These last few days have been really hard. Maria is working everyone to the bone, especially Emmett. Probably because Emmett's strong and she wants to break him down. It is now August 6, 1945. I fear for my life as well as Emmett's because Auschwitz still hasn't been liberated. My cousins Aaron and Elizabeth are still alive, so I have hope that we will all make it out alive. Although, I have a lot more worry than just being liberated. I haven't seen Jasper since August third. I asked Rosalie whether or not she knew where he was, but she had no idea. Right now it's roll call, so I can't help but look around to see if I can find him. But I don't see him anywhere. Suddenly, I felt a whip under my chin, just like the first day I arrived here. And again, it's Maria.

"You, Jew, step to the side", As I walk to Maria's side, I can't help but shudder because this reminds me of when I went to basicly serve Maria in her home with Jasper.

"Stay there. If you move a single inch, you will get this in your face", Maria told me, pointing to her whip with her last sentence. It took about two hours for roll call to end. I waved a small goodbye to Emmett as he walked back to the kitchen when roll call ended. Maria waited for everyone to get back to work. I waited as well. As I watched the last few prisoners walk away, I hadn't realized that Maria was staring at me as I watched. I felt so small next to her. And not just because of my height.

"Follow me", Was all she said before walking ahead of me. I ran behind her so I could catch up, seeing as which she walked fast. I accidentaly stumbled while walking next to her, but not too close.

"Fluch Jude (Damn Jew)", Maria said under her breath, but just loud enough so I could here. We entered her home again, but this time, no Jasper.

"Stay there", Maria directed me. I nodded before she walked away. I heard two people speaking in German. One I knew was Maria, and to my surprise, the other was Jasper. I couldn't really tell what they were saying, but I did catch a few "Jew"s and "Damn"s. One I figured connected with the other quite a few times. Maria finally came out after a few minutes. But still no Jasper.

"You have a new job. You are to work in "Canada", sort clothes", I only knew about what "Canada" was because Elizabeth told me about her experiences working there. I knew she still worked there, so that was a good thing. I nodded once more. I waited for her to dismiss me, but she had something else to say.

"First, I need you to get Rosalie from the kitchen. Tell her to come see me", This surprised me, but I said,

"Yes, mame", Before she told me I could go. I quickly ran towards the kitchen and opened the door.

"Rosalie, Maria needs to see you", I said as soon as I closed the door. Rosalie made her way around the counter and in front of me.

"What for?" She asked. Emmett was now paying more attention.

"I'm not sure, she just asked me to get you for her", I was concerned, but Rosalie made it obvious that she wasn't by nodding and walking out the door. I told Emmett about my new job and asked him to tell Rosalie when she came back. We hugged before I headed towards "Canada". It was only 12:00 in the afternoon, so I had a lot of time left in the day to get started sorting through clothes. I walked by Maria and Jasper's home on my way to sort clothes. What I saw shocked me. Maria was talking to Rosalie, but Rosalie didn't look too worried. All of a sudden, Maria hit Rosalie really hard on the side of her head. She fell down almost instantly. I realized my mouth was wide open after a while. Then, I couldn't help but keep it that way. Maria was yelling at Rosalie, I'm assuming telling her to get up, but I hadn't seen Rosalie get up. So Maria took out her whip and repeatidly hit Rosalie with it. I felt tears running down my cheeks as I watched this. Soon, Jasper came running out and Maria immediately stopped hitting Rosalie. Maria dropped her whip and before she walked out the door, I hid next to her home so she wouldn't see me. As soon as she was out of sight, I looked inside the window again. Jasper helped Rosalie up and you could tell she was crying hard. There was blood all over her and Jasper was really upset. I don't blame him. If that was Emmett in there, I would be that way too. Of course, I would be crying uncontrollably, but Jasper wouldn't do that. I stood to the side as I watched Jasper bring Rosalie to the small building he was in when Maria hit him with her whip. For a split second, I saw a tear run down Jasper's cheek. I walked to "Canada" while trying to hold back the tears that were begining to well up in my eyes.

"Elizabeth?" I said opening the door to "Canada". The girl from across the room, whom I barely recognized as Elizabeth, looked up at me.

"Alice!" She exclaimed, getting up and running towards me while pulling me into a hug. I hadn't really recognized her because she was basicly all skin and bones. The skin on her face looked pulled back a little because her jaw and cheek bones were sticking out somewhat. Her eyes where no longer the soft, dark blue I once knew. Now,
they were a very light blue and her pupils were smaller than they used to be. Her once medium cut, dark brown curly hair was much different. It was now longer and straight. The dark brown color of her hair was now a faded brown which looked more blonde than anything.

"Elizabeth, you look so different", I said, looking up and down at her.

"I know, yesterday was the first time I've seen myself in a mirror for months", I had then realized that I hadn't seen myself in a mirror either.

"Do you have a mirror with you?" I asked, curious of my own looks. Elizabeth nodded and handed me a small piece of glass. When I held the glass up to my face, it looked a little hollowed out. I reminded myself of a zombie. It was actually a little scary to see myself that way, but I suppose it was more of a wake-up call as to how poorly I was actually treated. Even though Jasper helped to make sure Emmett and I were okay, I was still very thin. At around 3:00, I quickly lifted my head to the sound of a very loud siren. Elizabeth and I ran outside,
standing next to Rosalie and Emmett. While we watched several men in uniform march into the camp, I realized what their uniforms had sewn onto them. They read "U.S.A.". We were finally going to be liberated! I felt a sudden smile spread across my face from ear to ear. I saw from the corner of my eye that Aaron was walking towards us to stand next to Elizabeth. Jasper walked out from his and Maria's home when the Americans stopped marching. I saw him quickly smiling to himself. It was silent for quite sometime. The quietest it has ever been here in Auschwitz. Until finally, one of the Americans spoke loudly into a microphone.

"Hello. Today, is the day of your liberation", At the sound of the word liberation, a smile wider than before broke out across my face. The man continued.

"I know this has been a long time coming. But now that you are finally free, I wish the best for you", I watched as Maria was taken away in handcuffs along with all the other guards. All except one. Jasper. As they decended, I ran up to Jasper and hugged him for the longest time without letting go. Another thing I had never expected from either of us was a long, pationate kiss. As we pulled apart, I ran up to Emmett and my two cousins for long hugs as well.

~* Two Months Later *~


It has been two months since the liberation of Auschwitz, and I couldn't be happier. Jasper and I got married two weeks after, as well as Emmett and Rosalie. Emmett found a beautiful house in Vienna right near the ocean. As for Jasper and I, we have a beautiful house as well in Vienna. I decided not to go to Paris because I didn't want to be too far away from Emmett, nor did Jasper want to be too far away from Rosalie. Although I miss my parents dearly, I am living a wonderful life now. With absouletly no fears, and the love of my life. Jasper Hale.