Chapter 13

The door clicked shut lightly, a calm before the storm. "She's asleep. What did you find out?"

Mercy had insisted that she not share her findings until she was sure Amy wouldn't overhear. She had been thinking all night of where to start. Sam wasn't going to like all of what she had to say, but she knew the root of the problem, so she'd start there. "She doesn't want to leave you Sam."

"She seemed fairly hell bent on it to me."

"She is," Mercy agreed, "but she doesn't want to. Not really." He didn't speak, giving her the opportunity to continue in her findings. "Her grandmother is the reason she came here, Sam. Amy said she wanted her to spy on us. I'm not sure why, she wouldn't say."

"She wants to leave because she feels she's protecting me?" Mercy nodded, and Sam sighed heavily.

"My question is why does her grandmother want to spy on the wolves."

"Wolves are public now, it could be anyone."

"But you're not." Mercy reminded him. "Her grandmother knew you were a wolf and sent her here. Not only that but Amy's too comfortable being around wolves to be new to the things that go bump in the night."

Sam nodded, "I thought so. She understands welsh."

That couldn't be good. A chill ran up Mercy's spine. Most people who spoke dead languages where either old enough to have seen it, or learned them so they could do some pretty nasty stuff. Like the vampire Cory Littleton. "I think Amy's in over her head, Sam." From his solemn look, so did he.

"I'll talk to her tomorrow. Maybe if I can convince her we can help, she'll be more willing to talk." Maybe, but Mercy doubted it. She could see the protective streak in Amy and it was strong enough to rival Sam's. She wasn't going to tell Sam that though.

The chill was still there. It felt foreign, unreal. Medea was sitting in front of Amy's door, looking expectantly at Mercy. The cat's owner got up from her comfortable position and walked over to the door. Quietly she opened it a crack and frozen. Burnt o zone. The room reeked of it, and suddenly so did the whole trailer. Sam was suddenly shoving past her, searching the room for any sign of Amy but the only sign left was an open window with some kind of bag hanging over it.

The crystal felt warm in her hands. Amy cupped them tightly around the necklace so as not to give away her position with the tiny light the gem was giving off. She stood alone on the water's edge, mostly hidden by the dark and vegetation that clung to the giant river. Elliot, meet me on the river. They know I'm leaving. She could feel his agitation and worry through the link the necklace provided. He could hear every word she wanted him to, but she could only feel his responses. They fae that had given her the necklace had proclaimed the reaction interesting, but had never explained it to her. Maybe it worked differently for her because she was human instead of fae, or maybe it was because it was so old.

I'm safe for now. I covered my tracks. The ward she'd hung in her room should keep everyone oblivious till morning at least. There was a possibility it could even hide her disappearance for even longer if they didn't bother to open the door. She'd heard the magic was so potent it could last up to a little over a week if need be.

Her assurance seemed to help a little, but not much. There was nothing more she could do though, so she let the magic of the gem fade away and placed it back around her neck. She sat on one of the large rocks on the bank and watched the black water of the river flow. It looked so calm and serene, but sinister as if it was trying too hard to hide something waiting to attack just below its surface. She knew they were close enough to the fae reservation that there could very well be some sort of flesh eating monster hiding in the river.

Thinking of monsters and water made her nervous. It wasn't likely that she'd need it, but all the same it made her feel better to have it on her person so she reached into her bag and pulled the deceptively small pocket knife, another fae gift, from her tin box. It was red, and small enough to fit in the middle of her palm at the moment but whenever she opened the knife it suddenly became four times bigger and Amy had yet to find something the knife couldn't cut through. She'd felt naked with its absence these past weeks. Now with it firmly grasped in her hands, she felt a little more whole again.

She'd only been expecting Elliot to come, maybe Kenny, but the sight of two extra flash lights didn't alarm her very much. If Elliot thought he needed to bring back up he was welcome to it. She sat still, trying to catch a glimpse of the faces coming her way. It was possible that it was the wolves, but if it was them she was as good as caught. She was fairly certain she couldn't outrun them and there was no way in hell she was jumping into that river.

Finally, the three people were close enough for her to see. Smiling in relief she hopped off her perch and went to quickly hug her older cousin. "Hey Elliot," she said into his warm chest. His hand patted her hair down as he held her loosely. "Hey kid." She waited for the peace that had once come with his presence to flow through her, to feel the comradeship take hold in her heart once more but it didn't come.

Hard, cold metal suddenly engulfed on wrist. Before Amy even had time to register the sensation fully pain erupted in her stomach and then there was a crack and more pain on her face. Both hands were forced behind her back and locked into the metal cuffs. Police issued cuffs were made off tough, but thin circles of metal but these were long enough to cover her entire wrist from top to bottom.

Elliot was saying something to the two men flanking him, she hadn't paid much attention to them before but she recognized the faces and it left her with a sick feeling in her stomach. Jared wasn't fond of shaving but it didn't make him look unattractive. Some women couldn't help but be charmed by his rough edge and bright blue eyes. He'd treated her like one of the guys. Tom looked miserable. He'd always been so morally inclined, a rarity in their world. It had been his most special feature, so special that Amy had considered him one of the most attractive of her friends despite his hefty size and scars. Tonight, neither of these men were her friend.

They helped to hoist her up off the ground. Elliot shoved a gag into her mouth and ripped the necklace from her neck and dropped it to the ground at their feet. "Get her to the car," he ordered with hushed authority. "I'll clean up here."

They had looked everywhere for her, even calling in Adam's pack to help search, but no one had seen hide or hair of his daughter since Sunday night. Samuel had called in to work, explaining that his daughter wasn't home yet and he was looking for her. One of the nurses had offered to ask around the hospital for him. So far, there was no lead. Not even her scent remained. From the minute she was off Mercy's property the scent vanished as if it was a wall separating one side of the fence from the other.

Mercy watched him closely as he paced Adam's kitchen. Every once in a while she would throw out some new place to look, like the high school or her garage, but each turned up empty and Sam was left feeling more helpless than before. He'd called his brother after the first hour and a half to help him track her down. Charles hadn't called back yet, but Bran had called a few hours ago saying that he was headed their way. There was a slight chance that his Da would be able to help track her down and at the moment Samuel was fairly certain that slim hope was the only thing keeping him together.

His phone rang and he flipped it open without looking. "Hello?"

"Um, is Amy there?" Sam blinked, unsure how this young male had gotten his number. A few other wolves sitting around the kitchen looked his way, and Mercy followed their lead.

"No, she isn't. Do you know where she is?"

"I don't know." Sam could hear the panic in the way his breath quickened. "But I think I can help point you in the right direction."

"Alright. What's your name?"

"I, um, I can't. Sorry, you'll have to just trust me."

He couldn't do that. Not when his daughter's life might depend on what this boy had to say. She hadn't trusted many people, and from the looks of their current situation he was beginning to appreciate why. However, the youth didn't seemed to be one of the less than trustworthy people his Amy had known. "You're her cousin, aren't you?" There was silence, as good as a confirmation. "She's not with her family?"

"No." Which meant this gnawing feeling in the pit of his stomach that Amy hadn't just run away was well warranted despite any optimistic assurances he'd received thus far.

"Where else could she be?"

"A lot of places," he cousin answered to Sam's dismay. "I don't even know the half of it, but I think I know the most likely."

"Where?" Sam repeated, catching Mercy's eye. She was demanding that Ben let her know what was being said, and God have mercy on Ben's soul if he left out any details. Any other time he would have laughed.

"She knows some people, kind of like a gang. I can check with them and see if Elliot took her there. If she's with them she's in good hands." The boy probably didn't even notice he'd let the name slip, but Sam knew better than to call him on it. He wanted the boy as loose lipped as possible.

"And if she's not?"

"Then we've got trouble, and it's probably the fae. There's a res up there right? I heard the pack has some kind of connection to it. Can you ask around and see if anyone's seen her?"

"I'll call Zee," Mercy proclaimed the minute Ben was done relaying.

"Yes, we can ask around."

"Alright, good. Just try to keep it low profile. If some people find out she's missing they'll go on the war path to find her. Literally." Sam wasn't sure if that was good or bad at this point, but motioned for Ben to pass the message on to Mercy.

"Do you know anything else? Anything at all?"

Amy's cousin didn't answer for a moment and Sam feared he may have hung up, but then the hesitant voice came back, barely above a whisper. "If I don't find anything by tonight I'll come to you." There was a click and the boy was gone.

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