Chapter 30:

Aisslinger growled darkly, slashing at Ishida as he swayed back and forth. 'Damn...can't even scratch him!'

Then, he choked, as Ishida violently turned, slicing into the arrancar's bony mask. Aisslinger hissed. "Bastard!"

Ishida calmly replied by moving his glasses up his face.

Then, Aisslinger lowered his head. "Fair enough...I believe that it would be best to slay you as soon as possible." Then, he started laughing, and held up his four spindly appendages.

"Una Tirotear."

Demoura laughed. "Oh boy, you're in for it now!"

Then, he gagged, as Chad violently punched him in the face, sending him flying back into the walls behind him.

Chad looked even darker as he faced the huge arrancar, as Demoura growled.

"Eat this!" Demoura yelled, firing his immense tongue.

It was easily grabbed by Chad's mighty right hand. Chad heaved Demoura up in the air with a deep grunt, then aimed his fist upwards.

Demoura swallowed hard.

"El Directo."

Aisslinger paled. 'How...'

Ishida was calmly blocking every one of his projectiles with his arrows. Aisslinger screamed.

"How can you do that! I'm firing these at a rate of 108 per second!"

Ishida blinked. "What..."

Then, the tide of energy rushed toward Aisslinger.

" that it?"

Then, the blue arrows engulfed Aisslinger, nearly disintegrating him.

Chad's tremendous uppercut then smashed right into Demoura, who choked up blood, before a huge ray of light shot up through his torso, carving a hole in it.

Naruto yawned. "Man, you guys were slow."

Ishida's eye twitched. "Shut it!"

Then, suddenly, the walls started shaking. Naruto swallowed. "What the hell is going on!"

Renji grimaced. "I get the feeling there was a security feature..."

Naruto yelped as a slab of concrete nearly slammed into his feet. "Lets get the hell out of here!"


The man smiled, his poison-pink hair falling below his eyes. "Interesting..."

"What was that, Szayel."

The Espada turned sharply, a disgusted look on his face. "Hisoka..."

Hisoka ignored him, shoving him aside as he glared at the screen. After a moment, he scowled. "So, he's here..."

Szayel raised his glasses up. "Ah, yes, the shinigami Naruto-"

Hisoka punched Szayel onto the ground, cracking the floor before he turned and started to walk out. Szayel smiled twistedly.

" you have some sort of grudge against that man?"


Szayel gasped, as a pitch black blast slammed into him, tearing his flesh apart in a large explosion.

Hisoka was shivering.

He turned.

He was shivering in pure, undiluted fury. "Don't fuck with me..."

"I will murder him."


Ichigo panted, his mask falling apart. Shinji darkly looked at him. "What, is that it? 12 seconds?"

After a dark growl, Ichigo repaired it, leaping back at Shinji, zanpakuto in hand. Shinji coldly parried him, deflecting him easily. "Your second mask is too weak also."

"SHUT UP!" Ichigo yelled. "Getsuga Tensho!"

Shinji vanished, and the attack hit the barrier. Hachigen winced. "I doubt you can call him weak Shinji. There is a reason you're the leader."

A smile crept up on Shinji's face. "Why, thank y-"

Then, Hiyori slammed into him viciously. "IDIOT!"


Naruto looked around, eyes bright and open. "Where are we?"

Ishida knelt down, grasping a handful of sand. "A desert?"

Renji groaned. "Rukia, Chad, whats going on."

"Look." Chad quietly said. Naruto blinked.

"What is that..."

A gargantuan castle was in the distance, a pallid white against a black sky. It was enough to give both Naruto and Rukia the shivers.

However, he recovered quickly, and started towards the castle, followed by the others. He scanned the ground, but only a few tiny little lizards scurried across the sand.

'Stay alert Naruto, you never know what might happen.' Minato cautioned.

Naruto nodded, then dashed off towards the castle in the distance.


"Hirameki, Ikusen Raikou."

A huge amount of shining blades pierced into a swarm of hollows, disintegrating them.

Aizen smiled a bit wider. "Excellent job, Sasuke. Now, one more time."

The Uchiha was panting and sweating, his spirit pressure slowly fading. "Sir, I've already killed over 2000 hollows. I'm running out of spirit energy..."

Aizen sighed deeply. "Well, Sasuke-san, to be blunt, we do not accept weaklings here..."

Sasuke growled. "Weakling? Sorry, I misspoke. I meant, I do not wish to deplete all of your forces at once."

A broad grin appeared on Aizen's face. "Don't worry. You only have one more to go."

He gestured with his finger, and a large Adjuchas appeared. Sasuke winced in pain- a few hollows had managed to reach and hurt him before, and an Adjuchas would definitely be more than capable of repeating that small feat.

Aizen dryly said, "Attack", and the hollow lunged forwards, screaming.

Sasuke growled, while in the background, one of the figures grunted.

"Honestly, I don't see what Aizen sees in some weak little human."

The figure beside him nodded. "He looks like he could be beaten in a few minutes by one of my Fraccion."

The old man grunted again in response, and the woman fell silent.

"He has some meager potential," a cold, calculating voice said. The woman looked at him.

"Do you really believe that, Ulquiorra?"

Ulquiorra's eyes were dark and black. "Yes. He has enough to beat...that boy."

"Excuse me?"

Ulquiorra turned grimly. "Is there a problem, Hisoka?"

Hisoka growled. "Yeah. I'm going to be the one to kill that fucker."

Ulquiorra dryly stared at him. "Is that so? I don't believe you'll get the chance."

Gin laughed. "Yeah, looks like they're up against that guy...uh...whats his name? Runuganga?"

Grimmjow stalked up to Ichimaru, glaring at the screen. Then, the large red blip on it vanished, and the small green ones continued moving.

"Aren't anymore." he said, grinning. "Now then...which one do you think is that Ichigo bastard?"

Ichimaru grinned at him. "Sorry, but they still have to face the Privaron, don't they?" He flicked on the cameras. His grin suddenly snapped into a frown. "Hmmm."

Grimmjow growled. "What?"

"This is...unusual." Ichimaru remarked. "Ichigo isn't here."

Grimmjow yelled in fury. "What!"

Gin nodded, but in the back of his mind, he secretly thought, 'And who is that green haired girl sneaking behind them?'

His thoughts were interrupted by a yell of, "Kieri!" and a huge flash of blue.

Sasuke collapsed to his knees, bleeding slightly, as Aizen smiled at him. "Excellent job. Ulquiorra, Grimmjow, take him to his room."

Grimmjow snarled, hoisting Sasuke up on his shoulders and carrying him out, Ulquiorra trailing behind.

Hisoka turned, walking out also. Aizen raised an eyebrow. "Where do you think you are going?"



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