Chapter 12:

Ichigo rolled his eyes. "Ah, shut it baldy." he grumbled. Ikkaku's eyes seemed to pop out of his skull.

"Baldy!?! I'll kill you!" he screamed. "Grow, Hozukimaru!"

His katana then glowed, changing into a large spear. Ichigo grinned. "so, you know shikai, huh?"

Then, he unwrapped Zangetsu. "Then I won't have to hold back as much."

Ikkaku grinned. "Don't get cocky, kid!" The two then charged at each other.

Ganju sighed, then yelped as a zanpakuto went past his face. "Sorry, but some one as ugly and foul as you simply shouldn't exist, especially since you are a ryoka." Yumichika said simply. Ganju growled.

"Hey!" he said lamely.

Ichigo swung Zangetsu fiercely, but it was easily countered by Hozukimaru. Ikkaku grinned creepily. "Nice try kid!" Then, the spear swung around, slicing Ichigo's cheek, who gasped.

"How?" he asked.

"Hozukimaru works as a normal spear, but also can change into a three-sectioned staff!" Ikkaku boasted. Ichigo grinned.

"So your shikai has a special ability, huh?" Ichigo said, grinning and lifting Zangetsu. "Then I guess I won't have to hold back! Getsuga Tensho!"

The resulting blast hit Ikkaku, and shoved him nearly a kilometer away, not to mention it destroyed most of the surrounding buildings.


Kenpachi Zaraki's head suddenly shot up into the air.

"What is it, Ken-chan?" Yachiru asked.

Kenpachi grinned. "I get the feeling there's someone strong around here..."

---With Naruto---

Naruto grabbed Kamikaze uneasily. "Hey, um, Yoruichi-san, do you know how strong these guys are?"

Yoruichi nodded. "You could probably win against the woman, but you'd better leave the boy to me."

Naruto looked at her, puzzled. "What could a cat do against a shinigami?"

Yoruichi's eye twitched. "Never mind. Just go!"

Naruto nodded, then shunshined away, followed by Rangiku.

Naruto sighed. "I could never hurt an innocent lady." he said. Then, a thin cut appeared on his cheek. His eyes narrowed. "Ok, I'll accept that." Then, he was punched in the stomach. "I can live with that..." he said, slightly annoyed. Then, Rangiku swung her foot back, and Naruto's eyes widened.

He hurriedly grabbed her foot before it connected with his groin, then used his other hand to grab one Kamikaze. Rangiku flipped backwards, grabbing her zanpakuto.

"Growl, Haineko!"

Then, it turned to ash, which flew at Naruto. Naruto hurriedly grabbed the other Kamikaze as the ash flew at him. "Chikage Shippu!" he yelled, and a wave of reishi hit the ash, reducing it nothing. Rangiku blinked.

"Wow, were you like, a former captain or something? Cause that reiatsu amount is, like, as high as Captain Zarakis!"

Naruto shook his head. "Nah, but I'm also a shinigami."

"Well, you know bankai, right?" Rangiku asked.

Naruto raised an eyebrow. "Huh?"

Rangiku sweatdropped. "Ok..." she said. Then, she charged at Naruto, who hurriedly raised his sword up to block a strike from the unreleased Haineko. Naruto raised an eyebrow.

"So, your a lieutenant? I don't see why Yoruichi wouldn't let me fight that kid if you lieutenants are only this strong."

"Hey!" Rangiku whined. "I'm not weak!"

Then, Naruto's eyes widened as a cut appeared on his back, and Rangiku smiled, behind him. "I was just waiting for you to let your guard down."

Naruto turned angrily. "Chikage Hari!" he yelled, swinging his sword around in a circle as reishi needles flew out of it. Rangiku's sword then turned into a hundred little shields of ash that blocked every needle.

Naruto growled, then shunshined away, and swung at Rangiku. She disappeared, then reappeared behind him. "Wow, that shunpo sucks!" she said.

Naruto turned. "Its not shunpo."

Then, he swung his sword again, slicing her forehead. Rangiku swallowed, and Naruto disappeared again, as he got behind her, and slammed a fist into her back. Rangiku screamed, falling to the ground. Then, Naruto swung his sword again. "Chikage Hari."

The needles he made this time had a lot less Spirit energy, so they only bruised her and kept her unconsious. Naruto grinned. "That wasn't too hard!"


Naruto's eyes widened, and he turned to see someone else. "Who are you?"

The man coldly looked at him. "I don't tell my name to inferiors." he said icily. Naruto grinned, then charged at him, swinging his swords. The man simply raised one hand, and caught both Kamikazes, then shattered their chains. Naruto swallowed, looking at the man.

He was slim, 6'3'', and his eyes were a dark orange. His black hair was falling over his eyes, and he was wearing what looked like a form-fitting white shinigami uniform, along with a thin bony line along the side of his face. Naruto chuckled softly, then suddenly hit the man with his head.

The man's eyes widened, and he shot backwards, blood dripping from his razor-thin lips. Naruto noticed he was wearing a glove on one hand, and the sleeve on that arm was longer than the other. The man laughed hollowly, then disappeared suddenly.

Naruto's eyes shot open as a fist slammed into his stomach, shoving him into a wall. Naruto growled. "Chikage Shippu!" he screamed, unleashing a wave of energy. The man's eyes widened as the blast enveloped him, causing huge lacerations all over his body. The man then chuckled softly.

"Fine, I'll tell you my name. Its Hisoka Sasaki. Farewell, Uzumaki Naruto. Until we meet again." he said. Then, he vanished.

Naruto growled. "Get back here!"

"Who are you yelling at, Naruto?"

Naruto turned to see Yoruichi beside him. Naruto growled. "Some stupid looking guy started fighting me after I beat her." he said, pointing towards Rangiku.

Yoruichi raised her eyebrows. "You beat her! I expected you to not lose too badly, so I could beat her."

Naruto snarled. "Hey!" he yelled. "How'd you even beat that captain anyways!"

Yoruichi smirked. "That's for me to know and you to not yet find out."


"Hey! A ryoka!"

"Lets get him!"

Sado turned around to see a whole group of shinigami charging at him. The largest one of them laughed. "This is only going to take a minute!"

"You're wrong." Sado said.

The shinigami raised their eyebrows.

Then, a black and magneta liquid poured from Sado's palm, and he started glowing with reishi. "This won't even take a minute."

The shinigami's screams were heard for miles.


Ishida pushed his glasses higher up his face. "Well then, hello, Jirobo-san. If you would just let us through-"

Jirobo laughed."Nice try, ryoka! But you can't be let through!"

Ishida sighed, then started gathering reishi around his hand. "Alright then."

A large, solid bow appeared in his hands. "Then we shall force our way through."

Jirobo laughed, then said something, and his zanpakuto turned into a bunch of flying blades. He laughed, and swung the hilt at Ishida. "Fool! I can use all of these blades at once to attack you! There's no way you can possibly win!"

Then, all of the blades shattered.

Jirobo gasped. Ishida's bow was slightly steaming, and he was smirking a little. Ishida sighed.

"Come on, Orihime. He's beaten."

Jirobo snarled, then charged at Orihime angrily.

He choked as two arrows went into him. He gasped frantically. "I just took away your shinigami powers, Jirobo-san. That's what you get for attempting to harm a lady. How un chivalrous." Ishida said coldly.

He calmly stepped on him as he walked by. "Good day."


Ichigo walked away coldly, until he heard a groan. "Wait..."

Ichigo turned. "What?" he said to Ikkaku.

"You didn't come here alone, did you?" he asked.

Ichigo shook his head. "Why?"

Ikkaku nodded thoughtfully. "Well, then who would you say is the strongest of your group?"

Ichigo looked up at the clouds. "" Ichigo said. Ikkaku nodded.

"Well, then know captain loves fighting. He loves fighting strong people. So if you're as strong as you say...he will find you...and he might just kill you."

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