-:Authors Notes:- OK so this is my first story that I felt was vaguely good enough to upload, well actually I don't think it is but I am just sick of the fact that I have no stories uploaded yet.

Um… so yeah…

This is a fanfic though I haven't named anyone yet. Can you guess who everyone is? The person who is thinking this will never name names ok so you're gonna have to guess though it may become easier later on.

Anyways, this is based on me and my brother and something we were talking about a few days ago. I may carry it on and make it a little series or just keep it as a one shot depending on how popular it is.


Disclaimer:- Don't own Kingdom Hearts but if I did I would kill Kirie. Oops did I just say that?



The two of us sat together on the stairs watching the rain fall down into the dark city through the window that made up a whole wall in the castle. Resting my forehead against the glass I sighed, thinking about what we had just talked about. Unwanted memories began flooding back in a storm of holly.

~Flash Back~

Sitting on the old island in the dark cave I watched the future traitor joke around with the intruder while they tried, and failed miserably, to win a bet against the dealer. Laughing as the two lost a near fortune to my friend I looked down at the water licking my toes.


That was the only word I could find to describe the water.

It was so still it was smoother than glass. The black of the water presented me with no reflection. No movement, no change. Untouched for years. It could have pasted off as just another section of the cave, cleared of any rocks, to any uninvited or inexperienced visitor.

The worst freezing, cold, isolated trap ever.

~Flash Back End~


That was the only word I could find to describe that life.

It was so pure it went smoother than glass. The light of the world presented me with no alternative. No movement, no change. Untouched for years. It could have pasted off as paradise, cleared of any imperfections, to any uninvited or uneducated visitor.

The worst boiling, hot, isolated trap ever.

"Penny for your thoughts."

I looked up to see the blond dealer flash me a painful grimace.

"This world is so different from before," I eventually answered looking outside again. "It never rained nor was it this dark back then."

Barking a dry and bitter laugh the dealer spat out, "Ha! The sun never seemed to set there though. Here it doesn't even rise."


~Flash Back~

I stood in the side alley, watching the joker.

He didn't know I was there.

He often left us. That was the price of his job; he couldn't stay in one place for too long. However he always came back.

This time though it was different.

His usual smile was gone. He looked like he did when he was asleep: like he was living an unimaginable nightmare, face contorted in pain but not making a sound. His lively eyes where dead as he looked around.

Then he left.

And I knew he wouldn't be back.

I don't know why I knew.

I just did.

I guess

It was because

A part of me left with him.

~Flash Back End~

He left me then, he left me now.

Everyone leaves me alone in the end.

A hand on my shoulder brought me back to reality.

I looked back at the dealer.

At least he came back.

Came back to fill in the cave of his 'heart'.