The first morning he woke up in the unfamiliar flat in the fluffy bed, smelling of jasmine, Connor was confused until he heard the squeaking noises from Sid and Nancy in their cage and felt reassured.

The first breakfast they had together was filled with suspicious glances and agonizing attempts to get a conversation going.

The first afternoon he had actually a decent talk with Lester was the day he'd nearly died in the woods after realising what he would miss most were the soft towels and the snarky comments of his host.

The first evening he saw Lester as a sexual being doing things that any lonely man did to find release in the privacy of his room it was purely accidental. He was only following Nancy who was on the run with his shirt.

The first night he crawled into Lester's bed, scared by a dream about the terror birds, Lester had been shocked and thrown him out of the apartment in his pajamas only to haul him back in again a moment later with a scowl on his face.

The first nightmare he had about the fateful day in the ARC which destroyed a valuable life and left him waking up screaming, brought a grumpy Lester running to his side demanding Connor spoke to a shrink.

The first tears of anguish were shed in the living room of Lester's flat as he broke down in the man's presence and sought shelter in his arms.

The first kiss they shared in the darkness of the night had his head spinning and Connor realised how much he had changed.

The first time they made love there wasn't any nervousness or awkward fumbling. It was just Lester taking charge and Connor liking it.

Connor Temple had never believed in fairy tales but for the first time in his life he was hoping for a happily ever after.