Chapter 2:

---In Naruto's mind---

Naruto looked at the tall figure in front of him, wearing a long cloak with red flames on it and having yellow hair. Arashi grinned.

"Hey, Minato." he said. Naruto's eyes widened.

"Minato Namikaze? As the the Fourth Hokage! Awesome! Your my idol!" Naruto exclaimed, beaming. Minato chuckled, ruffling Naruto's hair.

"I know all about you...son." He said wistfully. Naruto's jaw dropped, and he pointed a finger at Minato, stuttering.

"I-I'm your son!" he screamed. Minato nodded.

"Its not polite to point, Naruto." Naruto sheepishly put his finger down, and Minato cleared his throat. "You see, while Kyubi-san gives you far better strength and chakra, he has chakra control that is almost as bad as yours. However, I am a master of chakra control, can actually teach you taijutsu forms instead of using brute strength. Oh, and did I mention-I actually know ninjutsu, unlike the Kyubi."

Naruto grinned. "Awesome!" But Arashi snorted.

"Please. He can learn ninjutsu and taijutsu, but you can't get brute force without tons of training."

"You can't learn taijutsu or ninjutsu without lots of training either, Kyubi-san."

"I already said I want to be called Arashi."

Naruto watched the two argue for what seemed to be an eternity. Finally, Minato turned to Naruto. "Anyways, Arashi and I have reached an agreement-you can use both of us for battles." Naruto grinned.


"However, Naruto, you shouldn't rely on us like a bloodline. Doing that will be your downfall, just like with the Uchihas. Well, I can tell Kyubi has given you chakra like that of a low jonin, so I'm going to teach you a jutsu that requires little to no chakra control, but is infinitely useful."

Naruto started drooling. "What is it! Tell me dad, tell me!"

'Dad. I always wanted to be called that by my son.' Minato thought momentarilly. Then he snapped back to reality. "Its called the Shadow Clone jutsu. It makes solid clones that can use jutsu. And when they're dispelled, they give you all of the information it learned." He then made a seal.

"Just make this seal, and you'll create a shadow clone." Naruto furiously nodded, then made the seal.

"Thanks dad." he said, fading into the real world. Minato smiled.

'I wish you were here, Kushina..."

---Real World---

Naruto made a seal, and twenty copies of him popped into existance, and they started walking around. Iruka looked stunned. "Naruto?"

Naruto grinned. "This Shadow Clone jutsu works really well, huh?" Iruka blinked.

"Shadow Clones? Hinata, could you check him with your Byakugan to make sure they're shadow clones?" Hinata's eyes widened. She was literally being order to check out Naruto. And who was she to not follow orders?

She blushed, then said, "Ok, Iruka-sensei. Byakugan!" She looked at Naruto, trying to both not look and look at his privates, while examining him. She turned off her kekkai genkai before she got a nosebleed and nodded feebly. "Well, his clones are solid, and seem to have chakra pathways..."

Iruka nodded. "So they are shadow clones. Congratulations Naruto, you've just mastered a B-ranked kinjutsu." Naruto grinned.

"Awesome!" Iruka smiled in reply, but was actually stunned. How Naruto even learned such a jutsu existed was beyond him. And to make twenty clones, each with a twentieth of his chakra, and not be tired? Incredible. Unimaginable, almost. But he smiled, watching as the other teams' jonin came in and picked the new genin up. He then walked out to do some paperwork, smiling.


Naruto was thinking, considering his team's jonin instructor hadn't come yet. 'Oh, I know! I'll place that eraser on the door so it'll fall and hit his head!'

'Thats pitiful kit. How about you use those rubber bands to shoot kunai at him?'

'Son...that would be direspectful, an you could kill him.'

'Yes dad...'


Just then, a man walked in through the doorway. He looked at all of them.

'Kakashi?' Minato thought.


'My old student...somewhat dull, depressing, and depressed after his friends Obito Uchiha and Rin died.'

'I can't see why he'd be sad when an Uchiha died.'

'Naruto! Obito, and Itachi, were great ninja. They both wanted what was best for the village, and were very kind.'

'Well, ok.'

Kakashi looked at the three remaining genin (Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura) and simply said, "I'll meet you on the roof." Sasuke grunted, Sakura nodded, and Naruto nodded as well. He then leapt out of the window, and swung up onto a brick sticking out a bit, then used that to go onto the roof. Kakashi was already there, reading a book. An orange-covered book. Minato seemed to radiate disappointment.

'Kakashi got over his reading adult books. Couldn't he have just gotten a girlfriend or something?'

Naruto chuckled. Kakashi turned to look at him, then turned back to his book. When Sasuke and Sakura arrived, he closed the book. "Alright, so, why don't we introduce outselves? Name, likes, dislikes, dreams, and hobbies."

"Why don't you demonstrate, sensei?"

"Ok, I'm Kakashi, I have no intention of telling you my likes or dislikes, my dreams...hmm...and I have many hobbies. You, pinky."

"I'm Sakura, my likes...(giggles), my dreams...(turns to Sasuke and giggles), my hobbies..."

"What about your dislikes?"

"NARUTO!" Naruto sweatdropped.

"Ok, now you."

"My name is Uchiha Sasuke. There are many things I hate, and not many I like-"

'Ok, Naruto, I want to do something that'll help you. You see, I'm going to permenantly partially fuse with you, about 10-15 percent, so you'll have better chakra control and stuff. Oh, and I'm going to talk for you for your introduction, so you don't make a fool of yourself.'

'Ok dad.'

"Alright, you blondie."

Naruto stood up and cleared his throat, then noticed he was slightly taller and more muscular. "I'm MInato Namikaze, my likes are making new jutsu, Rin, Obito, Kakashi, and Kushina-chan, my dislikes are Orochimaru and people who attack my village, my dream is to raise my son well, and my hobbies are being the fourth hokage."

Kakashi's visible eye widened. 'God, how could I have been so stupid! Naruto is Minato's son!'

'Weirdo...' Sasuke thought.

"What the hell baka! You aren't the Yondaime!"

Naruto gingerly rubbed the growing lump on his head from Sakura, completely missing what Kakashi said except for the field to go to for a test tomorrow. When Kakashi left, Naruto stood up to go also, but Sasuke stopped him, grabbing his arm.

" were always the deadlast, but you still managed to use a B-ranked kinjutsu. How?"

Naruto looked at him. "Sasuke. You may be the rookie of the year, with elemental jutsu, above average taijutsu, and good kenjutsu, but I have the most chakra out of any academy student." Needless to say, Minato was still speaking. "So, I will be able to perform more ninjutsu than you, but you are still the second best in our team."

Sasuke growled. "Second best!"

Naruto nodded. "Kakashi, you, Me, Sakura."

Sasuke stopped himself from attacking Naruto as he realized what Naruto was saying. Sakura then was about to yell at Naruto, but then realized he was right. 'I-I've always prided myself on being better than Naruto, but...Naruto has so much chakra and can do a non-academy jutsu, while I barely have genin-level chakra and can only do the academy three!' She then noticed a stray tear was going down her face, and she hurriedly wiped it away.

Naruto then left, and Sasuke, leaving Sakura alone.

---The Next Day---

Naruto got up, yawning, then started to boil some water for ramen, and got out some milk. When everything was ready, he slurped up about a third of the noodles, then was about to drink some of the mil before some chakra pushed it out of the way, spilling it. "What was that for!" Naruto said.

'That milk expired five days ago, son.'

'Yeah, we wouldn't want you getting sick on your genin exam!'

Naruto smiled, nodding. "Thanks guys." He then leapt out of the window, running towards the field.


He was third to arrive, and yelled at for being 119 minutes late (but who's counting?). Kakashi arrived a minute later, and Sakura started screaming at him as well. Kakashi ignored her, saying, "Sorry, but a black cat crossed my path, so...yeah. Anyways..." he said, taking out two bells, " three have to get these bells from me. Whoever doesn't get a bell fails, and is sent back to the academy. Oh yeah-and if you fail, we'll tie you to that-" he gestured towards a tree stump "-stump, and we'll eat lunch in front of you."

Naruto sighed as Sakura exclaimed, "So thats why we couldn't eat breakfast!"

"Ready? Go." Kakashi simply said. Sakura and Sasuke dashed off, leaving Naruto in the center of the field, looking around. Kakashi raised an eyebrow. "Naruto? Aren't you going to hide?"

"I don't see any reason to."

"Really?" Kakashi said from behind him. "You shouldn't let your opponent get behind you. One thousand years of Death!" he yelled, poking Naruto in the butt...

And Naruto turned into a cloud of smoke. 'A Shadow Clone?' he thought. Then, it revealed Kiba, screaming and rubbing his ass as he was sent flying.

"Fricken pervert!" he screamed. Kakashi straightened up.


"Sorry, Kakashi-san."

Kakashi whipped around to dodge a gentle fist strike from Hinata. "Kurenai-sensei said our test was to find your Icha Icha Paradise book and destroy it."

'I like that girl, Hinata, already.' Minato said, and he seemed to smile in Naruto's mind. 'Why don't you ask her out instead of that pink haired girl?' Naruto shrugged.

'I never thought of doing something like that.'

Kiba and Hinata kept Kakashi on the defensive, with claws and Gentle Fist. Naruto smiled, then quietly crept up behind Kakashi. "You shouldn't let your opponents get behind you, Kakashi-sensei."

He then leapt at Kakashi, then grabbed him, pinning his arms to his sides so he couldn't do any jutsu. Then, he made the shadow clone seal, and all of his clones smashed fists into Kakashi, who fell, unconscious. Shino then stepped out and grabbed Kakashi's book, flipped through it, shuddered, and used his books to shred it apart. "Thank you, Naruto-san."

Hinata nodded. "Yes, thank you, Naruto-kun." Naruto grinned.

"Don't mention it, Hinata-chan!" he said, smiling and taking Kakashi's bells. Hinata flushed red.

'Hinata-chan? He called me Hinata-chan,hecalledmehinata-chan,HECALLEDMEHINATA-CHAN!' she thought happily. She then fainted. Kiba sighed, picking her up.

"You just always have to faint around Naruto, don't you?" he muttered, walking away, with Shino not far behind.


Kakashi woke up to see Naruto, grinning and holding out two bells. "Well, I have to say something to you guys. Naruto-you deserve to become a genin. Sasuke, Sakura-you should probably go back to the academy."

"What!" Sakura screamed. Sasuke looked angry, but only grunted.

"Well, the whole test was supposed to be about using teamwork to try to beat me, but you didn't use teamwork at all. But, Naruto actually managed to surprise me and beat me, and used teamwork with Kurenai's team." Sakura looked devastated. Kakashi seemed to smile.

"Don't worry-I know someone that you can apprentice under, both of you, and you'll be able to be considered genin if you can pass their tests!"

Sakura perked up. "Who?"


Sakura stared, transfixed at the sight before her. A tall, purple haired woman with a rather large bust was licking a dango and fingering a kunai. "So, your the gaki I'm supposed to train, huh?" Anko whispered, grinning like a maniac.

'I sure hope Sasuke has it better than I do..." Sakura thought.


Sasuke looked in awe at all of the cuts, scars, and holes in the man in front of him's head. Ibiki then replaced his bandana. "I've been tortured, battered, beaten, and pushed to the point of death , Uchiha. I've had to murder more people than I could count. And I'm going to train you, and if you can survive, you'll be at least chunin level."

Sasuke nodded, showing a rare smile. 'This man shall help me kill you...Itachi...'


Kakashi and Naruto were walking along, when Naruto decided to ask him something that had been bothering him for a while. "Hey, sensei? Are you going to personally train me?"

Kakashi stopped crying over his book, and turned to Naruto. "No, Naruto. I've got something even better." Naruto raised an eyebrow.


The two then stopped at a barbecue restaurant, and Kakashi stepped in. When Naruto hesitated, Kakashi dragged him in. There, Team Kurenai was eating. Kakashi smiled. "So, do you agree, Kurenai?"

Kurenai smiled. "Of course."

"Of course what? Do you agree what? Tell me!" Naruto complained. Kurenai laughed.

"Kakashi didn't tell you? Team 7 and 8 are combining, so we'll have two jonin, and you four genin."

Hinata's eyes widened. 'I'm going to be on the same team as Naruto-kun?'

Naruto grinned. "Alright! This is awesome!!!"

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