Renesmee POV

I saw the faint shadows of my family through the fog, followed by the wolf pack to the sides of them. To the opposite side of the clearing were the Jaguars in their unphased form with the entire clan present. The smell of the Hunters lay in the air like an omen.

Next to me Caius had my arms restrained by thick chains and he suddenly grabbed my head to press a sharp dagger against my skin. Behind us were the rest of the Volturi, even the wives.

Caius taunted me as we began to walk through the fog toward my family, "You know we saw you at that hotel in Vegas. Singing to your sweetheart eh?"

I forced my mouth closed and tried to ignore him but it was impossible.

"Young love," he jeered, gently caressing my neck with the blade, "Is there anything more promising?"

After I refused to respond he squeezed my neck harder, forcing me to wince. They had had their fun with me over the last 24 hours; fighting me, torturing me and never missing the opportunity of quenching their thirst with my blood. I had been complemented on my fragrance; it was the perfect mixture of human and vampire apparently.

I was broken, bruised and battered, but I refused to give Caius what he wanted.

"I think it is time that we gave your family a little welcome yes? Why don't you serenade that puppy of yours? Make his eyes water and heart swell with your song?"

I didn't consider Caius to be serious but he rubbed his hand over the bite marks in my jugular and pinched, "Do it!"

A comic voice in my head pondered what I should sing. I considered a few... the Ketchup Song, or This Is What Dreams Are Made Of. But I reconsidered, remembering that if I was going to die I might as well make this a movie moment.

"Never knew I could feel like this..." I began softly, "Like I've never seen the sky before. Want to vanish inside your kiss. Everyday I'm loving you more and more."

Caius dug the knife into my neck, forcing me to sing louder.

"Listen to my heart, can you hear it sing? Come back to me, and forgive everything!" We stepped into view and my family gasped.

"Keep going Nessie, there is more I am sure!" he taunted, grabbing my hair to control me.

I caught eyes with Jacob, "Seasons may change, winter to spring. I love you, til the end of time."

"Wasn't that fantastic?" Caius grinned, and Jacob stepped forward in anger. Dad grabbed his shoulder.

"Now, now Jacob is it? You might want to listen to what I have to say."

"Yes!" Dad screamed with resentment, "We accept your deal."

"Why, nobody else knows it yet! Are you sure you want to promise such a bargain away without asking the others what they have to give up?"

"I speak for the Cullens, and we agree to your terms."

"What terms?" neither of them answered me, "What terms!" I bellowed.

"Your life for all of theirs, and them for testing." He indicated to the wolves at the second part of his reply, "And don't even think about moving an inch closer to me or so help me I will slit her throat in a second!"

"Daddy, you can't say yes! Daddy, no! Please it isn't worth it!" My family gave me warm looks to comfort me. I refused them. "Mum? Stop it, please don't! I'm just one person. You can't sacrifice each other for one person!"

"Nessie, we have lived long and full lives," my mother soothed.

"No. No...Grandpa? Grandpa please make them stop! You don't understand, I can't, I can't live with that!"

"We agree too," spoke Jacob looking straight at me.

"No you don't! No you don't! You can't, please..."

"This is easier than I thought," Caius said with a smile and looked towards Brielle, "Oh don't worry about your lot, you aren't really involved in this. We don't really mind about big cats! Well with that all figured out I guess we should make the swap?"

My family and wolves began to move past Caius and I to the centre of a circle formed by the Volturi behind us. I tried to stop them by flaying my legs out past them but they ignored me. As Jacob walked past me he kept his eyes ahead. Leah gave a small smile as she walked past.

"No!" I screamed, "I don't accept this deal! I don't accept this deal!"

Caius swivelled around to make me watch my family disappear into the circle of vampires. As I saw my mother reach out her hand to grab my dad's, and Jacob's quick glance behind him to bid me goodbye, I hissed like an endangered animal.

With a sudden jerk of my head, I forced my neck into the blade and winced as it plunged into my skin.

"Nessie, no!" my father screamed and the wolves and my family looked at me with dismay.

Instinctively Caius shoved me to the floor and stepped back. It seemed like slow motion as I fell to the ground with a thud. I felt the blood oozing from my wound and dribbling down my neck onto the damp grass. From my foetal position I saw to my right the steady walk of at least hundred legs entering the clearing. But my eyes began to dim and I faded out of consciousness.