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Summary: Love has a strength that no one can ever understand. But if you fell in love at 5 years old can that love last through the obstacles that life throws at you. Bella Swan and Edward Cullen will have to find out when there love is put to the ultimate test. An affair between their very own parents. Do they have the maturity to deal with this and the trials and tribulations of nasty high school drama. AU/AH

Third Person Point of View

For the dreary town of Forks, Washington excitement and adventure are antonyms to every adjective that describes it. The gray clouded skys that would cast over the evergreen small town was depressing. Rain made it's constant presence, causing the town to be rarely dry. The sun was rare and was cherished when it finally decided to make it's appearance from behind the clouds, some would joke that the sun had a never ending bout of stage fright. Nothing ever truly happened in Forks, gossip was the most honorable bit of news. Scavenged for constantly by the nosy housewives who were condemn to the small monotonous town of Forks, Washington.

That was why anything that was remotely new was taken into high regards. A new born baby, a marriage, even a child's first day of Kindergarten.

"I don't want to go into that room mommy!!" The small brown haired girl whimpered into the hem of her mother's floral dress. Her tiny hands clutching onto the fabric for dear life. While her mother was trying to desperately remove her daughter as they stood in front of her daughter's kindergarten class.

"Isabella, it's your first day of school. Aren't you excited?" Esme looked hopefully at her head. The little girls eyes shot up, her deep brown eyes filled with an intense fear. She pursed her small lips into a thin pink line.

"Their going to make fun of me, I'm going to fall and they are gonna laugh at me!!!" She buried her face in her mother's dress once again. Esme neeled down to Isabella's 3 foot tall stature, she looked into her daughters chocolate brown eyes and was heartbroken to see her in so much pain. Yet she was stubborn just like her father.

"You will be fine Isabella, stop worrying!" Esme cooed in her ear grabbing Isabella into a warm hug.

As Esme consoles her child, a tall golden haired man walks into the building with his bronze haired son. The son was nervous but excited for school, he was ready to see the place he would call his classroom, and the person he would call his teacher. As they reached the end of the hallway ,to the door of the classroom they were met with the image of a mother nurturing her child. Tears were streaming freely down the young girl's face.

For an unknown reason the son felt his heart sink with distress at the scene in front of him, he felt horrible that the girl was crying. He looked at her face closely, her ivory skin was blotched red with dried tear stains. Her brown hair was in low pigtails each one complimenting her cheeks. Her eyebrows were arched in distress and her pretty pink lips were pressed in a hard line.

The son tugged on his father's trousers and pointed to the mother and child signaling for him to introduce themselves to them. The father nodded a walked towards the two with his son in toe.

"Hello my name is Carlise Cullen, and this is my son Edward. You must be.." he extended his hand towards Esme. She looked up and was stunned for a moment before she rose and grasped the man's hand. Electricity shot through her and she gasped. She blinked furiously and looked down towards her daughter's teary eyes face and back towards Carlise.

"Um, my name is Esme Swan. It is a pleasure to meet you." She was still flustered as she introduced her daughter. "This is my daughter Isabella. Say 'hello' Isabella."

"Hello." she said in a small voice, she looked towards Edward and was stunned. He had to be the most beautiful boy she had ever seen. His untidy bronze hair was in every direction, the most perfect imperfection. He was considerably pale but that was expected in Forks, his face was rounded yet perfectly symmetrical. He stared at her intently and she was lost in his emerald green eyes. His lips twitched at the corners as she stared at him, gawking. His face then broke out into a crooked smile.

Isabella's heart fluttered at the beautiful smile, to her utter surprise Edward then took her left hand that was clutched to her mother's dress and placed a small kiss between it's knuckles.

"Hello, Isabella. My name is Edward." he said in a sweet voice, Isabella's breath hitched as she starred starry eyes at this Bronze haired Casanova.

Carlise and Esme chuckled lightly.

"Where did he learn such a thing, he is quite the charmer!" Esme asked Carlise.

"I honestly don't know, he watches far to many romances with his mother. She is constantly watching such movies with him. I believe Casanova is to blame."

Edward looked up towards his father and glared daggers at him. He looked back at Isabella and smiled his little smile again, he thought she was beautiful and was very hopeful that she would be his coloring partner.

"I like your name, it's really pretty." Edward had detached himself from his father, Isabella doing the same. Her mother sighed in relief at her daughter's release.

"I like your name too." Isabella murmured in a shy manner. "I really want you in my class, your nice!"

"Me too, I'm going to Kindergarten and my class in right there!" Edward pointed to the door proudly sticking his chest out.

Isabella groaned and the same distress from before washed over her, she looked down quickly to trace the patterns of her pink shoes with her eyes.

"What's da matter?" Isabella looked up to see the concerned eyes of Edward.

"I don't wanna go to kindergarten, people are gonna laugh at me 'cus I'm going to fall a lot."

"No they won't."

"Yes they will, there all are going to be big fat meanie heads!!" She huffed and folded her arms in front of her chest.

An idea formed in Edward's head and he quickly pulled Bella into the classroom.

As the children scurried off into the room Esme and Carlise looked at each other their eyes linking.

"I thought she would never let go of my dress. Thank you so much."

"He's the little charmer I know. He has a way with using his charm on women.' They both chuckled, both of them enjoying the music that was each others laughs.

"Would you like to join me for some coffee, I'm off duty from the hospital. I'm sure that your daughter and my son will be good friends."

Esme was intrigued by the fact that this man was probably a doctor, she smiled and nodded her head. He took her hand and led her towards the elementary school doors to exit.

Inside the classroom Edward sat Isabella down by the coloring table motioning for her to stay where she was.

She complied and waited patiently to see what he was going to do.

Edward walks towards the door and made his way to the middle of the room. He ended up tripping over air purposely falling face down on the colorful carpet that covered the entire room's floor. The room erupted with little giggles and snickers from the other children. One child was rude enough to point and laugh straight into his face.

Somehow he was able to convince them that tripping and being clumsy was cool, and as naive children they believed him.

Isabella was absolutely stunned by Edward's bravery, her heart fluttered when he looked up at her and gave her his crooked smile. She was growing to like Edward very much.

Bella's Point of View

Swish, swish, brush, swish. Scratch, Scratch Scratch.

I listened to the various sounds of my art class, reveling in the memories of my childhood when artwork was mediocre and primital. A simple starry sky, or sunshine was enough to bring out a round of applause from your parents. Coloring in the lines or drawing a stick figure was along the lines of you being Picasso, it was the most fun you've ever had especially when it was with a new friend.

I smiled warmly at my childhood memory, remembering the pure joy I felt that day.

Tap, Tap, Tap

"Bella.. earth to Bella." I turned sharply to see Edward tapping my canvas stand, an amused smile playing on the edges of his lips. Ever since that day Edward and I became the best of friends, he became my protector and savior. After 12 years of friendship he was still managing to save me from myself, my equilibrium was way off. Walking in a straight like for me was like raising the dead. It's a myth, it could never happen, and solid liable proof was needed to believe it. Due to being prone to accidents Edward was always there to pick me up, or save me.

His untidy bronze hair was even messier than usual, locks falling above his emerald green eyes, it was always expected when we came to 4th period art class. One of them was sticking to his face as he was sweating, he raised his right hand to wipe his brow. Our art class was very artistic, all the white walls were filled with different colors of splatter paint and random photos or paintings. It was rather large and the wood panel floors also indicated a large amount of money spent to make it. It was shock to the towns people of Forks. Students were scattered around the room staring intently at their paintings trying to make it perfect.

The sounds of paint brushes across the canvas filled the room.

Swish, swish, brush, swish.

"What are you thinking about, you seem deep in thought?" It always bothered him to no end that I would constantly be thinking about something without him knowing what it was.

"I'm just remembering the day we met in Kindergarten." He smiled and looked back at his painting.

"Speaking about the particular memory.." Edward turned his canvas towards me and I gasped momentarily. My heart tightened and a certain emotion was making it's presence, jealousy.

I assumed it was me because it was the right profile of a shy little girl looking down as she played with her brown pigtails. Her chocolate brown eyes were slightly teary, her pink lips were set in a hard line. The background was filled with random water colors that flowed elegantly around the small girl's head, varying from violet, red, orange, white, and pink.

"What do you think? I was worried that I didn't do a good job, it's a painting of you when we were in kindergarten, you don't like it, that's why your not saying anything...."

My moment of jealousy vanished as I observed the painting, it was absolutely breathtaking. It had to one of the sweetest things Edward has ever done for me.

Edward continued to ramble on and on until I raised my right hand to stop him. I gulped as I proceeded to speak. "Edward, this has got to be one of the most beautiful painting I have ever seen. And right now I'm a little jealous, my painting looks horrible."

"I'm sure it's not that bad." He said with a huge grin splayed across his face from my comment.

I turned the canvas towards him, he looked at it and was soon having an epic battle to not laugh.

"Its not that bad." He spluttered out in a gasp. I frowned and threw a paint brush at him, he dodged it and it hit Lauren Mallory in her blond hair. She yelped and turned around her eyes darting to me.

"Swan!!!" she screeched in her nasally voice.
I staired wide eyed at her and then glared at Edward, he would have been sprawled on the floor laughing if he was grasping onto the desk next to him.

"Sorry Lauren!" She turned around in a huff crossing her arms across her chest. I started to snicker when I noticed that the paint brush left a deep red stain in her silver blond hair.

"Your impossible Edward."

"And your impossible Isabella."

"It's Bella to you." I narrowed my eyes and playfully smirked, which brought on new rounds of laughter from Edward.

I was grateful when the Bell finally rang for lunch. I gathered my materials and made my way to the door, but In my haste to leave I managed to trip over my own foot. I tried to catch onto something but I ended up hitting a tray of paint and sending it flying into the air landing on Edwards head.

I hit the ground with a thud, while I stood up brushing bits of dust off my jeans I looked to see Edward covered in green paint.

I clutched my hand over my mouth stifling my giggles. His head was covered in green paint and it was dripping down his face making a long path to his neck. Under all that paint I noticed that his face was in a deep glare, red with anger, embarrassment and amusement.

"I think the paint matches your eyes lovely." I was blushing furiously from the intent stare Edward was giving me.

"Revenge is so sweet, and I plan on savoring the taste." He looked at me sinisterly as he wiped paint off his face.

I rolled my eyes.

"Let's take you to the nurse to remove the paint Mr. Revenge Man." I grabbed his arm and dragged him to the nurse's office, while I was still in a fit of giggles. Various people were laughing with me, Edward was growling making me laugh even more. We walked inside and with an annoyed huff Edward sat on the examining table, still wiping off paint that was now staining his clothes. His playfully annoyed expression reminded me of the same little boy I met when I was just five years old. He still made me happy to be his best friend, but one thing was certain as I stared at him from the corner of the nurse's office.

I was in unconditionally, and irrevocably in love with my best friend.

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