You be the anchor that keeps my feet on the ground,

I'll be the wings that keep your heart in the clouds.

Chapter 1: Max's POV

I was having a nightmare. Not the usual running from the school nightmare either. This one was completely different.

Fang and I were standing on a porch at some cabin. That may not seem too bad, but we were arguing. And if that still doesn't seem bad to you, we were arguing about splitting up the Flock.

Then suddenly, Angel was shaking me awake.

"Max, wake up!" Had I been dreaming too loudly? That seemed to be the only explanation.

"I'm fine, Angel, really."

She looked at me like I had lost it. "Are you sure?"

"Of course I am. Now go back to sleep." And she did just that.

Just when I went to tell Fang about the nightmare I remembered that he wasn't here. The sad thing was, that nightmare had came true a while back. I was just subconsciously reliving it.

The thing that led up to the whole Flock splitting up thing was I was trusting Ari, my half brother/Eraser, who had endangered us before and more than once.

Ari's presence had made Fang quite upset, and with Fang in that state he proposed an ultimatum to me. "Choose now. Me or him." Unfortunately, I did not choose the guy that I would now admit to the world that I needed like no one else.

I did however choose my seven-year-old Eraser brother who on more than one occasion had tried to kill my flock members…and Fang's.

See, when we split it basically tore the younger kids in two. "We have to choose?" It broke my heart when realization hit Gazzy.

But the split ended up as follows:

My Flock: Nudge, Angel, and Total. Ari was once a member.

Fang's Flock: Iggy and Gazzy.

Even after three months of being broke up, I couldn't think about Fang's flock without tearing up a little.

And at this very moment, with Ari already expired and all, I would do anything to be back with Fang.

"We could always go find him." Well that could be no one but Angel.

"And where do you suppose we start looking?" Sarcasm was dripping off of my words. It's just. I don't want to get my hopes up, you know?

"I don't know. But I thought we could go talk to your mom. See if she's heard from them."

She was really good at thinking of plans. "Wow, I didn't think of that. We'll start on our way there tomorrow."

Then Angel smiled at me and rolled back over. "Goodnight, Max."

" 'Night, Angel."

That night was the first night since Fang and I split up the flock that I went to sleep in a good mood.


We had been heading to Arizona for around four hours now. And we would have been fairly close if not for Nudge's constant food stops and Angel and Total always having to pee. So we were more or less four more hours away. Who knew that a five-and-a-half hour flight could extend to an eight-hour flight? Certainly not me.

I hadn't talked to my mother in a while. Remember back to book one when I saved that girl, Ella, from those bullies and got shot? Well, we just happen to share a mother, Dr. Martinez, who I must say bakes the best chocolate-chip cookies in the universe. Trust me, no one has a chance against her.

Realizing that I needed Fang more than I thought made me think about why it had taken me so long to realize that. Well…it was fairly obvious. I wasn't big on emotions and I was in denial. I have way too much pride to admit that I need someone more than I need air. That my friends, is saying something.

At one point, I would have denied needing someone so much all the way to my grave. But now that I've basically agonized over Fang being away from me, it's pretty obvious that I'm not much without him. Wait does that mean? Ah, of course it doesn't. It just makes me more dependent on him. Nothing else…at least that's what I'm trying to convince myself of.

"Max, I was thinking. Maybe we should stop for dinner and then fly the rest of the way to your mom's. I promise, that we won't keep asking to go to the bathroom and to eat. Cause Nudge really wants to sleep. And she wants to sleep in a bed, not on the rock hard ground." Angel looked at me hopefully, like just because she is my baby I'll do anything she wants. "What do you think?"

Well, I was getting a little hungry, and I would like for them to be quiet for a while and quit asking me to stop constantly. "Sure, why not?"