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Chapter 11: BPOV – Basil

"Wait, what?" I asked Alec confused. I must have heard wrong.

"I said, how are we going to get you out of the Volturi." Alec said, emphasizing each word. I gave him a disbelieving look but he shrugged his shoulders. "Well, you obviously have feelings for this coven,"

"Family." I corrected, causing Esme and Carlisle to smile.

"Fine, family. So you're going to want to stay with them. I'm going to help you." Alec finished.

"We're going to help you." Jane corrected her brother.

"Why?" I couldn't help but ask.

"Bella, you're like our big sister. Sure we got off on a rough start, but it's now that matters. We want you to be happy, and it's obvious that the only place you feel like that is with them." Jane said, gesturing to the Cullen's. "You've never been this happy before, not even when Aro finally allowed you to feast from animals. Not even when you finally put Felix in his place." I laughed a little at that. "You belong here, with them." She said, smiling slightly.

"But if you do this you would be betraying Aro. You know what the punishment for betrayal is." I said.

"Yeah, but they are also betraying you." Alec argued.

"What do you mean?" I asked, gripping Edward slightly tighter.

"Bella, you are as much as part of the Volturi as we are, and they treat you like dirt. They don't respect you at all. You weren't even given a choice. That's why we want to help you. Jane and I have been discussing this for a while now, and we think that there is a way to get you out of Aro's clutches." Alec said confidently.

I couldn't hep but feel the hope rise in me. Freedom; the one thing that I have wanted most in my vampire life (other than finding the Cullen's again) and now I have been given an opportunity to obtain my goal.

But as quickly as the hope came, it vanished, only to be replaced by hopelessness.

"Alec, I've thought of every possible solution. It's impossible." I said sadly. Edward's arms tightened around me, and he pulled me to the nearest seat and sat me on his lap. The others soon followed and made themselves comfortable.

"Bella, it isn't impossible. You're not alone anymore. The Cullen's are bound to help you, and now Jane and I will too."

"How?" I whispered.

Both the twins grinned and I wondered what scheme they had managed to cook up.

"Oh no! I know that look. You only get that look when you've got something planned." I told them.

"And we have." The both said at the same time. I shuddered at the thought of what they might have come up with. They would always be the evil pranksters at Vorterra. Jane also had a sadistic tendency to torture vampires with her gift.

"So what have you got planned?" I asked warily.

Alec's grin widened. "Everyone has a secret Bella, some bigger than others. And there are so many rumours being spread around the Volturi, that no one knows what's true, or what's false. Well, except maybe Aro. And there are so many mysteries that need to be solved."

I narrowed my eyes suspiciously. "What are you getting at?"

"Think about it Bella. If everyone has secrets, then so has all the ancients." Jane explained. "And the biggest mystery of all is what happened to Didyme, Marcus's mate. No one knows what happened to her. There were a lot of rumours going around the castle saying that Didyme ran away, and some say she was killed. If we find out what happened to her, we could use that to get you away from Aro." Jane said, getting exited.

I could see where she was getting at, if we solved the biggest mystery in the Volturi; that might be enough to get them to release me. However, there were a few flaws in their so called plans.

"And how do you plan on finding out about this when no one has ever before?" I asked sceptically.

"Bella! Don't you remember Basil? You were the one who found him." Alec told me.

I mentally smacked myself in the head. I would have, but my hands were a little busy holding onto Edward.

"Of course, I can be so stupid sometimes. But are you sure he would do it?" I asked. "Besides, we have to find him first. It was a miracle that we found him in the first place." I continued, finally seeing what the twins were getting at.

"Um, do any of you fancy explaining who this Basil person is?" Emmett asked confused. For a shocking moment, I'd kinda forgotten that they were listening, but now that I looked over to them, I could see and feel (thanks to Jasper) the hope rolling off of them.

"Sorry! Basil was a vampire who we ran into a couple of years back." I explained. "Jane, Alec and I were heading to Romania to check up on the surviving Romanian coven. We were running through Hungary when I caught the scent of animal blood. I decided to follow, seeing as I am naturally curious as a person. When I got there, I never expected to see a vampire feeding. The reason why I didn't spot him earlier was because I was downwind from him, so I couldn't find his scent until I got there. He was going to attack me, seeing as he was relying on his instincts to protect his prey, but Jane got to him faster and used her gift on him to stop him from attacking.

"I told her to stop. He was the first vegetarian vampire since I had met since I was turned and I wanted to know more about him. However, when Jane released him from her gift, he spotted our cloaks and ran. Everyone knows that it is useless to run from the Volturi, so when he did, it was obviously very suspicious. So we chased him. I'm actually quite fast for a vampire, so I overtook him easily. I was not however prepared when he pounced and pinned me to the ground." I chuckled a little at that. It was quite an accomplishment to get me pinned, not many can do that. I was trained very well in the Volturi. "Whilst he was on top of me, he finally noticed that my eyes colour was gold like his, not red like the Volturi usually have. His eyes seemed to have blanked for a moment, and I assumed he was just shocked. After a moment, he got up from me and helped me up. When I looked at him again, he seemed to pity me. Jane and Alec had finally caught up and was about to attack him, but once again I stopped them. He was eyeing them warily, but after a moment he seemed to relax, and without us having to ask him, he began to tell us about himself.

"He didn't go into too much detail, but he told us his name, how long he had been a vampire, that he was a nomad and that he had a gift. He told us that he can have visions of the past." I explained to the Cullen's.

"The past?" Carlisle asked.

I nodded my head. "Yes, whenever he feels like it, he can summon visions of the past. The reason he blanked out when he pinned me was because he was seeing my past." I told them grimacing slightly about how much Basil saw of my past.

"You mean like me, except the visions are of the past." Alice said, slightly shocked.

"Yes like you, but also a bit like Aro, except he doesn't see every thought, and he doesn't need to touch you either. But he does need to have a visual or to have had heard of the person to see their past. What I think Jane and Alec are saying is that if we find Basil again, we could ask him what had happened to Didyme." I said smiling.

Everyone immediately caught on to what we were explaining, and finally everything seemed to have brightened. Edward kissed my cheek tenderly and I can tell he was definitely pleased that we may have found a solution.

"Alright!" Emmett cheered loudly. "What are we waiting for? Let's find that sucker!"

I smiled at his enthusiasm and was about to complain about his use of words but was interrupted by a very annoying Alice.

"Bella, don't think that our shopping trip is cancelled. We have to pack, and seeing how you don't have any clothes, we must take you shopping!"

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