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There are some awkward moments in life that you'll never forget. Like when you're in a public restroom and you realize there's no toilet paper-I always carry some in my bag now, thank you very much. Or when you're with a family member you don't quite remember; yet they remember you and seem to already have the lo-down on what's happened in your life. I call them 'Cousin Creepy'. Now add to the list, walking into your school trip hotel room wearing scandalous underwear; while your new best friend turned boyfriend sees you in said underwear. I was placed in this position by my Zen-freak substitute teacher, who's philosophy of a free healthy life of sexuality and peace placed me in a hotel room with my boyfriend, who was currently eyeballing me with a stare that screamed 'Get ready, I'm going to pounce'. I finally understood those late night Animal Channel clips; if I didn't know any better I could have sworn he growled.

When Ms. Love-willows called for us to join together for room assignments, I was internally begging for Alice to be my roommate. One night in a hotel room with Lauren or Tanya and I was sure I would be finding the first killer shark Florida had and throwing them in.

"Lauren and Tanya, you're rooming together in Room 132." Ms. Love-willows said in her wispy voice.

The Mexican hat dance was playing in my head and I was doing such a good jig around that sombrero, I'm sure a couple of imaginary dollars were thrown at me.

"Yes throw me some dollars, Pablo."

"What," Alice turned around and giggled.

My eyes widened, and I snickered waving her off and pointing towards Ms. Love-willows.

"Alice and Angela, Room 143." Alice looked to me disappointed, what she felt wasn't half as bad as the feelings that were coursing through me. The only girls left were, Jessica Stanley and this girl named Carrie who hated me because I was dating Edward. I could still remember the pure look of hatred she had when I kissed Edward for the first time in school. She gave me the classic you're dead sign; slowly sliding her index finger across her throat and pointing to me. When Edward turned around to look at her I was shocked. Her face changed completely and her once livid expression was now the picture of happiness. She waggled her fingers, winked and waved to Edward; incredulous, I looked from Edward to her, my head swiveling around in search of someone who saw that Fatal Attraction moment take place.

Even though Jessica had a mouth like a radio personnel on crack; I preferred her non-stop talking over my untimely death. So when Ms. Love-willows said, "Jessica and Carrie, Room 157," I was more or less confused as hell and restarting my Mexican Hat Dance, going as far as humming it aloud. I waited for the rest of the assignments to announce, and slowly I realized that Edward and I were the only ones left. I looked to him and he shrugged, just as confused as I was.

"Well, even though we have a same sex rooming policy with rooming, apparently the number of students has given us one opposite sex coupling." Ms. Love-willows smiled dreamily looking towards me and Edward. We both stared at her, our mouths agape.

"But-but... that's not right Ms. Love-willows. They can't room together, they're dating, and God knows what they'll be doing." Carrie stood in front of Ms. Love-willows, her face purple and red with exertion. Her finger was wagging in Ms. Love-willows, each wag punctuated with her sudden take of breath between each sentence. Ms. Love-willows shook her head and rested her hand gently on Carrie's shoulder.

"Excuse me my jaded child, but I already knew of their relationship. Their entire aura screamed 'Soul-mates'," Ms. Love-willows smiled, while Carrie looked like she was physically stabbed by the word soul-mates, shrugging Ms. Love-willows hand off her shoulder.

"This is unethical,'s-it's just not FAIR!" Carrie began to cry, quivering lips and all. Jessica came to console her new roommate, while Tanya and Lauren snickered by the couches with the rest of the class. I never thought I would agree with them, but this was hilarious. Her face was splotchy and red; she was huffing and puffing rambling nonsense. I could faintly hear the word, "Edward...mine...magical... whore."

Ms. Love-willows came towards Edward and me handing us our keys smiling. "You're some of our most reliable students. I'm sure the two of you will be responsible." she winked and turned with a flourish of her skirt, literally gliding towards Carrie with a tissue she some how conjured from her colorful robes.

I didn't know what she meant by responsible, but looking towards Edward he had the biggest shit-eating grin on his face. I couldn't lie; my lady parts tingled a bit.

When we got to our room we took inventory; the room was beautiful. When walking in we were greeted with a small sitting room of two plush chairs facing a Plasma TV that was propped up on the wall. Behind it, on a platform, was a large king size bed flanked by a small mini fridge. I was impressed and excited, this room looked good. Edward let out a whistle as he set our bags by the door; I turned to him and gave his a quick peck on the lips, hugging my body to his chest.

"We are some lucky bastards." his laugh rumbling in his chest and tickling my ear. I looked up to see him pushing his hair away from his eyes smiling.

"Yeah I guess we are. I didn't realize I could be this happy."

"Finally you're happy, I got worried on the plane." he patted my shoulder and went for the bathroom as my face paled. Through all of this I somehow forgot all about what I was worried about. , Suddenly my heart went into overdrive when I realized that there was only ONE bed, and this was my room with Edward. We would be spending the week sleeping in the same bed without the worry of an adult catching us. Even though she was our chaperon, Ms. Love-willows didn't exactly seem like the type to reprimand anyone for their naughty late night fun times.

I couldn't shake it off; I guess this is one of the side effects of being a virgin. The aspect of losing it just causes you to get mind-fucked daily, worrying about sex. I was still rooted by the door, my hands clenching and unclenching, my lip slipped through my teeth and I hissed when I felt the cut I made on the plane. I hope I packed some type of soothing lip-balm.

"Are you ok there," Edward came out of the bathroom drying his hair with a towel, while another one was dangerously low on his hips. Fuck me.

He smirked and raised an eyebrow and smirked. Crap, did I say that out loud.

He nodded, still smirking. I slapped my hand to my forehead and rushed to the bathroom, grabbing his shower-gel, because I couldn't go back and get my own. Bending over, with Edward behind me... Gawhh, since when did my mind get so dirty, stupid horniness

I peeked out the bathroom door and saw that the cost was clear. Imitating my best 007 stealth attack, I went for my carry on to get my lady dedicates. I heard the hotel door click, so I grabbed any underwear my hand touched and bolted back to the bathroom. I didn't hear anyone come it so I thought I was alone. I laughed when I saw what panties I took. Feeling a little free, I walked out of the bathroom with no towel. My lacy bra and smutty underwear was free for anyone to see.

At that is how I was able to add another situation to my list of awkward moments.

Walking out of the bathroom Edward was on the bed, shirtless with only jeans on. Now from a third party point of view this may seem like the perfect beginning to some porno. Any moment they expected me to glide to Edward kiss him and some passionate sex would commence. I would be able to do a bunch of bendy moves and be at the mercy of Edward's sexual prowess. Yet this was reality, we were virgins and I had as much elegance as a 1 year old that just began to walk. I contemplated running from the room and back into the bathroom, but I would be risking him seeing the 'Spank me, I'm Ready' written across my butt- Thank you Alice, great birthday gag-gift. But instead I walked slowly towards the bed and in one step I was able to trip and fall on my stomach, my face burrowed in the plush beige carpet that cover most of the room.

I knew that at that moment Edward was staring at the words sprawled across my ass. I heard an intake of breath and suddenly a bunch of things happened at once. A rush of wind past over my back, the hotel door opened and slammed close and a damn mosquito bite on my arm began to itch. In the midst of trying to find a way to covertly scratch the itch and not look any stupider than I already did; I was scooped up into Edward's arms and my back laid softly onto the bed, which felt like heaven on sheets.-What was this fabric anyway. I opened my eyes and saw Edward leaning over me, hair blazing, jaw taught and angled; I couldn't help but lick my lips at the sight of him. I didn't notice that my legs were parted until I felt the weight of Edward between them. Without any warning he kissed me. His tongue darted out and licked my bottom lip, I opened my mouth with a gasp and the kiss deepened. His hands were everywhere, roaming my sides until it was under me; clenching my back and traveling down to my waist then my butt. He squeezed and I squealed into the kiss, getting more turned on by the second and wrapping my legs around him. All of my previous worries left me at that moment and I was ready to be consumed by this man. He flipped us and when I was on top something happened; my hand traveled to his waist and it was as if he was snapped out of a trance. In a second I was tossed off his waist onto the bed. I bounced momentarily but was only able to see Edward collect himself, smooth his hair frantically while giving me an apologetic glance as he darted out the door.

I was alone.


And dare I say it...horny.

After my epiphany, after letting my worries go, I was tragically rejected.

I didn't feel sad, or rejected. For once, my emotion was well placed, I felt pissed.

With everything that happened, I now knew that Edward wanted me and I was sure of that. Yet I couldn't release the bitterness; my happy sombrero was now perched in my mental closet hat rack. I was pretty sure my dancing was done for today. My pout was on overdrive when Alice knocked on my door asking to come in.

Standing in my underwear in my best power stance, all I could say was, "Your brother is a wuss." She laughed and walked into the room already picking out clothes for me from my luggage, nodding knowingly.

"So I'm guessing he ran from the room when he saw your little...underwear right there." she laughed coughed all lady like into her hand. It took all my natural born power not to jump the midget right there. But she was holding a belt- possible weapon- and I was in my underwear; with the way things were going I was positive Joe Francis would come out of no where with a camera and in a week he'll have a 'Bella Gone Wild' deluxe DVD on sale. "Actually, things got serious. Long story short; I was straddling him, I thought something and he was out here like a bat out of hell." I snapped my fingers and Alice laughed, nodding.

She threw the outfit towards me smiling, but still had the belt in her hands. I got worried; she had a sudden crazed hunger in her eyes. I cautiously dressed and crossed over to her placing a hand on her shoulder.

"Are you ok Alice, dinner is in half an hour." I knew how dangerous she was when she was hungry and didn't eat on time. We called her Gremlin for years.

"I'm fine, actually." she hummed beautifully, crossing back towards the door where my luggage was.

"Soooo..." I said shifting from foot to foot. She didn't respond so I plopped down on the larger than life lounge chair. Then she spoke.

"I had a little moment with Jasper before I came here. I was wondering," she said, twiddling with the suitcase lock, "How about we get revenge on both Jasper and Edward." My ears peaked up like a puppy, and my imaginary tail wagged.

Alice smiled again, it was the same smile she made when she was shopping and some unsuspecting woman was going to fall victim to Alice's "you-better-not-look-at-that-top-I-want" wrath.

"So do you have a plan?" I said sitting cross legged on the comfy lounge chair.

"Oh I have a plan." she said snapping the belt, the sound made me jump. I looked towards her again laughing warily as her tiny evil laugh was a slight whisper weaving through the room.

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