Disclaimer: I do not own Robin Hood BBC.

I really miss Marian; I mean how will Robin be able to live without her? So to honour Marian I wrote this. Hope you will enjoy.


Feel my wings, they're glowing

Glowing with the light of love

I will follow you, my love

Now and forever and ever

I will be your guardian angel

The rose of your life, of your hopes

The rose on the grave when you're dead

When we're together again

We both had dreams together

About the king and the country

Defeat the Sheriff, and then get married

But then I left too fast

We both fought for what was right

For what we believed in

We tried so hard to protect our love

So clean and pure it was

I am sorry that I turned you down

I was far too scared

That you would hurt me one more time

That you would get killed

That you would leave me again

But it was me who left you

I didn't fail it all

I didn't betray my heart

It told me to protect the king

And that I did, my love

I'm sorry that I left you

That I broke your heart

And with that our dreams together

But I will keep follow you

Help you through your life

Help you follow your heart

Help you make the right decisions

Until we are together

I will meet you in Heaven

I will take your hand

Once your eyes is closed

I will hug you once again

You will flow with me above the skies

And look down from the sun

I hope you will not leave behind

An England filled with lost

An England filled with broken dreams

And filled with broken hearts

Trust me my love

We will be together

Sooner or later, we will

You filled my heart with clean pure love

A powerful force it was

I will never leave you behind

So until the day we'll be together

I will wait for you, forever

I will flow above the skies alone

I will look down from the sun

We are both alone, parted

But we'll have forever in Heaven.


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