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Chapter 1 – Tunnels and Running.


I was never meant to hold you,

Never meant to love you.

There was a timer, in the back of my mind.

Counting, always counting.

And then the sands ran out,

My time is up.

I'm sad,

I'm mad

I'm fleeing.

It wasn't till after my time,

That I loved you.

I fell for you,


I picked myself up and carried on,

What choice did I have.

Now, I watch from afar,

And try to remember your taste on my lips.

She was broken, that much I was sure of. But as I read this mystery girls profile, I sighed. So was I. I wanted to help her, shocked by this feeling. She was a talented poet, her inspiration and love flew off the page. Like my lyrics, I thought wryly. Go on Cullen, help her. My subconscious egging me on. I sat at my computer for a full ten minutes, considering. Wavering. Eventually I gave up, and typed that message.

Two lost souls, inevitably find each other.


I stared at the words on the screen, my new message beaming out from my laptop. It was hard, to read. With the Sun of Phoenix batting down on my screen. I had to take it up to my room, just to read it.

Two lost souls, inevitably find each other. Cullen106.

I quickly typed my reply.

What's your take on fate. Swan209

What's your take on the tooth fairy. Cullen106. I laughed, this guy was one of those who answered questions with questions. I liked it.

Fine for little kids but older ones need more proof. Swan209.

Then you have my answer.Cullen106.

I believe I do.Swan209

Your talented.Cullen106. I blushed, who blushes at the internet?

I've read your lyrics.Swan209

I've read your poem.Cullen106

It's more of a phrase, I write fiction normally.Swan209


I like to get lost in it, it helps me escape.Swan209


What was she running from?

What are you running from?Cullen106

Myself.Swan209. And with that she logged off, I left a couple of messages, then did the same.

"Alice!" I screamed as I saw my pixie sister tearing through my wardrobe singing away happily. She turned to me and shrugged. I glared at the little pixie, she really was a little pixie, misadventures and misdeeds followed her wherever she went. I loved her for it. I tried pulling her out of the closet but she shrugged me off. Finally, I surrendered and sat on the bed, she grinned. I let my mind wander back to today's conversation and smiled to myself, finally interested in a girl. I knew I would never get over Sophie, but I didn't feel the never ending blackness that I felt before. It was still there, but I realised I could see something at the end, a light. Swan209 was my light at the end of the tunnel.

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