9 minutes and 5 seconds later….

The greatest weakness of most humans
Is their hesitancy to tell others,
How much they love them
While they're alive.
~ by O.A. Battista ~

The dark of her hair, bright, against the white tiles. One hand at her neck, twisted around pearls. The empty tub skittering between bath and sink.

"Mina! Mina!" He stumbled to her side and shook her. He always shook them: Jay, Maggie.

He began pumping her chest with no idea how many compressions to do per minute or anything like that. Every time her body jolted limply. Lifelessly.

"Mina!" How had she managed to take an overdose? Weren't vampires supposed to have some kind of mega immune system? "Mina!" His voice on her name sounded very far away.

He noticed that one of the fingers on her other hand was pointing accusingly. Towards him. This was his fault. She was all he ever wanted, and he took her away.

He wanted to go back. He wanted to turn around when Mina said she loved him and kiss her until her skin grew chapped.

He wanted her to wake up.

He called an ambulance.

Why wouldn't she wake up?

You don't know what you've got until it's gone. And you don't know what it's like to feel so low.

He'd never actually told her he loved her.

He bent his head awkwardly. He pressed his lips firmly against hers, trying to do mouth to mouth. But before he knew it, he was kissing her. Now there was no one around to say how inconvenient and almost embarrassing it was, no one to suddenly become very interested in their hangnails and cuticles. Now she was dead, he kissed her properly.

He kissed her, a tense edge to the way his lips crushed against hers. Like he was scared.

She hadn't breathed for to long.

Inside her heart was still beating. Fluttering like a bird waiting to fly free.

Of course, at long last, the paramedics arrived. Of course they clamped yellow machines to her chest. Of course they made her breathe again.

Of course.

Mina Harker was a fact.

* * * * * * * *

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