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Order of the murderer's

Chapter four.

The Grangers and Potters almost instantly found them selves standing some where in County Meath in Ireland. They were outside a rather nice country farm house, complete with thatched roof and several ancient out buildings. Rolling green hills surrounded the house in all directions, and actually around the house was a huge well kept garden. Planted in a seemingly haphazard fashion were various trees and shrubs. A huge lawn ran round the house stretching out between the trees and the few flower beds. Several two seater garden benches were situated under some of the trees. To the left of the house set about thirty feet from the wall there was a fairly large informal herb garden with two mid sized greenhouses on either side of it.

Harry led the way into the house and together they took a quick scout around. The house was filled with a rather homely feeling where ever they went. Down stairs there was a comfortable living room with a large fire place. The kitchen which was about twenty foot square had a well scrubbed table that could sit at least eight people very comfortably. All the appliances were modern muggle ones that were assisted by magic which some how provided the power needed to run the appliances. The study set off the living room had four large well used but still comfy arm chairs and a sofa. Two small study tables and a rather nice walnut office desk that was gleaming in the dying sunlight sat under the window, four large book cases were loaded down with books on numerous subjects.

Upstairs there were six bedrooms, each of them being about fifteen feet square. Each bedroom had a comfortable looking king sized bed and the usual bedroom furnishings. On either side of the corridor that ran the length of the upstairs there was a fairly large bathroom with both bath and shower, as well as the toilet sink etc.

"This seems a rather cosy place," Helen said as they all headed into the kitchen where Winky was busy making a pot of tea for them.

"So Hermione my love, this is home," Harry said as he looked around with a small single tear falling down his face.

Hermione was having just a little trouble believing all that was happening. Had it really been just a couple of short hours ago she had been lying in a bed in St Mungo's, a pair of magic supressing handcuffs preventing her escape, and what the heck had just happened, she was still trying to accept the fact that the boy she was in love with was now her boyfriend, when her dad told her she was his wife. It seemed every romantic dream she had had about walking down the isle of a large church and into the arms of her Harry had been surpassed by him being her husband and rescuing her from the clutches of some insane Dumbldore cult. This was going to take a while to take in.

Everyone took a seat at the table and Hermione insisted that Dobby and Winky join them. The conversation quickly turned to all they had been through that day. Harry spoke about waking up and heading to the Dursleys for the holiday, feeling lonelier than he ever had been before while at Hogwarts. He told them about his meeting with Aberforth. Hermione insisted that he tell her word for word what Dumbledore's brother had said and when Harry expressed a wish that he had a pensieve, Dobby rushed from the table to fetch one from the study. With the pensieve set in the middle of the table they all sat and watched the conversation in the Hogshead pub.

"Ahh, so thats why the Weasley brat was left a little less than a full man, why you left him a eunuch in fact. I think those Weasleys should be next on our hit list, but first mum and I are going to train you two up a bit," Richard said as he sipped at his tea.

"Dobby wishes he could teach master and mistress in the way of the elves Dobby does," the little elf said mumbling to him self.

Hermione who had heard Dobby's mumbled speech asked "Can you do that Dobby, can you teach us, would we need anything special?"

Dobby who had been unaware he had spoken out loud sat up straight "Yes Mistress Mione, Dobby can be teaching the great Harry Potter and his Mrs Mione."

That night was a slightly awkward one for them all at bed time. Helen and Richard had chosen their bedroom and Harry was looking at the room furthest from the two adults with the idea that if they did anything in the night at least he would not hear them. Hermione stood with her cheeks a cherry red colour. Her mother and father were just a few feet away.

"So Harry have you decided which is our room yet? do I get a say in which room we sleep in?" she asked in as calm a voice as she could manage.

It had never entered Harry's mind that his new wife would want to share a bed with him. Harry's face went white for a few seconds before the thoughts he was suddenly having made him hold his breath, pictures of Hermione in tiny see through knickers and a see through bra flooded his mind and sent just about the hottest flush to his face that he had ever felt. "I… er… we… a room…" was all he could stutter.

"Yes Harry we 'are' married," Hermione said still trying to keep her voice level and not shaky.

"Hermione you can not sleep with a boy at your age!" Helen declared looking scandalised.

"Mum, thanks to you and dad I'm a very, very happy married woman now, and I mean to begin my marriage as I intend to go on, I shall be sharing a bed with my husband. So come on Harry we'll take this end room." Hermione declared leaving no room for argument from him at all.

Richard Granger chuckled while looking at Harry "Sorry son, I had no idea she would be so bossy when I signed that paper, and if that's how she means to go on…" having said that and added with the look he got from Harry, Richard could not help but to burst out laughing.

A very embarrassed Harry wanted nothing more than to run and hide, he had been ecstatic about being married to Hermione, up to the point when she said they would be sleeping together. The thoughts of what they could do had shocked him, because he had only ever dreamt about such things on the very rare occasions his nights were not filled with nightmares of death and destruction. To be sleeping with Hermione while her parents were just a few yards away terrified him. Just like any other teen age boy the thought of the girls' father not approving of him frightened him no end. For them to be so close by, and able to hear anything they might do was very disconcerting. It took quite a few minutes before the weak logical side of his brain kicked in. He might well have been a boy this morning but now he was a married man with a family. His wife, his gorgeous and sexy wife was waiting for him, he then wondered as an after thought what kind of undies she had on.

Harry took a deep breath and then as Richard began to laugh Harry relaxed a little, putting on his puppy dog face and letting his lower lip quiver a little he said "Yes dear, what ever you say dear, I'm coming dear, won't be a moment dear."

The ice was broken as Helen joined both Richard and Hermione in laughter, they laughed even harder when Harry pouted and said "Well if you are all going to laugh at this poor hen pecked husband, I'm going to bed, so there." Harry then pulled Hermione into a hug and joined in with the laughter.

And so it was Harry and Hermione chose their bedroom and slowly over the next few weeks got to know each other in a totally new way before they progressed gradually from simply kissing and cuddling too...

For the next six months no one in the British magical world heard from either the Potters or the Grangers. Harry learnt that his new in laws had both been in the SBS, which is the naval version of the SAS. Richard and Helen put the two teens through six long months of rigorous training in the martial arts and battle strategies and tactics.

Dobby trained them in the elfin way of communication and travel. He also taught them how elves used the ambient magic around them to amplify any of their spells making them up to ten times more powerful than when they simply used their own magic. It was a tiring but enjoyable six months for the teens. They had to do plenty of exercise so that they were fit enough to do the various types of martial arts they were taught. Most of their training was done outside. The elf magic was always done out side to prevent any accidents in the house. Hermione had them both on a study schedule where they read from their school text books for sixth and seventh year and practised the spells and charms using elf magic so that no one would know where they were. There were a few spells that they had to use their wands for but not too many.

At the end of six months Richard declared his two children had learned all he could teach them and Helen agreed with him. They were both now very fit and had been dedicated learners. Living with three people who loved to read Harry had become almost as avid a reader as Hermione and Helen were. He was amazed by how much he could learn simply by actually concentrating on and understanding what he was reading.

It was time to start making their world a safe place for them to walk around in freedom. The Weasleys were to be the first target. Harry wondered if they were stupid enough to leave him and his wife on their ward pass list. When they arrived at the Burrow he was just a little disappointed that the place seemed to have had new wards placed around it. Grinning he took hold of Hermione's hand and together they used the elfin method of transport and popped as the elves called it. They appeared just outside the back door but on entering they found no body was at home.

Back out side Harry and Hermione used the ambient magic as Dobby had taught them and with just one full power reducto spell each they destroyed the entire building. Harry left the Weasleys a message 'As you chose to dispose of my wife, I have like wise chosen to dispose of you. see all of you again 'real soon','

Albus Dumbledore was going crazy in his efforts to find the Potters. He didn't know that they were together for the first two months they were all missing. He found out about the Potters marriage by accident as he was searching for a way to recover his lost fortune, small though it was. He had been so angry when he discovered that the Goblins had confiscated his possessions, claiming them to be stolen goods.

He could offer no argument to the Goblins because practically every thing he stored in his Gringotts vault was actually stolen. Some stuff was occasionally taken from the ministry prisoners but most of his money and possessions came from orphans who had an inheritance waiting for them like Potter. Being the headmaster of Hogwarts made it easy for him to register him self as their guardian and help him self from their Gringotts accounts.

Every time he thought of the name Potter his blood went cold and he shivered. How a young fifth year boy had managed to kill his four top order members with his bare hands worried Albus. What concerned him more than anything was the way that his friend Minerva was killed. She had literally choked to death agonisingly slowly, and from what they had been able to find out from the little evidence they had, it seems Potter stood over her while she died. Also Alistair had died a horrible death. His back bone severed and then just left to die.

Never once did Dumbledore think that the Granger girl's parents might have been involved. He was after all a pureblood wizard and no matter what he wanted the world to think he still thought of muggles as beneath the wizards. To think that a muggle and his wife could best his best without magic was an alien thought to him. Odd that he could accept a fifteen year old untrained boy could do it all alone.

Everyone in the wizarding world seemed to have heard of Harry and the story of him taking out four of the world best fighters without even bothering to use his magic, the story like most rumours got more incredible the more it was told. Harry Potter was rapidly getting the reputation of being some sort of super human capable of beating anyone he chose.

And now Albus had a message from Arthur. Their home had been destroyed, demolished completely. And a rather chilling message was left for them. Harry Potter knew about the plot to get rid of Hermione Granger. The Weasleys had seen what Potter had done to rescue Hermione from St Mungo's and were fully aware of what the boy seemed capable of. The idea of the person who was able to kill both Snape and Lupin as well as Minerva with his bare hands had the Weasley clan so scared they were taking it in turn to sleep.

Molly Weasley was standing in the kitchen in the house they had moved into, number 12 Grimmauld place. She removed the bacon from the cooker and placed it on the table under a warming charm and then stormed off up the stairs. She had been shouting her two youngest down for breakfast for over an hour and it was now getting past a joke. They would get up now or they would be getting a bucket of cold water and going without food all day.

Angrily Molly threw open the door to Ron's bedroom... and screamed. Ron Weasley lay on his bed in a full body bind. He had woken up to find himself like this, bound and his pyjamas covered in scarlet paint. On the wall in the still dripping paint were written the words 'I'll collect the part's my husband left on our next visit.' Ron's mind was in a turmoil, he was literally terrified. He was wishing with all he was that he had never fancied, better yet never even met Hermione bloody Granger, who was now the wife of the most dangerous person in the world he knew.

When Albus Dumbledore returned to Hogwarts after visiting the Weasleys he entered his office to find every thing burnt to ashes. The writing on the wall could not be planer 'Prepare to meet Minerva old man'. For the first time in over one hundred years Albus Dumbledore was truly frightened. If Potter could enter his office and do this without setting off any alarms then the boy was far more dangerous than he had thought he could ever be. Thoughts of his dead lieutenants ran through his mind. Both Alistair and Minerva had been almost as powerful as him self and yet they had both died at the bare hands of Harry Potter. Albus wondered if maybe it was time to retire to a different country.

The frantic call he received from Arthur Weasley the following morning made up Dumbledore's mind for him. The Weasleys, six of them had awoken to find them selves sleeping in the grass in the centre of the green outside number 12 and could not get back into the house. It seemed all the names allowed through the wards had been changed, the note left to them said 'It could have been your final sleep, it will be next time. We'll be back'.

Albus Dumbledore self proclaimed greatest wizard alive began to pack his things for his retirement, he could let the board know with a letter once he found some where safe to settle down. As he placed his books into a trunk he wondered why on earth he had not just left the Granger girl alone to get on with her life, after all she wasn't hurting things to much was she. He also wondered when this obsessive desire to control people had begun; he knew for certain exactly when it had ended.

Though they were now well trained Harry and Hermione along with Helen and Richard had found it impossible to go out and simply kill in cold blood, so they took to using pranks and fear to get their revenge. With their new skills in elf magic Harry and Hermione could pop through any wards erected by witch or wizard, which made it quite easy to pop into someone's house or bedroom even, where they would leave a message to let the occupant know they could not escape the revenge of Harry Potter or his family.

It gave the Grangers a great deal of satisfaction when they scared the Weasleys so badly that the whole tribe of them had upped stakes and gone to live in America where they hoped they could get lost in the population due to the sheer size of the country.

Both Harry and Hermione were disappointed when Albus Dumbledore did a midnight move to Greenland, they were cheered minimally by the thought of the old man shivering in the cold. Maybe he would do the whole world a favour and fall down in the ice some time soon and break his scrawny neck.

Tom Riddle, other wise known as Lord Voldemort was have problems with his minions, he had killed six of them already in the past week as an example of what happens to those who defy him. His problem was that they and everyone else in magical Britain knew about Potter taking on and killing four of Dumbledore's best at the same time, and with his bare hands and no use of magic he disposed of them permanently. Members of the Order of the Phoenix were leaving the country like rats deserting a sinking ship. The Weasleys and even Dumbledore himself had fled from Potter who was seeking revenge for some thing they had done to him.

Voldemort's death eaters wanted nothing to do with Potter. If he was able to take on and kill the four best fighters in the country bare handed then what chance did they stand against him. One by one they began to join the exodus from Britain started by the whole Weasley family leaving.

Voldemort was in a raging fury as his recruitment campaign was a total failure. In fact he only had a handful of servants left and they were dwindling fast. If he could think of nothing soon he would be completely alone. When his most faithful and devoted servant Bellatrix LeStrange disappeared, shortly followed by the entire Malfoy family. Tom Marvolo Riddle thought perhaps he should likewise take a vacation to some place far away. Perhaps he would be safe on one of those small anonymous pacific islands. Yes maybe my minions had the right idea. The prophecy about Potter might be correct. Without his death eaters to protect him Tom decided that having Potter simply turn up in the middle of the night and put him back to being a blasted ghost did not hold any appeal at all, 'I think I'll pack tonight, tomorrow will be a rather good day for travelling I think'. Tom thought as he pulled out his trunk.

With the fantastic rumours of a super Harry Potter who had trained an army who were out for revenge against all purebloods because of the way they had treated his muggle born wife, running rife around Britain, almost every pureblood family packed up and left for safer climes. By the time the exodus began to slow down the British magical government was being run by half bloods and muggle borns. The few purebloods left were all old friends of Harry Potter and his wife Hermione. The Lovegoods, Bones, and the Longbottoms were among the few remaining old families left.

Harry and Hermione settled down to life raising their family in the Irish country side. While over in Britain nearly all house elves found them selves free to choose a muggleborn to bond with, and with the fairly young age of the population the Goblins were acknowledged as a clever race and were offered jobs helping to run the government. Over the next few years with the help of Helen and Richard the Potters brought up and home tutored their four children and Hermione's little sister, while making sure that they all honed their skills to rid the world of Tom Riddle should he ever become a threat to them or their family again. Hermione convinced Harry that divination was a very wooly subject and prophecies were easy to misinterpret. So they spent the rest of their lives ignoring all and any prophecy that was supposed to be about them.

Lord and Lady Potter never saw the statue in the ministry of magic's atrium that was dedicated to them and the freedom they had brought to the British Wizarding world. As for the purebloods they were spread so far and wide around the world that within 30 years there wasn't single formally pureblood family that did not have a few muggleborns married to their heirs. Tom Riddle would never be listened to again when he tried to spread his dogma and the Wizards in Britain moved into the twenty first century along with the rest of the world.