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Chapter one : Meeting New Kids!

Chikane's POV

I sighed as I was driving my beautiful yellow Porche. I didn't want to start a new life but I wasn't alone I had Kio. Then a silver motorcycle came from behind me to reveal a smirking Kio. Kio had changed his white hair and amethyst eyes into his disguise he now had brown hair and had jet black eyes yet he was still muscular and big. He was wearing the guy's uniform for our new school (same as Ikuto's).

I decided to change my white long hair into a shoulder length jet black hair and I kept my blue eyes the same. I was already changed into the new uniform (like Amu's just not worn like her). He wanted a race to the school so I gave him one I kicked his butt!

"I beat you." I said as he approached. I then put on my façade.

"Always do." He then put up his façade.

We both then walked to the main office to get our homeroom and start hell officially.

"Hello I'm Kio Aruki and this is Kimiko Tsukikyo." Kio said gesturing to me.

"Ah, yes we were expecting you. Both of you are in Nikadou-sensei's homeroom. Follow me." The secretary said leading us to our homeroom obviously.

She led us down a hallway with tons of hallways and classes. Then she took a turn and stopped in front of a door.

"Here we are you two wait here I'll tell him. "Then she left into the room.

While she was in there I fixed my bell and my choker around my neck. She then came out and gestured us in and left. So we walked in to a small stuffy room filled with wide eyed kids. Annoying I hate eyes on me!

"Class we have two new students Kio Aruki and Kimiko Tsukikyo. Please be kind to them." He said.

"Tell us about yourselves."he said smiling.

"I'm Kio nice to meet you!"he said smiling girls drooled while guys sweatdropped not only at what he said but the girls.

"You." The teacher Nikadou stated.

We stood there while everyone sat there staring at me waiting. I guessed they felt my horrible aura cause they sweatdropped and scooted away.

"She doesn't talk much and she hates talking and people staring at her."Kio stated more as a warning if they wanted to live.

"Ohhhhk" was our teacher's smart reply.

"You can sit next to Himamori Kimiko and Kio you next to Kimiko."

"Hinamori!" said a girl with bubblegum pink hair and an outfit from the school but worn punk styled.I looked at her and she looked at me with her honey colored orbs of eyes. She noticed my gaze never leaving even as we took our seats because she blushed and looked down. I just turned away looking no where in particular.

Amu's POV

Two new students? I just heard Kio Aruki and Kimiko Tsukikyo and saw two beautiful kids walk in. The boy Kio had his uniform like Ikuto's and his hair looked like it except it was brown and his eyes where jet black and he was humungous, muscular and yet nice and kind. The girl Kimiko was beautiful her hair was jet black and her eyes a pretty blue or turquoise color. She had nice curves. But her outfit was worn different she wore the skirt with tights that went perfectly into her black hightop converse. Her shirt was black instead of white and had a belt around the waist. Her hair shoulder length with nothing in it. Around her neck was a bell and a black choker. On her hands were gloves and I also noticed her fingernails were painted a midnight blue like Ikuto's hair and eyes. Her aura was weird and she never spoke and I wanted to hear her voice.

Maybe they'll want to sit with me, Tadase, Yaya, Kuukai, Nagihiko, Rima, Utau and Ikuto at lunch! I hope so! I think we'll be great friends. Maybe.A small chance .A tinny chance. I'll catch them before lunch.

Kimiko's POV

Lunch? That's bad she seems to want us there really bad better warn Kio!

Mind conversation

Kimiko: Hey Amu wants us to have lunch with her and her friends.

Kio: Oh well maybe we should make friends.

Kimiko: No that's a risk. We're avoiding her and lunch. We'll discuss dorms with the office and we'll wait until he gives us a mission.


Kimiko's POV

Ok that was decided run from pinky ,get a dorm ,wait for a mission. Class went by fast before I knew it lunch period came around. We slid away from everyone and hid from pinky then we went to main office.

"Miss we're here to discuss our dorms." Kio said with a smile.

The secretary stared in awe then snapped back to reality. "Yes um you can have dorm 23 in west side and you" she said then looked towards me "can have dorm 87 in south side."

"Miss we would like to live together and have some extra rooms is there a building for that?" asked
Kio trying to look as cute as possible.

"Um yes there is the old abandoned west building but its quite small perfect for you two and a couple friends. Its complete with bathrooms and a kitchen." she said.

"We'll take it how much?" he asked.

"500"she replied smirking thinking we didn't have that money. Kio then took out a wad of cash put 5 100 dollar bills smiled said thanks and we left the poor lady staring at us leaving with her mouth gaping.

I got into my car and Kio got on his motorcycle and we rode to see our new west building. We dreaded the moment we parked because we saw what we were avoiding her. It was obvious we weren't unnoticed because her friends were staring at us girls in awe and the guys in love with our rides. We stepped out hoping they would leave us alone.

Amu's POV

Wow. There were two amazingly awesome rides you don't see everyday unless your Utau or Ikuto. A girl ,who I recognized as kimiko, stepped out of the Porsche and the boy obviously Kio got off the motorcycle. They didn't even glance our way they both just started walking towards the west building that was going to be broken down.

"We should tell them about that building." Tadase muttered while everyone just agreed. We got up and walked or ran towards them.

"You know that building is going to be destroyed correct?"Rima said uninterested.

"Why yes we do so we bought it so we can repair it."Kio said smiling throwing a smile that left the girls in awe.

Kimiko's POV

Oh great! Well I expected this to happen why would God help me of all people in the world. They tried to warn us on the building ha! Kio dazzled the girls and left the guys irritated. Then I saw midnight blue my favorite color but when I looked I saw a beautiful god looking back at me in curiosity? I found the gaze very hard to break. Then I looked at the rest of him. He wore the same outfit as Kio but he looked hotter in it. He had a violin case on his back? He has a pretty key hanging from his case. His eyes were full of I really don't know he was different from every other guy. I wanted yet didn't want to read his mind. I settled on Not.

Ikuto's POV

Everyone wanted to warn some new kids about the old building so I just went along with it. We stepped up to the new kids. The guy looked okay but I wouldn't be fighting with him. The girl was a goddess. She definitely was made for this guy unfit for people like me I mean us other guys. She then turned to me and met my gaze. It was very hard to break away. She had a nice chest, good curves pretty hair her outfit which consisted of gloves, tights, hightop converse, skirt, belt, and a black shirt plus a bell and a choker. She also had her nails painted my hair color. Her eyes emotions caught me off guard though. I thought I saw regret, guilt, sadness, anger, pain, anxiousness, and curiosity. Maybe it's just me. Then the boy next to her said "Kimiko" I assumed was her name it was beautiful. She left my gaze to look at him.

Kimiko's POV

"Kimiko" I heard Kio say. I somehow broke Ikuto's gaze and looked towards him in acknowledgement. "Lets go. Oh and let me see the phone so we can call our workers to start building." He told me. I nodded and took out the phone and handed it to him. It was just my new Iphone but they stared at it gaping. I looked towards them out of the corner of my eye but immediately regretted it because I had to hold a blush down because the handsome midnight blue guy was looking at me. Kio noticed this and slid his arm around my waist and pulled me into his chest and whispered so softly only I heard. "Your mine and mine alone." I felt bad but I was pissed and I glared at him. "Let's leave."

"Wait we haven't properly introduced ourselves." Said the guy with blonde hair. Thank you I get to know hot dude's name!

"I'm Tadase Hotori."he said with a smile.

"I'm Nagihiko Fujisaki." Said a guy with purple hair and such feminine features.

"I'm Yaya Yuiki!" said a childish girl with pigtails.

"I'm Rima Mashiro." Said the short blonde haired girl.

"I'm Utau Hoshina." Said a teen girl with blonde hair and long pigtails.

"I'm Kuukai Souma." Said an athletic guy with orange hair and a big smile.

"I'm Amu I'm in your class." Replied pinky.

"I'm Ikuto Tsukiyomi." Said the hot guy. The name befitted him it was wonderful.

"And you are?" said Tadase.

"I'm Kio Aruki." Said Kio. Everyone looked at me waiting even Amu stupid I wasn't talking. Everyone sweatdropped and looked at Kio.

"She's Kimiko Tsukikyo. She hates talking and when people stare at her." He said while looking at Ikuto. I glared at him and then grabbed his arm waved bye to them and walked off dragging Kio to my car and his bike.

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