Marnie and Ethan were walking outside the castle after the night's exciting events.

"So, what did you really do with the amulet, Marnie?" asked Ethan. He was really curious, since he was pretty sure that she would never destroy a family heirloom.

"I didn't destroy it if that's what you mean, Ethan." said Marnie. She knew what she would do with the amulet, but didn't want him to know yet.

"Well what did you do with it? Give it to your brother?"

"No. I am giving it to someone I trust with my life."

"Who? It can't be me, or your brother, or your mom or grandma, so who?"

"Well, it is a guy, he is a close friend, and he is here in the same general vicinity."

"Who, the troll, your brother, me, the dude over there that is picking his nose? Who?"

"Well it is one of those people Ethan. He also is human."

"Well that narrows it down to the nose-picking-dude, your brother, and me. Any other details I should know before I guess?"

"Well you should know that he also lived at my home in the mortal world for at least a year with me and other random magical creatures."

"Well that brings it down to just me and your brother. Would I be correct in my assumption that it is me who you are referring to, Marnie?"

"Actually, you would be correct, Ethan. I feel so bad that I have so much power, while you have none. I have already talked it over with my mom, brother, and grandma, and they all like the idea. So here you go." She handed over the amulet to Ethan. "You can also use it as a source of magical power, so you can do magic again, without learning some random trick from a mortal book."

"Thanks, Marnie. I don't think that you and your family will regret it."

"Please, just don't use it to conquer the world? Just use it to do what you used to do all the time." said Marnie.

"I won't, Marnie, relax. Hey, do you want to go out with me this weekend? After classes?"

"Sure, I don't have anything else to do this weekend, unless, for some reason, the teachers decide that I need to do 6 different assignments in a night, I am free."

"Great, so I will pick you up at 6:00 on Friday night at your dorm, Marnie."

"See you then, Ethan!" with that, Ethan and Marnie parted ways, at least until the next day.