Chapter 1:

Naruto anxiously in his seat at the academy, waiting. Soon, he would have to do the Bunshin, and he knew he couldn't. He started sweating. 'I'm going to fail again!' he thought miserably.

"Uzumaki, Naruto?"

'Oh shit!'

---In Naruto's mind---

Naruto looked around. He seemed to be in a sewer, with a cage in it. There was what seemed to be a tall, 6'3 man with hollow red eyes and blood-stained fangs, scalpel-sharp claws, and black hair with red highlights hanging over his eyes, and nine long tails. He stared down at Naruto. "I see you are having some trouble."

Naruto looked up at the man. "Who are you?"

"The Almighty Kyubi!!!" Kyubi roared, sending out waves of visible energy in the form of foxes.. Naruto sweatdropped.

"Right..." Kyubi facefaulted, then straightened up.

"Listen, I may be the king of demons, but thats only by birth. I'm actually a nice, sweet, gentle guy. Anyways, I noticed you needed some help with...just about everything relating to ninjas. I'm going to help you. I don't know any jutsu aside from the ones you know, but I'm a master of taijutsu, and can help you with speed, strength, healing, endurance, slightly better chakra control, etc, etc. All you have to do is peel off that-" he gestured to the middle of the cage "-seal. Alright?"

Naruto looked at it. He then smiled. "Alright! I'm gonna be the ultimate ninja! Dattebayo!" Kyubi winced.

"Kid, that is really annoying. Oh, and by the way, when I come out, call me Arashi." Naruto vigorously nodded, then tore off the seal.

---Back in the Real World---

Naruto shivered, then started walking down the steps to Iruka and Mizuki, and made a few seals. "Clone jutsu!" he yelled. Nothing seemed to happen, but then, Naruto's blond hair grew some red highlights, his teeth grew into fangs, and he grew to about 5'4. Then, five clones popped into existance. Iruka nodded.

"You barely pass, as it took a while, but you made the most clones. And, if I may ask, why did you find it necessary to use a Henge?" Naruto looked confused.

"A henge? I'm not using a Henge."

Iruka tapped Naruto. His eyebrows rose. "Your right...its not a Henge, it's actually a solid transformation!"

"What is a solid transformation?" Naruto asked, fearful. Iruka handed him a mirror, which Naruto looked at. He froze up.


'What? You have to admit it looks hot. All of the girls are looking at you now.'

'Really? Sweet!' Naruto thought. He whipped around to see a ton of girls looking at him.

'Naruto looks nice, I suppose...BUT HE'LL NEVER COMPARE TO SASUKE-KUN!!!' Sakura thought.

'Hmm, wonder if he's single...' Ino pondered.

'Naruto-kun...' Hinata thought, gaping at him. She then fainted.

Naruto raised an eyebrow.


Naruto stepped out of the room, wearing his new, shiny hitai-ate. He grinned, then stumbled a bit as he shrunk down. 'Sorry kid. You can only look like my demonically handsome self by using chakra.'

Naruto snorted. 'Demonically handsome?' Then, he heard Sakura's name be called for a team, then his, and he crowed with victory. Then, he heard Sasuke's name be called, and he moaned. 'Not the teme...' he thought.

'The Uchiha? No, I'd be more worried about the girl. She doesn't seem very nice. And she is completely flat. Not to mention rather ugly.' Naruto then was forced to turn his head by Arashi. 'Now that girl looks hot. Nice hair, already developing chest, cute eyes-'

'What the hell! Why'd you take over my body!'

'To show you a better choice of mate then that pink-haired freak. She's a fangirl, Naruto, and not even yours!'

'Well, why is Hinata better?'

'I just said all of the reasons kid. Besides, shes at least neutral towards you. Which is better than you could hope for with the flat-chested bitch.'

'Hey, don't call Sakura-chan a bitch!'

'Will you two shut up!' An unknown voice yelled. Naruto blinked.

'Who are you?' he thought.

'Just come into your mind. I need to talk to you.'

'Wow. I'm starting to hear voices in my head, and they aren't mine, dattebayo. Weird. I wonder what else is going to happen in the future?'

Naruto had no idea what would happen in the future, and not the distant future. Many great things would happen to him, with many surprises, tragic events, and much, much more. Much, much more...

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