"Yuki!" yelled Rei as she ran after him.

Yuki looked back, but then immediately turned away and started to run faster.

Rei sped up. "You know you can't outrun me, speed or stamina-wise," she shouted. Yuki didn'y stop so they ran for another good ten minutes. "Are you done now?" asked Rei as she calmly stood next to a hyperventilating Yuki.

He glared at her and leaned on a tree trunk nearby and sat down. "Why did you follow me?"

"Wasn't I supposed to?" she smirked. She sat down next to him. "Look for as long as you've known me what have I wanted the most?"

"Power? Revenge? Others' pain?" she smacked his head.

"Funny. Look you know I was the one who was most against this marriage. After I talked with your mother," her face turned sour, "I realized something."

"Yeah, we all heard," Yuki said harshly. "You still don't get it do you?"

Rei looked at him confused. "What? I never said it out loud."

"Wait, weren't you talking about—" he covered his face with his hand and looked away from her.

"About what?" Rei asked and started to think about what she had last said. Her eys widened and her face brightened. "Are you talking about what said about Shin? Could it be that," she grinned, "you're jealous?"

Yuki's heart skipped a beat. "Look, it's not what you—" He turned around to face her, but to his surprise she wasn't smirking or even grinning with any ulterior motives. She was simply smiling, it was genuinely a heartfelt smile.

"Look, I get it and I'm sorry. I am not oblivous to people's feeling... All the time. I can empathize. I guess it must have hurt you to hear that my acceptance or this was because of Shin."

"So it's true."

"Well you didn't let me finish," she said and he looked at her confused. "Like I said, I was the one most against this so whether it was what Shin wanted shouldn't and can't change my actual feelings for it. So when you actually said it was off I thought I should feel glad or atleast relieved,but when you walked away, well actually ran away, I felt disappointed and a bit terrified."

Yuki was now even more confused. He was staring at her, but she seemed to be deep in thought staring deep into the forest. She then turned to him.

"You know my love for Shin won't fade away, it will always stay there, the same, in my heart," as she said that Yuki's head slowly went down. "But," she lowered her head right infront of his so they were eye to eye. Her cheeks slowly turned pink. "My love for you is growing each and every day. It will surpass my love for Shin anyday if it hasn't already. And truth be told, I was terrified when you left because I though I'd lost you too and this time it was all my fault."

Yuki was dumbfounded. Rei's face was as red it could be and he was sure they matched. She was now staring into the grass trying to not meet his eyes. Without another thought Yuki held her and pulled closer and before she could react, he leaned in and kissed her.

When it ended both of them were just staring at eachother, lost for words. Rei just smiled and after that Yuki grabbed her and pulled her in for a hug.

"I'm sorry, but you smiling like that just seems abnormal. I just can't get used to it."

"My smiles are pretty rare, but once every blue moon I smile, if the moon shines bright enough."

"Is that suppose to be a metaphor?"

"Don't analyze. It ruins the mood," said Rei as she wrapped her arms around him.

"Well not to ruin the mood or anything, but we really do have to go back at one point."

"Yeah..." she said as she rested her head on his chest.

Yuki chuckled and stroked her hair.

... 7 years later ...

Knock knock

"They're here! They're here!" yelled a little boy running towards the door.

"Daddy! C'mon!" yelled another one a bit smaller than him.

"I'm coming!"

"Hurry! I can't reach the handle!" yelled a girl tallest of them all. They all looked very alike. All had blue eyes and blond hair of different shades. The girl had light strawberry blond hair, the bigger boy had dirty blond hair and the youngest one had almost white hair.

"Daddy!" yelled the little boy again.

"I'm here!" yelled Yuki as he came down and opened the door.

"Hiyo-chan!" yelled the little girl as she jumped on Hiyo.

"Don't call her Hiyo-chan. She's your Aunt Hiyo," lectured Yuki.

"But Hiyo-chan told us to call her that," said the older boy.

"Yeah, Uncle Jin said it's because that way she doesn't feel as old," said the younger boy.

"Remind me to kill your Uncle Jin," said Kurou appearing behind Hiyo.

"Uncle Kurou! Did you bring us gifts?" asked the girl from Hiyo's lap.

"No, we came to see your parents."

"Waaah, so mean!" cried the children in unison.

"Kurou! Be more gentle," said Hiyo looking mad.

"I can't disobey you," he said and kissed her forehead. "Well, we did bring the kids."

Suddenly two little kids with black wing came down from the sky. A girl and a boy.

"Shou-chan, Kyoko-chan!" yelled the girl and jumped from Hiyo's arms to greet the two. The older boy followed her.

"No fair, they always hog them to themselves," pouted the younger boy.

"We're still here Shin-kun." Hiyo patted his head. "My you've grown so big. How old are you now?"

Shin counted seven fingers and showed them to her.

"Don't lie, you just turned three," said Yuki.

"But Uncle Jin said..."

"Your Uncle Jin is an idiot, don't listen to him," lectured Yuki.

"It's true, did you also hear that?" Kurou asked his children.

"Don't teach your kids those words, especially if they're about me," said Jin appearing from behind Yuki.

"Where did you come from?" asked Yuki.

"I was helping your wife. I'm so nice and you badmouth me behind my back to your children," said Jin.

"That's because you deserve it," said Rei. "Shin, go out and play with the others."

"Rei-chan!" said Hiyo happily as she went next to her and gave her a hug. "You've gotten so big. I'm so happy."

"Yeah, you shouldn't point out that people have gotten fat," said Rei.

"But you look amazing. I can't help it."

"I know, she's becoming more beautiful by the second," smiled Yuki, put an arm around her waist and kissed her cheek.

"You guys when are you going to stop this is gonna be your fourth child. Komugi is still at bedrest after giving birth to the twins," said Jin.

"What can I say, I really dislike protection," said Rei bluntly.

"Yuki, you womanizer," Jin elbowed him.

"I wish, I'm tried of being ambushed by her everyday and everynight."

"You like it," said Rei.

"I love it," said

"I love it," said Yuki and kissed her.

"Hey stop being all lovey dovey. Have some respect for the ones whose wife couldn't make it," said Jin.

"Uhm, Rei-chan," said Hiyo pointing at the kids.

"Yuki! What did I tell you about playing with fire? That can burn Shou-kun or Kyoko-chan's wings! Asaki stop removing rocks from the ground, you know you can never put them back right and Shin no matter what you cannot try to lift yourself up, you don't have enought control yet!"

"But Mom!" they all complained in unison.

"Don't make me come there! And what are you playing that requires so much chaos! Play something else!"

All the kids became less loud and active.

"I'm glad you weren't my mother," said Kurou.

"Atleast I'm good at what I do. Jealous?" smirked Rei.

"Yeah right. My kids respect me," said Kurou. "Shou, Kyoko, don't fly around when playing!"

"Dad, Rei-sama already told us not to. We won't go against her," said Shou.

Rei had a big grin on her face. "Rei-sama? Who taught them that?"

"They thought that one up all by themselves," said Jin.

"I'm gonna kill you," said Kurou.

"So do you know they baby's gender?" asked Hiyo.

"Not yet. Rei's mothers say it is very dangerous to do that with a tiger cub," said Yuki. "It's going to be a surprise like the other three."

"I really hope it's a girl this time," said Hiyo.

"So does Shin. He wants a baby sister to look after and always hang out with like Yuki and Asaki always do. Yuki and Asaki on the other hand want a brother. Yuki because she wants to be the only girl and Asaki because he wants me to give birth to an entire soccer team," told Rei.

"That is so like him," smiled Yuki.

"Yuki, here, actually want one to be atleast a bit of a snowbeast."

"Tough luck man. Tigers are one of the strongest monsters. Like crows and foxes they are also dominant at breeding," said Jin.

"Don't I know that," said Yuki. The others gave him weird looks. "I didn't mean it that way."

"Well I've got new to make you happy," said Rei. "Remember how I was hot when I was pregnant with Yuki and how I was always in the forest or garden when I was pregnant with Asaki and how I was always so light even though Shin was the heaviest baby?"

"Yeah, their powers were manifesting. Fire for Yuki, earth for Asaki and air for Shin."

"Well, this time I can't go two feet without water and hold my hand."

"It's freezing cold," said Yuki.

"Congradulations our baby can control water, especially cold water," smiled Rei.

"I'm just glad the baby and you are very healthy."

"Aw, how hearthwarming. Kurou, who knew the day would come that our Yuki would be the heartfelt family man?" said Jin.

"Yes, it was quiet surprising. She must've done some magic on you," said Kurou.

"Yes, the magic of love," said Hiyo happily.

"Ugh, cheesy," said everyone in unison.

"I missed this," said Jin. "Next time come to see the twins Ai-chan and Kotaro-kun are really cute."


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