A/N: Hello! This was made randomly by a friend at school! You know who you are! They do not have fan fiction and they only thought of the first part of the plot as in they thought of the part that is about the title! And the very start as to how it happens was what happened to Cullen of the night (only the seeing blood, fainting, falling down stairs and dragging someone down with her! )

NOTE: This is taken place straight after The Last Breath. The Last Breath does NOT need to be read but may get confusing at start. It will only be confusing when it is explains why they are at the Tyler mansion. Do not worry this has no spoilers for The Final Battle but if you wish to read The Last Breath TRUN AWAY NOW!

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Body Swap

Chapter 1
The Fall

There was a loud thud from the hallway. The Doctor and Rose rushed out from their bedroom. They were staying at the Tyler mansion just until they could find a place of their own because they had decided it was far too dangerous while they had a 1 month old baby to take care of! And if they stayed in the TARDIS they would be too tempted to fly off (and by they I meant the Doctor even if Rose said not to!). When they arrived in the hall way they saw Pete sitting against the wall with his head tucked between his knees. They walked towards him and knelt in front of him as Rose spoke.

"Dad? Dad are you alright?" her voice was full of worry.

"I'm alright love, I just tripped on one of Tony's toys and I landed right on my nose," he replied as he lifted his head, hand on his nose. His nose, mouth and hands were covered in blood and Rose got a little light headed.

"Are you going to be okay?" The Doctor asked but he sounded as if he wasn't just asking Pete.

"I'll be fine. I just need to sit down. But first I need to get all this blood off. Tony has a little bit of a fear of blood," Pete chuckled to himself.

"They always did say he was just like me," Rose thought to herself.

She managed to get the scientists at Torchwood to give her a tablet to help her keep clam whenever she saw blood but it only lasted for a few hours and when they wore off they knocked her out completely! She was always worried in case travelling with the Doctor might involve blood. When it did she always looked away or pretended it wasn't there because normally the Doctor knew how to take care of it.

Rose, the Doctor and Pete stood up as he headed to the bathroom. The Doctor and Rose were away to head back to the bedroom but Rose couldn't even move without falling back to the ground.

Her head felt like a feather, completely weightless and the room started to spin. The next thing she knew she was falling backwards. As realised that the only thing that was behind her was a flight of stairs, she reached out a hand and, by reflex, grabbed whatever was near to her. That just so happened to be the Doctors arm. They both fell head-first down the stairs. Everything happened so quickly that they couldn't register what they were feeling. All that they knew was that every part of their bodies were being hit by the hard ground, the edge of each stair that, when it is being stepped on, felt more round and soft but as the tumble down, each edge felt sharp. After what felt like a century, they were at the bottom of the stair case, both unconscious.

A/N: I hope you liked it! :D The humour should come in later on but I'm not sure if I'll change the genre or not….