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Order of the murderer's

Chapter one

The last day of their fifth year had arrived and a rather lonely and miserable, yet truly angry with the world Harry Potter made his way to Hogsmeade station alone. His best friend Hermione Granger had not returned to school she had, he was told, been sent home from St Mungo's hospital to recuperate from her injuries suffered as she fought death eaters along side him and four others in the ministry of magics department of mysteries. His other best friend Ron Weasley had been called to one side by headmaster Dumbledore and had gone off somewhere in the castle with the headmaster. So Harry walked totally alone from the carriages that brought them from the castle of Hogwarts into the village out skirts, alone he walked slowly toward the railway station.

"A word in your ear Potter," an old man who somehow looked familiar to Harry said quietly from the shadows of the old Hogshead pub "it's important boy. It's a matter of life and death." The old man exclaimed as he sank back into the darkness of the pub.

Just a few short days ago Harry had been reckless and had nearly got Hermione killed, that was the day he realised she meant far, far more to him than a friend would, even a best friend. It was also the day his godfather had actually died in the battle. It was the day his anger had exploded into action when Dumbledore revealed just how stupid and incompetent he really was. The day when the idiot told him just two hours after Sirius died about a prophecy he should have told him about years ago. If he had known about it he would have known it was a plot to get at the prophecy by Voldemort. So he was now trying hard to practice the constant vigilance that mad eye Moody kept on about. He knew it might be reckless once again to leap before he was sure it was safe but some how he felt that the old man was no threat to him. Taking a deep breath and putting his hand on his wand he stepped into the darkened interior of the pub.

"Hello Potter, you don't know me, the names Dumbledore. Aberforth Dumbledore. I own this high class establishment," the man said before letting out a chuckle while pointing at the rundown dingy room.

Harry looked around at the dingy bar room they were standing in and smiled at this Dumbledore's sense of humour. "You said you have something for me, a matter of life and death I think you said."

"Yes lad that's right. Much as it grieves me I can't ignore this one. I'll tell you now that I don't always hold with what my brother does for the supposed and mythical greater good, but usually I don't bother to interfere. This time I'm afraid Albus has gone way too far. Way beyond the greater good he keeps spouting on about. The good thing is he doesn't know I overheard them, thought I was away for the weekend he did. Anyway they were planning on disposing of someone named Hermaninee, seems she isn't submitting fast enough to the love potions they have been feeding her. There were three red haired people. Two of them were older but one was that lad you hang around with. He kept complaining about them promising him he could have her to shag as soon as she was old enough to have his kids. There were four others as well, I only recognised one of them. The McGonagall woman. She was among them. She said something about it took them quite a while to find away to get rid of Black and now the girl being to clever she might discover what they had done and are doing to you. She suggested an accident would be the best way to dispose of the problem. They were trying to decide which one of them should be the one to do the deed. Now I don't think I need to tell you what it means when they said they were going to dispose of their problem. If this was a death eater they were talking about I would have ignored them, but if I ignore this then that makes me just as bad as any death eater. Like I say I don't hold with this at all, I knew Black he was a nice kid. So you've been warned, there's not a lot I can do about it other than just warn you," Aberforth said looking sick as though he had just been poisoned or something.

Harry looked thoughtfully at the old man in front of him and he could tell that what he had said about his own brother doing made him look and feel physically sick at the thought of it. Deciding that the old man was speaking the truth he thanked Aberforth and shook his hand, he promised that if they were both still alive at the end of this war he would call in and buy him a drink or two. Aberforth nodded "Look after your self Potter, and if this girl is so important to you, then you keep her close and safe. It might be safer if you both didn't return to Hogwarts. Oh yeah, one of those bastards looked like an older version of that wolf man your dad hung out with."

All the way back to London Harry thought about Aberforth Dumbledore's warning, he knew that what the man had said was true simply by the fact he almost knew Hermione's name, but like so many others who had just heard her name in passing he had pronounced it wrong. Harry was deep in thought as they arrived at Kings Cross station. Having finally worked out how he could escape from his prison warders. If he could get his uncle Vernon to co-operate with him that is.

Harry left the station and watched for his escort. He had two plans in mind; the one he used depended on who it was that was following him. If it was mad eye Moody then he would have to go underground. If it was any of the other members of Dumbledore's murderers then he could use his easier plan to escape their clutches. As soon as he was sitting in the back of his uncles car Harry spoke up.

"Uncle Vernon, how would you like to be rid of me for good, I mean would you be happier for me to disappear leaving you to live your life more normally. Because there are a few things I really want to do while I am still young. Things I have never been able to do. First I'm going to spend some time at the sea side, being as you never let me go anywhere like that with you. I want to go to the amusement parks and have a great holiday. After that I want to visit all the great sights like the natural history museum, and the war museum, Buckingham palace even. Maybe even take a few of those guided tours I heard about from Dudley. After that who knows where I might go, though the Isle of Man sounds really good, I think I might like to go there as well."

Vernon's eyes lit up as he looked at his hated nephew through his rear view mirror "And just what would I have to do to get rid of you?"

Harry knew his uncle had fallen for it, hook line and sinker. "Hang on a minute," Harry said as he turned around and looked out of the back window of the car. Instantly he noticed his warders waiting for the car to leave the car park. Their sweeping of the far end of the car park with their brooms did not fool him for a second. Tonks friend Hestia and another female Auror he did not know the name of were staring at his uncles' car while pretending to sweep away some leaves.

"You know that multi-story car park that we pass just on the outskirts of town, do you think you could pull into it. You don't have to stop just drive slowly in one end and out of the other. That's all, I'll jump out at that roundabout a mile further on and you can simply drive home happy in the knowledge you will never see me again." Harry said watching his uncle thinking.

"That boy, sounds like an excellent idea, I always wanted to throw you out of the car while we are still moving, I'll just keep my fingers crossed that I don't need to stop at the roundabout shall I." Vernon said with glee, probably hoping that Harry came to some harm while exiting a moving car.

Forty minutes later Vernon turned the car into the multi-story car park just as Harry had asked. "You need to drive really slowly uncle Vernon or those people who force me to live with you won't be fooled," Harry said as they drove onto the first level. As soon as the car was under cover of the building Harry pulled out his invisibility cloak and draped it over him self. Five short minutes later Vernon drove out of the car park and continued his journey home.

Harry watched the sky above them carefully trying to pick out the two disillusioned Aurors on their brooms. He was sure they would have noticed the apparently empty back seat of the car almost as soon as it emerged from the car park. Just as he was about to give up trying to see the two almost invisible people on their brooms he noticed a strange rippling in the air just out side the car. One of his two warders was checking out the back seat to make sure he was not just lying down. He knew that his plan had worked when the ripple stopped moving and then took off back the way they had come, no doubt heading back to the multi-story car park.

Luck was still with Harry when they reached the round about and Vernon had to stop for the traffic. Harry opened the door on the footpath side of the car and pushed his trunk out, still wrapped in his cloak Harry glanced at his uncle and with a small chuckle he quietly said "Bye fatso, give my worst wishes to your baby whale," and then he was out of the car and walking onto the grass verge. Picking up his trunk he quickly slid down the embankment that led down to the road that ran beneath the round about.

Four hours and several bus changes later Harry walked up to the door of number 39 Smithy lane on the out skirts of Oxford. Ringing the bell Harry waited while the sound of cutlery clinking onto pottery stopped, followed by the sound of foot steps approaching the door. For reasons he did not understand he felt extremely nervous as he watched the vague shape of a tall rather big looking man through the frosted glass of the front door.

Some 11 hours after Potters escape Dumbledore was in a thunderously bad mood. Potter had gone missing, having given two professional Aurors the slip. "That boy must have been planning this for weeks Minerva," he raged as he paced his office. "That visit I paid to the Dursleys wasn't much use either, the fat fool let Harry go because he wanted to go to the damn sea side and visit the amusement parks. All we know for sure is that the boy intends to travel to the Isle of Man after he has visited all the sights he never got to see as a child. What a bloody time for him to decide he wants to do what other children get to do."

Minerva McGonagall sighed; she had always thought that not allowing Potter to enjoy his childhood might cause them problems later in his life. She had warned Albus several times that growing children need to have some form of enjoyment in their lives. Now she was being proven right. Potter was off who knows where enjoying all the things he had been denied for so long before. She would not be surprised if he even tried smoking that awful tobacco stuff that so many muggle children tried at some stage. Grinning at the thought that she had been right all this time she looked up at Albus worried face and said those words that can bring so much enjoyment at times "I told you so, Albus. Did I not tell you he needed to burn off his energies like other kids do."

"Have I forgotten anything, we have people watching the ferries, the Weasleys will notify us if they receive any mail. Mad eye and Tonks are watching privet drive in case he goes back there. Remus is at Grimmauld and several shopkeepers in Diagon Alley are keeping their eyes open for him. The Grangers are in France again. No I think I have covered everything, now all we can do is bloody wait. And next year the brat gets a personal escort, the little shit will not be allowed to get away to enjoy himself again if I can prevent it. If we did not need him so much I'd kill the brat now instead of waiting till he finishes off Tom." Dumbledore almost shouted. "Well let everyone know if he doesn't turn up in the next three hours to get back to their posts, we don't want that bloody know it all doing the same thing do we?" Albus said before he dismissed his second in command.

Standing unnoticed in a dark corner of the office a small house elf pulled quietly on his ears. It was time for him and Winky to join his master and tell him about the words of hairy face. His master needed to be stopped from coming to Hogwarts so headmaster hairy face could not hurt the great Harry Potter. Mistress was also in danger but Dobby could not find her, Miss Mione never called him unless master was with her. Dobby prayed for Miss Mione to call for him so he could know where she was. With a completely silent pop the elf vanished from the office and reappeared in the castle kitchens. Five minutes later two elves left Hogwarts as they went to join with the master as soon as he called.

Sitting in his office in Gringotts bank, a rather taller than average Goblin smiled an evil smile. He intended to enjoy getting one over on the self proclaimed greatest wizard alive. He hated Dumbledore for his double standards and manipulative ways with a passion. Even though he was the head of the Goblin nation, he like all sentient beings still suffered from the bigotry that was rife in the wizarding world, bigotry that was fed by Dumbledore while pretending to hate it. Yes he was looking forward to helping young Mr Potter to do what he was meant to do. The prophecy of the 'just ones' came to his mind. A young wizard and his soulmate would arise to end the enslavement and discrimination, free all magical brethren to live as one nation. The world of magic would arise new and better with co-operation between all. It was what the prophecy came down too. It was an ancient prophecy given to them by Merlin himself.

Ragnok head of the Goblin nation smiled a friendly smile at the two creatures sitting waiting with him in his office.