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Chapter 3:

The next day:

Naruto got up, brushed his teeth, and happily walked over to the training field. He ignored the looks he got from most villagers, walking peacefully. After a few minutes, he arrived earlier then everyone except Shino, who simply looked at him from behind his glasses. Naruto then sat under a tree, smiling, waiting.

"Naruto! Hey! Wake up!"

Naruto groaned, waking up as Kiba yelled at him. Then, Akamaru apparently thought he wasn't awake, so he leapt at him, licking his face, drenching it in saliva. Then, his eyes turned from a happy, nice cerulean to the color of a frozen lake that you could see water under. He looked at Akamaru. "Stupid mutt..." Minato hissed, shooting a tiny amount of killing intent. Akamaru yipped, then hid behind Kiba.

"Hey! What the hell did you do to my dog!"

Naruto's eyes changed back to normal. He looked confused, or at least, more confused than normal. "I don't know what you're talking about." he said truthfully. Kiba growled, then leapt at Naruto, until Kurenai hit him, so he fell onto the ground.

"First, we're teammates, so we shouldn't fight. Second, that was called killing intent." she said. She turned to Naruto. "Which is usually only learned by chunin level or higher ninja."

Naruto stepped back, looking insulted. "Are you saying I'm not chunin level!" he said indignantly. Kurenai smiled.

'This kids kind of funny. He'll certainly be able to make Shino and Hinata a bit happier.' She turned to look at Hinata. 'He's making Hinata happier just by being on this team.' She then turned back to Naruto. "No, I'm saying I'm surprised." she said.


Kurenai looked through all of the files on the new genin, stopping on Naruto Uzumaki. She raised an eyebrow.

Taijutsu: Low Genin

Genjutsu: Non-existant

Ninjutsu:Low Genin

Kenjutsu: Non-existant

Intelligence: Genin

Chakra Control: Low Genin

Chakra Level: Low Jonin

"Um, Hokage-sama? I think you have a typo here." Kurenai said, pointing to the chakra level. Hiruzen looked at it, laughed, and said,

"You're right!" and then took the file, and wrote something else. Kurenai took it again.

Chakra Level: Mid-Jonin

She sweatdropped.

---Flashback End---

Naruto grinned. Kurenai couldn't help but smile as well. "Anyways, we're going to work on chakra control, by doing an exercise called Tree Climbing."

"But, I can already climb trees!" Naruto whined.

"Um, Naruto-kun? I think she means without our hands, because I was already taught how to do that." Hinata shyly said.

"I was also taught how to use chakra to climb trees." Shino said.

Kiba snorted. "Well, I wasn't."

Kurenai smiled. "Good, then you and Naruto will learn how to." She then walked over to a tree, and started walking up it, to Naruto and Kiba's shock. She smiled again. "You have to apply chakra to your feet to walk up the tree. If you use too little, you'll fall. If you use too much, you'll break the tree's bark."

Naruto grinned, then ran at the tree, and jumped at it, feet first. Kurenai's eyes widened. "Naruto, don't!" 'You have so much chakra on your feet its not just visible, but green!'

Naruto stuck onto the tree for about a second...then it exploded. "Naruto-kun!" Hinata worriedly screamed, running towards him as he started making odd noises. But he wasn't yelling in pain.

He was laughing. "That was freaking AWESOME!" he crowed. Kurenai sweatdropped. Minato chuckled in Naruto's head.

'Well Naruto, did you do that on purpose, or just to show off?'

'Why would I do that on purpose?'

'You just said it was awesome.'

'Well, it was!'

'Actually, that was kind of my fault. I had a little theory that if I added enough chakra to Naruto's limbs, he'd be able to be more of a heavy hitter and the blows would really hurt.'

'We're trying to climb trees, not decimate the forest!'

Hinata looked at Naruto as he seemed to be in conflict with himself. 'Maybe he's dazed from chakra exhaustion. I'd better check. Byakugan!'

She gasped. "Naruto?" she whispered. Naruto looked at her.


"Why do you have three different chakras?" Naruto swallowed. He had to come up with an excuse, and fast.

"Um...because I'm just awesome like that!" he said.

'Good idea son-acting stupid.'

'Thanks da-hey!'

Kurenai was very surprised. "Hinata, use your Byakugan to check his three chakras then."

Hinata swallowed, supressing a blush. "Well, he has one that is so concentrated, its dark green."

'That would be mine.' Minato thought.

"The second one is a very, very dark blue, which means it is at least jonin-level." Hinata continued.

'Mine." Naruto smugly thought.

"And-and theres one that is just, well...blood red. And there is so much, it's like there is a pocket dimension in Naruto-kun!" Hinata exclaimed.

'And mine.' Arashi said.

Kurenai's eyebrows rose. 'Mid-jonin level? Right. More like mid-god.' But she didn't remark on it. "Well then, Naruto, I think I know what your problem is. You have so much chakra, it's like trying to shoot a whole watermelon out of a garden hose." Naruto chuckled. She smiled hauntingly. "Laugh now Naruto, because we might have to apply a certain chakra inhibiting seal on you to make your chakra control better." Naruto smiled.

"Ok, so do you apply it to my stomach? My arm?"


Naruto stumbled back to his team, legs close together, obviously in great pain. 'Why up there?' he moaned in his mind.

'Nice going, Arashi.' Minato chided. Arashi remained silent.

Hinata saw Naruto coming up the hill, and tried to wave to him, but then noticed his odd way of walking, and put her hand down, already knowing where the seal had gone. "Hey, Naruto! Why the long face!" Kiba said happily. Naruto looked at him painfully.

"Just...don't ask." he muttered. He then walked to another tree, and cautiously tried again. This time, he fell off.

'Naruto, I'm going to remove the seal, and now I will control the chakra instead of Arashi.'

Arashi snorted as Naruto's rear glowed, then Naruto felt infinitely better. 'Thanks dad.' He then tried again, with great success, managing to get all the way to the top. He cheered while Kiba boasted he climbed a higher tree and Hinata and Kurenai smiled.

'Great job, Naruto.' Hinata thought, blushing. Naruto then leapt off of the tree, landing on his feet and one hand. Kurenai smiled.

"Well, that should be enough training for one day. How about we all go and get some barbecue?" Kurenai said.

"Sounds great." Kakashi said from behind her. Kurenai's eye twitched.

"How...long...were you here?" she asked darkly. Kakashi shrugged.

"Before all of you were." he said simply. Then, he was sent flying as Kurenai punched him into oblivion.


Team 8 sat at a booth, talking happily and eating, except for Hinata, who was a bit shy from just sitting next to Naruto. Kiba and Naruto seemed to be trying to see who could eat the most without puking. Kiba won, but then puked, barely missing Hinata, and hitting Shino. Kiba tried to stammer out an apology while Kurenai attacked him and Naruto started howling with laughter. Hinata weakly smiled also, while Shinos' bugs slowly ate the vomit. Shino sighed, then got up.

"I really must be going. My father is going to be teaching me a new technique today." and he left. Kiba cleared his throat too.

"Yeah, me and Akamaru are gonna be trained by my mom also." And he ran off before Kurenai could say anything. Kurenai looked at the two while Kakashi walked in, dazed.

"Well then, since Kiba and Shino are gone-"


Kurenai turned. "Anko? What are you doing here?" she asked. Anko grinned, then pulled Sakura from behind her.

"This little gaki was tired from training, so I decided to bring her here." She said, grinning. She then sat down next to Naruto, squishing him in between her and Hinata. "Hey! Can't a kunoichi get some sake around here!" she roared at the waitor.

"Anko-sensei! I can't breathe!" Naruto choked out. Anko whipped around, smashing her breasts into Naruto's face, smothering him more.

"And whos this little gaki?" she said, grinning and pulling out a kunai. She slowly cut Naruto's face, then started licking it slowly, tasting the blood. "You taste good." she purred. Hinata angrily looked at Anko while Kurenai sighed. Anko then cut Naruto again, close to his lip, and started licking him and kissing him. Hinata then was flooded with jealousy, and was about to use Gentle Fist on her when Kurenai pulled Anko away.

"Anko..."Kurenai said menacingly. Anko pouted.

"What? You have to admit he is cute. I love those whisker marks, and he kind of looks like a little Yondaime, huh?" she said, pointing at Naruto. Kurenai leaned towards Naruto, examining his face.

"Well, I suppose he kind of looks like Min-"

"Hey, Kurenai!" Kakashi said, slapping Kurenai on the back and making her kiss Naruto, to their shock. Anko started laughing.

"I knew it Kurenai! You do like younger boys!" she crowed, rolling on the floor with laughter. Kurenai flushed redder than Hinata ever had.

"What! Are you kidding me! I do not like young kids!" She stammered. Anko grinned like a lunatic.

"Then why'd you just kiss him!"

"Kakashi pushed me!"

"What, a jonin can't move out of the way of a simple push?" Anko laughed. Kurenai growled, and Anko cheerily smiled. "Well, I'm going to leave the gaki with you for now. See ya!" she said, shunshining away. When she left, Kurenai awkwardly turned to Naruto.

"Um, sorry, Naruto." She said.

"Yeah, um, sorry." he mumbled back in reply, looking away purposefully.

'Kiss her again!'


'Kiss her again! I could tell she liked it.' Arashi said.

'You sick pervert.'

'Well, if not her, ask the pink haired girl about that Anko. She seems really interesting.'

Hinata turned to Naruto. His face kept on controrting, switching to different emotions. 'Naruto...' she thought. Sakura looked at Naruto, thinking.

'Come to think of it, he kind of looks like the Fourth. Weird. And, he does kind of look nice...' she thought. 'But he doesn't even compare to Sasuke-kun! Shannaro!' Inner Sakura yelled. Naruto uneasily scratched the back of his head.

"Um, are you alright, Sakura?" he asked. Sakura was surprised.

"Yeah...wait, why didn't you call me Sakura-chan?"

Naruto shrugged. "A few people told me some reasons not to like you. Besides, I can't really see you much, so its pointless liking you." Sakura blinked. Naruto not liking her was like...her not liking Sasuke. She stood up, then walked away, wondering at Naruto's maturity. Hinata smiled inside.

'Yes! I know have a better chance with Naruto!' she thought. Kurenai cleared her throat.

"Well, we have D-ranked missions tomorrow, so get ready for them." she then stood up, and walked away from the table before she turned to the two.

"Oh, and Naruto? You might want to get some new weapons, and new clothes." Naruto swallowed.

"I don't think I can." he said. Kurenai raised an eyebrow.

"Why?" she asked.

"Well, most shop owners don't allow me in their shops. Really, only Old Man Ichiraku lets me in his ramen shop, which is why I only eat Ramen." Kurenai scowled, then came up with an idea. She was aware of Hinata's crush on Naruto, and would kill, or at least badly injure, to get to spend time with him.

"Well then, you can go with Hinata. No one would dare to refuse the Hyuga clan heir. Well, as long as Hinata agrees." She said. Naruto turned to Hinata, showing his greatest puppy-dog eyes ever.

"Well, Hinata?" he pleaded. Hinata flushed slightly red, then nodded, not trusting her voice. Naruto grinned.

"Great!" he said, running out of the resteraunt, grabbing Hinata's hand to drag her around. Kurenai smiled, then brushed her lips as they shivered with a phantom tingle.


"So, Hinata, where should we go to get clothes and weapons?" Naruto asked.

"Well, I-I usually buy weapons at Tenten-san's parents' shop." Naruto turned to her, grinning, his eyes a deeper blue from the shadows of night.

"Great, lead the way!" he said, and Hinata nodded, walking quickly so she could get ahead of Naruto and he couldn't see the blush on her face. They walked for about a minute, until they arrived at a modest looking shop, with a few lights on in it. Naruto walked in, then looked around. On every wall, there were many different weapons and blades of all kinds. Naruto looked around in wonder, then tried to touch the tip of a sword.

"Don't touch that!" A girl yelled, grabbing Naruto's wrist. Naruto turned to her.

"Who are you?" he asked.

"I'm Tenten!" she said. Naruto looked her.

"Well then Panda-chan, I need to buy some shuriken and kunai." Tenten's eye twitched.

'Panda-chan?' she thought. She then reached to strangle Naruto, but Naruto ducked down to look at a sword.

"Wow, this is awesome! Did your parents make this?" he asked. Tenten blinked.

"Actually, I did." she said. Naruto grinned even wider.

"Wow! You actually made this incredible sword?" he asked, feeling the edge. He winced slightly as his finger was cut.

"I'll get a bandage for that." Tenten quickly said, getting one from the counter. She then grabbed Naruto's hand. Her eyebrows rose. "The cut-it's gone!" she exclaimed. Naruto looked at his finger.

"Huh. I suppose it is." 'Arashi? Why'd you heal it so fast?'

'I felt like it. Deal with it.'

Naruto sighed, then turned to Tenten. "Well, anyways, I need some shuriken and kunai." Tenten nodded, then got two different boxes, and handed them to Naruto.

"That'll be eighty ryo." she said. Naruto nodded, then handed her some coins. "Thanks." she said. Naruto smiled, then walked out of the door with Hinata.

"Well, see you later, Panda-chan!" he said happily. Tenten nodded, smiling.

---Later, After Naruto Went to the clothing store---

Naruto walked out of the store, carrying the boxes of weapons and some bags of clothes. "Well, thanks Hinata-chan!" he said, hugging her goodbye. Then, when he turned from Hinata, his eyes turned an icier blue and he shunshined away. Hinata blushed.

'Hinata-chan?' she thought happily, running to her home.

Naruto arrived at his apartment, stumbling around. He looked around in dismay. There was graffiti on the walls, that said things like "Die, Demon!" and "One day, We will kill you!" Minato scowled.

'Damn villagers...' he muttered. 'Anyways, I'm going to teach you the Shunshin. So prepare to pull an all-nighter.' Naruto groaned.

---The Next Day---

Kurenai, Kiba, Shino, and Hinata were training on a field, with Kiba sparring Shino (and losing), and Hinata being taught how to walk on water by Kurenai, when all of a sudden, Naruto shunshined over to them, looking extremely tired. "Dude, what did you do last night!" Kiba said, pointing at Naruto's tired, bloodshot eyes.

"I learned Shunshin no jutsu." Naruto mumbled. Hinata was gaping at Naruto. She didn't know until then what clothes Naruto had chosen, but she had to admit, they looked unbelieveably handsome, in her opinion.

Naruto was wearing a long-sleeved black cloak with a hood, and it had a red and orange flame(or maybe it was a wave) design on it, and a kanji for "Naruto", or "Maelstrom." There was a small red spiral on the back also. Underneath, he had a burnt orange and white shirt, and black and orange pants.

The clothes also accented the fact that Minato's fusing with him made his face more angular and his hair slightly longer. Hinata continued to stare at him, completely missing what Kurenai said. "Hinata? Hinata?" Kurenai said. She turned to Naruto. "Wow...he does look like the Yondaime...' she idily thought. 'If he was my age, I'd definitely want to be his girlfriend.'

'Did I just think what I think I just thought?'

Naruto then walked to the two kunoichi and Kakashi. "So, whats our first mission, Kakashi-sensei?"

"We are doing a whole bunch of D-ranked missions, like painting, gardening, and catching a certain cat called Tora." Kakashi replied. Naruto groaned.

"D-ranked missions! Those are lame! At least let us do a C-ranked!" he whined. Kakashi sighed.

" Naruto, as new genin, you can only do D-ranked missions. And they are useful for training, and don't have any chance of hurting you."

Naruto sighed, but nodded."Well, when do we start?" he asked.


"GET THIS DAMN MONSTER OFF OF ME!!!" Kiba screamed as Tora viciously bit and attacked him and Akamaru. Hinata giggled a little as Tora leapt into her arms and started purring, and Shino remarked,

" do realize you were just beaten in combat by a cat, right?"

Naruto grinned. 'I think I could get used to D-ranked missions.'

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