting Lily to bed.

'Yeah..and the look on McGees as they sprinted into the front yard!' Tony doubled over with laughter again just at the thought.

'So you thought I was cheating…' Ziva said in a matter of fact tone.

'Zee…I…sorry' he hung his head and waited for the yelling.

'It's ok' she said scrunching up the paper drapes and dumping them in the big garbage bag at her feet.

'No its not…' Tony looked at her

'Tony…its ok. Just please know I would never do that'

'I do…' He smiled weakly at her.

'Hey…' she walked over to him with her arms outstretched, she hugged him close and whispered 'I love you Tony'

He wrapped his arms tightly around her 'I love you too'. He leant down and placed a perfect kiss to her lips. She grinned

'Do you want your birthday present now? Or do you want to wait for a week?'

'What's my present?' He chuckled. Ziva grinned then undid the top two buttons of her green dress showing her black lacey bra

'Ohhh' he said in awe

'Well?' she raised an eyebrow at him and smiled. To answer her he kissed her hungrily, making her laugh. She turned and led him by the hand to the staircase

'Did I mention how much I love early birthday presents' tony grinned as he followed her up stairs.

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