Bonus Chapter (ImFanci)

He woke up to the sound of someone knocking on a door. As he slowly opened his eyes, the warmth of the feminine form lying beside him reminded him of where he was. He glimpsed to see that the woman was still asleep. A satisfied smirk formed on his face as he recalled the events of the night before. Another knock sounded at his bedroom door. He quickly got up and grabbed his trousers, putting one leg in at a time, as he padded to the door. When he opened the door, he was surprised to find his friend, and king, standing there. "Kal…er, good morning. What can I do for you?"

"Good morning, Hal." Kal smiled, not noticing the scene behind his friend and advisor. "I didn't see you last night at dinner. I just came by to let you know that we will need to meet at the midday meal to go over some things. I'll also introduce you to the Mage since you haven't met her yet."

Hal did his best to stop his lips from twitching. "That's not necessary. She and I have already met."

"Excellent. Why don't you dress and join us for breakfast? We could do some catching up." A movement over Hal's shoulder caught Kal's eye just as he also heard a lazy moan coming from the bed.

Since Kal was an inch taller than Hal, he had no problem peering over to see a woman with long black hair lying on her stomach. The bed sheet only concealed her bottom and part of her legs as the rest of her bare skin was exposed. Kal was shocked when he realized who was on Hal's bed. He looked at Hal, and noted his unruly hair, a few fresh scratch marks on his shoulder, and the sheepish look on his face.

"Look, Kal, we…"

Kal put his hand up. "I don't need to know. She's more than capable of making her own decisions. Just remember that she's like a sister to me, Hal."

"I understand, your Majesty." Hal responded, knowing full well what Kal meant.

Kal turned away and headed for the stairs. When Diana met him downstairs, she asked, "So, Hal's not joining us for breakfast?" Kal shook his head in response. Diana put her arm through his. "I looked for Im-Fanci in her room to invite her to breakfast but she wasn't there. She may be out for an early stroll."

"No, she's not." Kal simply answered.

"How did you…?" Realization dawned on her as Diana took in his answers. "Oh, you mean…she and Hal…?"

Kal nodded.

Husband and wife looked at each other for a moment. They both broke into wide grins as they headed to the dining hall.

Hal looked on the still sleeping woman on his bed. He was surprised and pleased to find that, under that cool and reserved exterior, the mage was a very passionate woman. He leaned down and placed a kiss on her shoulder. And then another and another all along her back until he found himself stretched out next to her.

"Is that all you intend to do?" a voice teased him.

He ran a hand along her hip to pull her up against him, letting her feel his intent. "Oh, no. There's more." He kissed her neck, knowing how sensitive it was. "So, have I…proven my…worth to you?"

The Mage grinned and answered. "That remains to be seen." She moaned when she felt his hand cup her breast. She turned her head to gaze at him, smiling as she said. "Prove to me once more…mmmm…and I'll reconsider my answer."

"It'll be my pleasure to." Hal bent his head and captured her lips with his.

An hour and a half later, the Mage found herself relaxed and smiling in satisfaction. The General had his arm around her waist. His breathing was even and deep, indicating that he had fallen asleep. The man certainly knew how to pleasure a woman, and she was impressed with his own strength and stamina. I could get used to this, she thought.

She quietly slid from the bed and looked around the room for her gown. She found it, ripped along the bodice and sleeves, by the foot of the bed. With a quick cantation of a spell, the gown was repaired. Once she was dressed, she glanced back over to look at the naked man sprawled across the bed. She studied his handsome features and well-built form for a moment. She sighed and turned to leave, just as he opened his eyes to find her gone from his bed.

The Mage had just stepped out of the door when his hand caught her arm. She turned to find Hal wearing only the bed sheet haphazardly wrapped around his waist. Her eyes stayed on his bare chest a moment longer before meeting his gaze. There was a hint of disappointment in his eyes. "You're just going to leave without waking me."

"Yes. I thought you could use the rest," she smiled. "…for later."

Hal relaxed and smiled back, "So, does this mean you've reconsidered your answer?"

"I have." She reached up and brushed a light kiss on his lips.

But Hal turned the kiss into a deeper, hungrier one as he pulled her against him. The Mage gripped his tousled hair with one hand and rubbed his bare shoulders with the other. The General wrapped his arms around her. His hands came down her back to cup her derriere, pressing her to him. She finally tore her lips from his and pushed against his chest. He reluctantly let go. They panted as they looked at each other.

A grin graced the Mage's swollen lips and she quickly walked away to leave the General staring after her. He let out a deep sigh and shook his head.

As he turned around to step back into his room, he glanced to see Walter and James in the hallway. Both of them were rooted to where they stood with their eyes wide and mouths open. No doubt they were in shock at what they had witnessed. Hal grinned and called out, "Good morning", before whistling and shutting the door to his room.

"Some men have all the fortune…" James sighed.

Walter grudgingly agreed, "Damn. Lucky bastard."