a/n: This story's set after the serie's ending, but certain elements aren't the same. The humans aren't aware of monsters, the school's still a boarding school, Hiyo still has her wings (though I'm not sure if she lost them) and Kurou remains as the Demon King (again not sure if he ever lost that power, but now he has full control). And most importantly the school uniforms are the original ones.

Anyways have fun^^


It was the beginning of the new year at SM Academy and it had started off normally. The students were arriving and the front yard was crowded.

Hiyo had come to school with Komugi and the first one to greet them was Jin. As the three started to catch on, the crowd suddenly got quiet and then a loud voice was heard.

"Where is Yuki Snow-White." Shouted a girl furiously.

"Who was that?" asked Hiyo.

"Probably another one of Yuki's angry fans. It's times like these I am not jealous of that babe-magnet." Said Jin thoughtlesly and suddenly he realised Komugi was standing right next to him. "Not that I wish I was one." Lucky for him Komugi couldn't understand it.

"Let's get closer." Said Hiyo and the other two followed.

When they came to the scene they saw a girl wearing normal clothes. Her figure was amazing and she had long silky white hair. Her eyes were ice-blue and she had a beautiful face.

"I wonder why she has been dumped by Yuki eventhought she's that good-looking." Said Hiyo.

"The keyword here is Yuki." Said Jin.

"I can't sense what type of monster she is because of her anger. She must be really angry that she only sends out that kind of aura." Said Komugi.

"Yeah, I wonder what she is." Thought Hiyo out loud. "Though if you look at her pale face, white hair and light blue eyes I'd say she's also one of Yuki's kind."

Suddenly a voice interrupted. "Why do you want to see me?" asked Yuki calmly.

"To have my hand back." Said the girl. "If you won't give it back I am also ready to duel you for it. And if you don't agree to that I will use brute force... I will have it back by any means possible."

"What hand? I don't have your hand and you seem like you have both of yours." Said Yuki not understanding what she had said.

"Not an actual hand you idiot. My hand in marriage!" said the girl. After that most of the girls started gasping. "I want it back."

Silently Kurou came behind of Yuki. "Before demanding anything from him would you state your name and explain yourself?"

The girl scowled. "I refuse to answer or obey a crow."

"Well that would've been okay if he weren't the Demon King." Said Jin as he came next to Kurou.

The girl's eyes widened in suprise. She stood up straight, put her hand below her chest and bowed gracefully. "I am sorry. I didn't know. Please accept my sincerest apologies. I am Kiyotora Rei."

Suddenly some people were heard saying stuff like 'No way. Is she the Kiyotora Rei?' or 'Can it actually be her?'

"Who is Kiyotora Rei?" whispered Kogumi to Hiyo but she just shrugged.

"She is the current leader of the Felidae Clan." Said a voice from behind them.

"Bakumin-sensei!" jumped Hiyo as he suddenly appeared behind the two. "You scared me."

"Feli-what clan?" asked Kogumi suddenly.

"Felidae. The clan of cats." Said Bakumin.

"Like Tama-chan?" asked Hiyo.

"Not exactly. Maki is some sort of a transformer. But she is a cat so her kind also takes orders from Kiyotora. The Felids are concidered one of the strongest clans in the monster world. They consist of every type of cat, but the stronger ones are the Pantherinae family. The tigers, lions, jaguars and leopards; tigers being the strongest ones and the leopards being the weakest among the four strongs, hence usually the clan leader is a tiger." Explained Bakumin.

"Is she a tiger then? But her hair is white. Aren't tigers usually orange?" asked Kogumi.

"Maybe she is one of those called... Albinos." Said Hiyo.

Suddenly two white and black ears appeared on Rei's head. "Don't mistake me for yourself. I am a Royal White Bengal Tiger and I do not have hypopigmentary congenital disorder. Do not mistake me for yourself… White Crow." Said Rei. Her words seemed offensive, but her tone and facial mimics were calm and respecting.

"She is right. Tigers are not albinic creatures, though in order for a crow to be white they have to be albinoids." Said Bukamin.

"How do you know who I am?" asked Hiyo.

"I am the leader of my clan. Being aware of everything in order to lead my clan is my responsibility." Said Rei.

"She is also known as the strongest, fastest, most agile and most intelligent of her clan. Felids are also predators and in order to lure their victims they look attractive, but their appearance is dependent on their abilities. The better your abilities are the more attractive you get, so she is also considered the most beautiful of the clan. It is said that what you see is what you get with the Felidae Clan, but ofcourse you should remember that they are one of the most fierce, vicious and intellectual species in the monster world." Explained Hitomi as she suddenly appeared next to them.

The three jumped. "Where did you suddenly come from?"

"What do you want?" asked Kurou.

"His mother betrothed us." Said Rei pointing at Yuki. "My parents had to agree because they owed her. I want this engagement to be broken off, but if I call it off my clan will be in grave danger so he has to do it."

"I don't even know this girl. For all we know she could be lying." Said Yuki.

"Why would I do that? Besides I have proof." She took out a small pouch. In it was a bracelet. It had a black leather band and a gold diamond embroidered snowflake. On the other side of the snowflake the kanji equivalent for Yuki was written.

Yuki's eyes widened in shock. "What is that?" asked Jin.

"It is a betrothal bracelet used by my kind. It is given to the bride by her mother-in-law. Who gave it to you?" said Yuki.

"Like you said my mother-in-law-to-be." Answered Rei.

"I still don't believe you." Said Yuki. "My mother isn't that reckless."

"I knew you wouldn't, so I already enrolled myself to this school and I won't leave until this engagement is broken off. You see I checked over you before I came and learned you were stubborn, but remember this; noone is more tenacious than me." Said Rei.

Small traces of anger could be seen on Yuki's face. "Fine, just don't come near me." He turned away and stormed off.

The crowd slowly started to scatter. Rei went to the girls' dorm. Hiyo, Komugi and Hatori went after Kurou and Jin.

"Kurou-kun, why is Yuki-kun so angry?" asked Kogumi.

"I don't know. He never liked getting lots of attention from girls so learning that he got engaged must have been shocking to him." Said Kurou.

"I don't get him. If he got married than the girls would leave him alone like he wants and Kiyotora is like perfect, why wouldn't he wanna marry her." Said Jin.

"I relate to him. Eventhough I'm happy right now I was very frustrated when I learned I was engaged." Said Hiyo.

"But this situation is different. Kurou loved Hiyo and Hiyo was actually the one to propose and they had history, but it seems to me like those two don't know eachother at all and it was an arranged marrige made by their parents." Said Hitomi.

"Where is Yuki-kun now?" asked Kogumi.

"He must have gone to his room and we were following him there." Said Kurou.

In his room Yuki was fastly dialing the phone. "Mom?" he said as someone answered.

"Yuki, why are you calling me?" asked his mother.

"There is this girl who says she is my fiancé." Said Yuki.

"Oh have you already met her? Isn't she very beautiful, she can be even more beautiful than me. Though I am just being modest, but she is beautiful. I think you two are a very good match." Said his mother.

"What?! So you really did give her the bracelet. I want to brake off the engagement." Said Yuki.

"I definitely do not allow it." Said his mother suddenly getting serious. "You will be going to the human world after you graduate and alone you will attract lots of people because of your looks."

"And you think two good-looking people won't?!" said Yuki.

"She is already well adapted to the human society, no problem there. With her there is no way that you will be exposed. Other than that she is considered one of the most powerful in our world, you won't find someone better than her. You need a lady like her." Said his mother.

"Lady? Have you met her?" said Yuki.

"If you get to know her you'll see that too." Said his mother.

"Still I don't except this." Argued Yuki.

"It doesn't matter; you will marry her." Said his mother and hung up.

Yuki furiously shut the phone. When he turned around he saw five faces curiously looking through the door. As they saw Yuki's darkened face all of them started to go backwards.

"She won't call it off. Damn that old hag!" said Yuki as he walked out of his room like a shadow.

"Cheer up, atleast she is a babe." Said Jin and realising one more time that Komugi was there. "Not that I was looking at her in that way. You might come to like her."

Yuki gave a furious look at him that made Jin jump away from him.

"Or she might kill you in order to prevent getting married to you." Said Hitomi.

"Somehow that doesn't make me feel better." Said Yuki gloomy.

"Don't you think it would be a better suggestion if you'd tell him to kill her." Said Komugi not realising how mean her thoughts were.

"It would be very optimistic to think that Yuki would be able to beat her." Said Kurou.

"I am going to kill myself." Said Yuki all gloomy.


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