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SUMMARY: Amanda has been in a conservatory in New York for over a month. Kyle misses her terribly so much so he convince Stephen and Nicole to allow him to go there and surprise her. Unfortunately, an old enemy wants to take advantage of it.

Kyle XY Lost Soul

Chapter 1: A Warm Welcome

IM: One hundred fifty-two thousand six hundred thirty-seven minutes have past since Amanda had left Seattle for New York Conservatory of Music to pursue a music scholarship. We talked every day, we text every free moment and e-mailed each other daily but its not the same. I still miss her every free moment. Technology allows us to see and hear each other through electrical transmissions but nothing is quite like actual physical presences. To see the people you care about with your own eyes to hear them with your own ears and feel them beside you.

So when I learned that Amanda was set to play at a charity recital I decided to surprise her.

Kyle shifted his back pack and the doors of John F. Kennedy International Airport opened. Kyle took a deep breath to focus his senses. All the bustle and sounds of New York rained around him. It was like an orchestra of sounds moving with an unknown conductor. Kyle savored every sensation entering his body. This was his first trip to New York so he wanted to take in as much as he could. Kyle centered himself. With a breath, Kyle signaled a cab. An old yellow Ford Crown Victoria parked right in front of him.

"Where to?" the guy asked,

Kyle opened his backpack and took out a map. "Could you take me to this address? It is the New York Conservatory?"

"Sure kid, no problem." The driver said smiling, "need any help with that?" referring to Kyle's luggage.

"No thank you, I've got it," Kyle answered back as he lug the bag in the back seat right beside him. The taxi started to move into traffic.

The cab traveled through the busy streets of New York for a few minutes. "So first time in New York?" the man inquired.

"Yes," Kyle said. Kyle looked at the driver and he noticed that a part of a tattoo was visible from the forearm. It read "Marines: Desert Wolves" around a black wolf head. It looked like some kind of military squad.

"So what's your pleasure?" the driver asked

Kyle took a second to analyze what the man was saying.

The man noticed this and rephrased the question. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm surprising my girlfriend," Kyle smiled. The thought of Amanda as his girlfriend made him smile and his heart skipped a beat.

The driver raised his left hand to his face then pressed something in the dashboard. With a click the doors, the doors automatically locked. Kyle pulled the handle but the door wouldn't open.

"What are you doing?" Kyle screamed in alarm.

Kyle pulled on the door handle to no avail. A few seconds later a semi-visible mist emitted from the air conditioning system building around could feel the mist fill his lungs and his vision started to blur his muscles started to relax. His heart beat slowed down. Kyle's head clouded; and his eyes were heavy. He was loosing consciousness.

Kyle shook his head; and focused his mind. Concentrating Kyle willed his heart to beat faster. He ordered his pituitary glands to pump adrenaline into his system. He smashed his fist into the fortified glass. The driver turned and grinned at him. Kyle balled up his fist and poured all his strength then hit the glass with all his might. The glass cracked with the force of his knuckles.

The driver panicked swerving the car in traffic. He cursed and turned a knob before covering his mouth. The driver must have stepped on the accelerator because the cab picked up speed swerving around traffic.

The mist intensified around Kyle. Everything was going dark. The mist overcoming his mind. Kyle balled up his fists and tensed up his muscles Kyle heaved at the door. It wouldn't budge. The car was definitely reinforced. off their hinges. In a last ditch effort Kyle threw himself at it sending him and the door thrown completely out of the cab. Kyle was thrown out of the car sending him rolling down the street.

Kyle pushed himself up dazed and disoriented. Kyle was so confused that he didn't notice a red Volkswagen before it smashed into him. Kyle rolled into the hood and and fell to the pavement.


"Shit!" the driver said as he saw the boy sprawled on the street through his rear view mirror. A number of cars had stopped and a crowed was beginning to form around the site. A blonde teenage girl got out of her Volkswagen. She was mesh of screams and sobs pointing at his cab to an on-looker.

"Wolf, did you acquire the target?"

"No sir, there was a complication," he said to small microphone in his wrist, "I need to leave before I am discovered." He punch the cab to high gear and sped off.

"What is the targets condition?"

"He was hit by a car. I suspect he was injured but alive." Baker explained

"All right get back in I'll send Mr. Olsen to tail the boy."

"Yes, Mr. Ballantine."


Jessi had just finished a shower after an intense work out. She stared at the mirror staring at herself. She examined every minute detail of herself olive complexion her perfectly proportional face and jet black hair behind her. 83% of popular statistical measures would consider her attractive. She was attractive right? Jessi thought to herself, so why doesn't Kyle think so? Whats so special about Amanda Bloom?

Kyle is just confused Jessi assured, Kyle imprinted on Amanda Bloom based on imprinted memories left behind from the Zyzxx Tests..., Jessi shrugged and picked up a her hair brush and started on her hair.

A sudden sharp pain jolted her. Jessi gritted her teeth. Her knees almost gave way before she caught herself on the sing stall. As if she she got hit by lighting her whole body riddled in pain.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!" Jessi let out a scream. Tears burned in her eyes as she collapsed convulsing in pain.

"JESSI! WHATS THE MATTER? ARE YOU ALRIGHT?" Bryan Taylor pounded the door. Brian smashed through the bathroom door. He rushed to her daughter's side to assess her condition.

"JESSI ARE YOU ALRIGHT?" Bryan question as he gave her a cursory examination.

Jessi was wet and a little disoriented. Jessi gasp for air to fill her lungs. Jessi took several deep breaths before uttering, "KYLE! SOMETHINGS HAPPENED TO KYLE!"

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