Love, love, love Demons; there's just something about it that's really hooked me. Anyway this is a story. A pretty over the top idea that came to me in the middle of the night a few weeks ago and wouldn't leave. I know that in things like Twilight (love it, as you may guess from a few character names although the actual characters are ones I've made up,unlike the Demons characters which are not mine ) vampires can't have babies (massive plot giveaway) but as Mina had Quincey (I think that's spelt right.)I assume she can.

It's not very accurate, a lot of facts might be wrong and obviously I don't own Demons. But anyway hope you enjoy.


True love doesn't have a happy ending:
True love doesn't have an ending.
~ By Anonymous ~

It was twilight; the lights were still off as was a characteristic of Mina's house. The room wallowed in a deeply sleepy plum purple darkness. Now the colour of dark grapes, now dark chocolate, getting gradually darker and more ripe.

The waiting room.

Luke's predominant, persuasive, practised instincts told him that breaking the silence would be like walking into a room full of snakes: hissing and spiting.

Breathing out steadily and tunefully – it was almost a whistle- Luke went against his instincts.

"We're probably jumping to conclusions. I did about you and my dad… we'll have misinterpreted something"

"And what is there to misinterpret Luke?" Galvin barked his voice dripping with rage "What is there?"

The words 'Galvin', 'angry' and 'fight' came in to Ruby's head and she wondered whether she should take her earrings out- this was going to be serious. But, Galvin wouldn't really hurt Mina. Would he? No, that was her job and, even then, there were never fists involved – although sometimes, alright very often, she was bloody tempted to turn her arm into a spring and fire straight for Mina snob, slapper vampire's nose, or thwack her round the head with one of her oh so precious books, or .. Wait. Ruby. Stay on task. She, like Luke thought there was something they had missed, although what exactly remained a question. She had one theory: Mina was writing a very unoriginal (Rupert, Maggie, Mr Tibbs) novel. Unoriginal, very Mina. Writing a novel, not so much. But, Ruby supposed, she had to do something with her life.

Ruby was pacing.

Luke was aimlessly running his hands through his hair. Waiting for somebody to shout April fool!

He was looking at Galvin's face, but Galvin was looking at the ground.

Galvin had only ever seen everything that was beautiful about Mina: the diamonds in her eyes, the pearls around her neck. But now he couldn't see anything past the letter. The messy waves of almost nervous handwriting- sloping slightly to the right- showing Mina's vulnerability, her humanity…..until you read them.

The lock rattled in protest, in warning but the stillness never changed.

Mina entered the fresh air on her clothes, a rare glow to her face, cheeks pink and greedily human.

She smelt the familiar tang of cologne- eau d'whiskey-, hotel soap, and the greasy yet strangely enticing odour of chip paper before she caught the sourness of the situation.

"Galvin" she gushed: his presence made her fearless. "I didn't expect you to be here. Someone walked me home, very chivalrous, his name's Nathan and he likes the Beatles. I couldn't say no. My poor car's still at the theatre, and my driver, I'll have to call…….What's wrong...Galvin...Rupert?"

Galvin read voice flat and dry.

"Dear Rupert, There's something you need to know. On the night Maggie died – when you and Jay were going after that level 15- when I grabbed your arm and told you to be careful. I had a vision. I saw Tibbs going into your house, Maggie working on her laptop; I saw her turn around and scream. He must have left a trace on you that time we, you, almost caught him at King's Cross; the plan must have already been in his mind. I didn't tell you. You can probably guess why. I did try to call you afterwards but your phone was off. I can't….And then it stops."

Galvin swallowed the letter in a fist, his veins stood out; purple and blue. He turned – wired with anger, hatred cracking across his eyes, cool, glittering bullets.

"I'm so sorry Rupert" Mina's breathless words tumbled over each other; there was a shaking in her throat, like swallowing tears.

She'd gone very very pale and very still as Galvin read the letter, lying in broken glass.

"Sorry doesn't cut it Mina!" Galvin snarled, growled and spat as he crashed across the room, he put his eyes on hers, so he could see the tears on her eyelashes. So he could see the fear. Just the way he liked to smite. "You murdered her" he said each word real slow- through gritted teeth- so they'd both understand.

"No Rupert" Mina gasped; it felt like some gaping wound, a hole in her chest had just started bleeding again. She needed to hold his face, or put her hands on his shoulders, do something to remind herself that this was Galvin, Rupert, and not the shadowy, writhing, hating, beast his anger made her imagine and she needed Rupert to fall into. "Tibbs murdered her"

He grabbed her wrists and pressed them to her sides brought his face so close to hers he was breathing her in but she never flinched, never looked away.

She wasn't without fear, but she was fearless.

"You murdered her Mina Harker"

Mina shivered, although it was far from cold, she pressed her back against the cool wall wishing she could melt into it.

Melting, the ice, the nothingness, the numb cold she'd used to bury feelings she couldn't take, she couldn't feel that much, or she didn't know she could.

It was her turn to speak through her teeth with defiance and an undeniable grace.

"She murdered are baby, your baby."

"Whoa," said Luke "Something you're not telling us Galvin."

Ruby was shocked; Mina and Galvin had had a baby. That meant Mina and Galvin had…dot…….dot…dot. Stop thinking Ruby. Stop thinking NOW!

"What?" Galvin stumbled for a second, releasing Mina. "You… wanted the abortion."

"No I didn't" Mina's hands shook with fragile relief as she took hold of Galvin's elbows, pulling herself towards him. "It was her, she twisted..."

"Liar" Galvin half shoved half flung Mina away from him and her head smacked against the wall with a painful sounding thwack. "I never want to see you again Mina Harker"

"Galvin wait, listen to me. Galvin please, I love you!"

He left.

Echo's from the slamming door shuddered throughout the room, they could hear Galvin's footsteps- count them even- as he thundered away. Then his weathered car cleared its throat as it pulled out of the drive. Then nothing.

Well, the hiss smack of the rain on the window had got louder and Luke thought he could make out the wail of an ambulance somewhere.

"Tea?" Ruby swallowed before speaking, her voice still didn't sound right.

"Mina?" That was all Luke could muster despite the army of questions bubbling up in his throat. He had Goosebumps. The hairs on his arm were doing the Mexican wave and his stomach had that sickly twist in it, like before you go on a rollercoaster- don't forget your seatbelt.

"I fell in love with Rupert Galvin" Mina's left hand twisted the skin on her right arm as if she was giving herself a Chinese burn, she drew her teeth over her bottom lip, shaking. "I didn't envisage it, I didn't plan it, it just happened, and for a time it was wonderful, but, then it finished. He met Maggie"

"But…you were pregnant?"

Mina nodded and dragged her hair across her face; she hated anyone seeing her cry, worst of all Ruby. Or maybe Luke was worse. He needed strength he needed to believe in her. And she didn't have any strength left; she didn't have the strength to remember.

* * * * * * * * *

AN: See chapter 2 ….