We only had five minutes to get everything we needed packed. My brother Emmett and I were trying as hard as we could to get downstairs in time so we could join our parents. The four of us were on our way to meet the Nazi's, and eventually, go to a concentration camp. I was so scared of being in one of the camps, I was shaking all the way downstairs and when I was packing. Emmett seemed to be taking it more lightly, but I knew he was just as worried as I was. When the both of us finished,
Emmett grabbed my arm and we quickly ran downstairs. By the time we reached the last step of the stairs to our hiding place in our homes attic, there were two tall Nazi men in front of us. Maybe they were just really tall to me because I am only 4'9, but they were scary. I observed the big guns they had in their hands. I was shaking even more now. The biggest man grabbed my arm, saying,

"Schnelle, schnelle, aus der Tur! (Quick, quick, out the door now!)" His voice was loud and deep. He pulled my arm forward and I trailed along behind him. He he a hard grip and he didn't let go of my arm until he threw me into the back of a truck. I hit my head on the hard metal side. Emmett was being held back by one of the men, my parents being held back by two others, but Emmett got free and ran into the truck by my side.

"Are you alright?" He asked.

"Yes, I'm fine", I replied, rubbing the side of my head. My parents quickly got into the truck with us, and as we watched the Nazi's shut the door, I knew my life was now on the line. As we were heading towards a concentration camp. I sat up against the side of the truck next to my mother, and she was rubbing my head saying over and over,

"Es ist okay, wir werden gut (It's okay, we'll be alright)", I tried so hard not to cry, but eventually I broke down. I wasn't sure how long we were in that truck for, but it seemed to be at least two hours. Finally, the truck came to a stop. Two of the Nazi men opened the door again and dragged us out. The sign above us when we got to the main gate read, "Auschwitz". I knew we were now in the main death camp. I knew about the gas chambers that they called the "showers", and I also knew that being 19 I would probably end up in one. But not Emmett because he's 20 and he could work harder than I could, and because he was a man and these camps did not allow woman workers unless they were in a specific line of work. Such as cooking, shoe-making, clothes making, and anything else. Usually the men were shoe-makers, but my mother had a friend that was one. My mother made clothes, so I figured she could find a job here. I could tell that my family and I were the only new-comers, I guess you could call it, because everyone else that were already there looked like they had been here for a while.

"In ordnung, in ihre lines! (Alright, get into your lines!)" I heard someone call out to everyone, including us. People from all parts of the camp came to the middle of the entire camp and got into five lines. Emmett and I were pushed in front, so that's where we stayed. I wasn't able to see my mother or father. Just then a woman with a whip walked out. I then realized that every officer carried one. All except one man, who walked out after the woman. The woman's name was Maria, and she was the "leader" of the camp. I couldn't help but think that the man after her was extremly handsome. The two of them stood in front of us, each a different line. Maria began to talk when I looked over at the man. She started with,

"You have new jobs today. And because we have new prisoners here, I expect you all to find them work in wherever they are sent", I knew she was talking about my family and I. She didn't say much more because she was looking around the lines, I suppose trying to find us. For some reason I wasn't afraid of the man with her, and I also wanted him to be in front of my line. But then again, I didn't. I had mixed emotions, so I didn't know what I wanted. Suddenly, he turned to me, and our eyes met. He had the most beautiful green eyes. I tried to hold back a smile. Just then, I felt something lift my chin. It was Maria and her whip. I noticed that the man looked back to the line he was in front of.

"You must be one of the new ones, am I correct?" I didn't speak, I just nodded. She walked away then and up to Emmett. She asked him the same thing, and he said "Yes" instead of nodding like I did. Maria walked away and back to the front of the line she was at before. After a few minutes of silence, she cracked her whip and said,

"Sofort an die Arbeit, JETZT! (Go to work, now!)" Everyone else but Emmett and I ran to all different parts of the camp. We stayed standing where we were as Maria and the man walked away. I looked around at our surroundings, when a man walked up to us.

"What are you lazy Jews doing standing around?" He asked.

"We're new here, we have no place to go", Emmett explained. All the man did was point to a shovel by the fence. He directed Emmett to dig holes. I guess just to humiliate him. I began to follow Emmett when the man grabbed my arm.

"I hope you know how to cook. You are to work in the kitchen", He pointed to a small building at the far end of the camp. That must be the kitchen. I ran towards it and opened the door, shutting it quickly. I looked around, noticing a blond haired woman by a counter. Her hair was wavy and it went down to the middle of her back.

"Hi, I'm Rosalie. Are you here to work with me?" She asked. I nodded.

"You don't have to be shy, come over here", Rosalie said. Her voice wasn't mean, but I was still a little warry of her. I walked over to her and finally said,

"My name's Alice", Rosalie smiled at me and handed me a wooden spoon.

"Nice to meet you Alice. Could you please stir that soup over there?" She asked. I looked over to the large pot that she pointed to on a stove. I nodded and walked over to it. I began to stir when the hot water hit my hand.

"Ouch", I said. Apparently I didn't say it as quietly as I had intended.

"Are you alright?" Rosalie asked. I still just nodded. When she said that, I thought of Emmett because he had said the same thing to me only a few hours ago.


This camp is hell. I've only been here for a few minutes and I'm already scared out of my mind. I'm only digging holes and it's humiliating. I hope Alice is alright. I saw her running towards a small building, closing the door as fast as she could. At least she didn't end up in the gas chambers, I don't know if I would be able to go on knowing my little sister was dead. I hoped my parents were alright too, I haven't seen them yet and I'm a little worried. Knowing this place, they might already be dead. I've heard that they kill people in the gas chambers if they are old. My parents don't look as old as they are, they're only in their fifty's, but these camps are meant to kill off people. Alice must be more scared than I am right now.

"Fluch Deutscher (Damn Germans)", I said to myself, still digging.


Rosalie and I finished cooking and we talked for a while.

"So where are you from?" She asked.

"Holland, I've lived there my whole life", I replied.

"I'm from Holland, too. I came here a few weeks ago. For some reason they don't treat me like the others. Do you have any family?"

"Yes, I have an older brother, Emmett. And my mother and father. I haven't seen my parents since we arrived here"

"I have any older brother, too. His name is Jasper. Well, he's older by five minutes, we're twins"

"What happened to him?"

"Well, can you keep a promise?"

"Of course"

"He's here, but he's a Nazi. Not really a Nazi because he's Jewish, and Maria knows that, but she still thinks of him as a Nazi because she "turned" him into a German"

"What do you mean she "turned" him into a German?"

"Apparently she loves him, which she doesn't really act like it, so she didn't care about his real haritage and somehow changed him birth certificate so he was German. So in other words, he was "re-born", so-called", I was completely shocked.

"Is he still your brother, though?" I asked.

"Yes, and still Jewish. Just because you change someone's birth certificate doesn't mean that they are different on the inside, too" Rosalie didn't say this in a mean way, but she sounded more sad than anything.

"Did he want to be a "Nazi?" I asked, now more interested.

"Never. But Maria made him. She said if he didn't, then she would send him to a concentration camp other than this one to work. He said he didn't care because he was proud of his Jewish heritage, but she still had him work here with her"

"But how did she get him to come here?"

"That I'm not sure of. But I am sure that he isn't happy like this. I wish there was some way that I could help him", I was sure Rosalie was about to cry, but just then a whistle blew.

"Come on, we have to get into our lines", She said. I followed her out the door and stood behind Emmett in our line. Maria walked out with the man behind her. I got a better look at him, realizing that he looked just like Rosalie in some ways. This was Jasper. Jasper, hmmm, I like that name.

"I see today was a very productive day of work", When Maria said that, I realized that I was hungry. She then dismissed us and said it was time to eat. I was a little happier now that I wasn't going to starve. I got the soup I had helped Rosalie make today and Emmett walked over to me.

"What did you get for work?" He asked.

"I'm in the kitchen with this girl, Rosalie", I replied.

"Oh", Was all he could say.

"What do you think you'll be doing tomorrow?" I wondered.

"Probably the same thing, but I'm not sure", Emmett responded. That night, I tried to sleep, but it's hard when you're forced to sleep on a cold floor with a bunch of other people because everyone else has a bed and you don't. Of course, I think I was somewhat lucky because the "beds" everyone else had were only wooden planks. So they hardly qualified as beds.