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Chapter 1: BPOV - Mission

"Isabella, Aro wishes to see you." Jane said, pointing to the throne room. I sighed, off course he was.

"Thank you Jane." I smiled at her kindly at her. She was so much like my little sister, along with her twin brother Alec.

She smiled brightly in return. When I first came to join the Volturi, Jane hated me. I was the only one that her gift didn't work on.

Slowly I stood up and left my chambers. Usually, each vampire got their own room, but I share with Jane and Alec.

Once I arrived at the throne room, I looked around. Aro, Marcus and Caius were seated at their thrones. Walking at a slow human pace, I went to the front of the thrones and knelt before them, keeping my eyes down.

"You wished to see me Master?" I asked politely, trying desperately not to glare at them.

"Yes my Isabella." Aro answered cheerfully. I suppressed a shudder. Since when was I his? Oh yeah, since I vowed that I would follow him. "There is a small coven of newborn vampires that I wish for you to take care of. They are currently situated in Alaska."

"Where exactly are they in Alaska?" I asked.

"We don't know exactly. They keep relocating, risking exposure. You must find them quickly before they cause too much trouble." Marcus answered gently. I risked a glance upwards. Ever since I came to stay with the Volturi, he was the first one to treat me kindly, soon followed by Jane and Alec. I smiled a small smile at him, and he returned it. Someone coughed and I looked to see Aro looking down at me. Quickly, I shifted my gaze down to the floor.

"When am I to leave?" I asked quietly. I tried to keep the sadness out of my voice, but I'm sure they heard it. I have no place here.

Aro pretended he didn't hear the sadness anyway. "Immediately. Now, return to your chambers and get ready, Jane has your plane ticket. Make sure you check in with me before you leave." With that I gracefully stood up. Without looking at the ancients, I turned around and headed towards my room.

When I got there, Jane was nowhere to be seen. She must be with Aro. I was grateful that I was alone. I could think freely now.

It's been 5 years since I've been turned into a vampire be the Volturi. I don't want to be here, but I cannot leave. Not ever.

When Aro found me, a human who knew about vampires, he was extremely curious as to why I knew. He grabbed my hand in attempt to gain access to my mind, and obviously couldn't. I was glad, if he had found out about the...Cullen's, they would be in trouble for allowing a human to know their secret.

I wrapped my arms around myself. How I missed the Cullen's, especially Edward. Heck, I even missed Rosalie! I would do anything to see them again. I know why they left me, and I don't hold it against them, even if it was in vain. Edward wanted to keep me safe, that's why he left. I have forgiven them. I really have, but no matter how much I wish to see them, I can't leave the Volturi. If I do, Aro would kill the people I love. Yes, I'm being blackmailed into staying.

I took a shaky breath. No matter what I do, I have to stay to protect my human family; Charlie, Renee and Phil, Aro would kill them if I disobeyed him.

Slowly, I walked into my closet and dressed in dark clothing, suitable for destroying a coven of vampires. I grabbed a dark grey cloaks from one of the many rails and pulled it over my shoulders. The shade of the cloak showed how valuable you were to Volturi. I have the same shade as Jane and Alec. I don't see why my gift is so useful to the Volturi, but apparently it is. Who knew a mental shield was so handy? I guess it was useful when there is a coven that had someone who has a mental power and can use it against the Volturi. Still, it's not as good as Jane or Alec. When Jane can send you the illusion of excruciating pain, and Alec removes all your senses so you're completely blind, I don't see why I'm as valuable as them.

Once I finished getting ready I walked back to the throne room, keeping my eyes down.

"Ah Isabella, I see your ready." Aro chirped. I didn't even bother to remind him to call me Bella. They were always so formal here.

"Yes Master, I'm ready to leave." I replied with no emotion.

"Jane dear, please give Isabella her plane ticket." I looked up and saw Jane rush forward and hand me my ticket. She looked almost, happy? That's odd. "Now Isabella," I looked over at Aro, something I never did. "Against Caius' better judgement, I've decided to allow you to do this mission alone."

Alone? Really? I looked over at Jane. She was smiling ear from ear. No wonder she was so happy. Aro must have told her that she didn't need to accompany me. She and Alec usually went with me. I looked back at Aro and despite how much I hated him, I smiled at him. From the corner of my eye, I saw Marcus smiling slightly. He was clearly happy to see me happy.

For once, I was actually exited to do a mission, just because I get to go out of the castle alone.

"Shall I leave now master?" I asked.

"Yes, but please remember to return. I'm giving you two weeks to locate the newborns, and if your not back by that time, well, just remember why you stay here with us. I'm sure that will give you motivation enough to return." Aro said, grinning. I shuddered but nodded.

"Yes Master." Without a backwards glance, I left the throne room and headed towards the exit. When I got to the elevator, I pressed the button to go down. Finally, the doors opened and I took a step inside.

Two Weeks.

Two weeks alone, away from the Volturi.

Two weeks alone, away from the Volturi to spend on my own.

Granted, I had a mission to fulfil. But, if I find the newborns and get the job done quickly, I can spend the remainder of that time doing what I want. A holiday if you will. Aro said I had two weeks, but he never said that I had to return as soon as I got the job done, and besides, how will he find out? His powers won't work on me, and I've become a skilled actor since coming here.

I laughed. I remembered once when Edward said that acting was one career path down the drain. Well, I guess a lot has changed. But one thing will never change, I would always love him.

Would I ever see him again? Would I ever see any of the Cullen's again? I missed them so much.

Eventually, the doors opened to the lobby. I looked over at the desk and saw Gianna there. She was a human who knew about vampires. Slowly, I walked over to her.

"Good evening Isabella. I have your Passport here." She smiled pleasantly and handed it to me. I glared coldly at her and she flinched. Why the Volturi allowed her here was beyond me. She was only going to end up as a meal for them anyway. I shuddered as I walked away. No matter how hard the Volturi tried, they couldn't get me to drink human blood. I may get thirsty because I don't feed as often as I should, but it's worth knowing that I'm following the Cullen's lifestyle, and not killing anyone.

I sighed and opened the big doors that led to the Italian streets. I couldn't tell if it was cold or not, since I didn't feel it anymore, but seeing how the humans were huddled in warm jackets, I assumed it was. I looked around. It was dark so I quickly headed towards the airport to begin my mission.

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