A/N: I wanted to write a Lucky Charms story, but I had no idea where to start. Then an idea hit me and I grabbed it and ran with it. I love Fruits Basket and I wondered what would happen if Tohru and Lucky were to meet. Then I decided that a person with a kind heart like Tohru's wouldn't hesitate to help get the children off his back. And then this story was born. A lot of details still need to be thought out and I haven't got the plot just right in my mind yet, but hopefully soon I'll get it together and be able to get the next chapter completed.

Disclaimer: I do not own the anime Fruits Basket or the Lucky Charms cereal. Natsuki Takaya and General Mills do.

Summary: Tohru is taking an innocent walk through the woods when by chance she meets a strange little leprechaun with a problem - the kids want his Lucky Charms. Now she has to help him out, but he must do something for her in return. Every leprechaun is magical and can grant a person one wish. Her wish is reasonable enough - but will it be easy for her leprechaun friend to grant while he deals with the meddlesome kids after his precious cereal?

Tohru Honda was taking a stroll through the woods, a bit bored, but enjoying the outside.

The warm sun shone down on her; birds chirped in the bright blue sky.

Everything was peaceful and calm.

At least until she heard a cry from not very far off.


"Hey, get him!"

"Curse these incessant children! Why won't they leave me alone?! It's my cereal, not theirs. I wish they'd just go away."

Lucky was once again being chased by a gang of children after his precious charms and was running for all he was worth on his short leprehaun legs.

He clutched the bowl containing his charms tightly trying to keep them from spilling out as he ran.

The cereal hungry kids had been driving him crazy for years and he had, had just about enough of it.

The cereal was his and only his. The charms were his treasure and he would not let those greedy kids have ithem.

But now they were gaining on him.

His only hope was to get to the forest where he could lose them. Then maybe he'd have time to think of another plan.


Hearing footsteps draw near the frightened girl began to panick.

She needed to hide; she didnt know who it was and it was always better to be safe than sorry.

The girl darted behind a tree and made herself stay silent.


Lucky made it into the edge of the woods. The children were close behind and he had to find some place to hide before they closed in on him.

Pulling out a blue moon shaped charm he used it to become invisible. It would keep him from being seen by anyone for a small amount of time. It was a temperary spell and would wear off soon. Before then, Lucky would be well hidden.

Moving silently and unseen into the deeper part of the forest Lucky spotted a tree big enough to hide him. Unfortunately, a young boy was walking towards the same tree and he cursed his bad luck.

Thinking quickly, he compromised. Spotting a fair sized bush he quickly moved to hide behind it. The children wouldn't see him here and would pass quietly by. Then he would dart out when he was quite certain they had gone and try to get back home where it was safe.


Tohru had held her breath and held deathly still, back against the tree while the footsteps of the leprechaun approached. For one fearful moment she had thought that whoever it was would come over to where she was, but then she'd heard the steps go in another direction and breathed out a sigh of relief.

Then she realized that the stranger was still in the area she was in and grew tense again.

"Tohru? Tohru is that you? What are you doing here?"

She jumped at the voice and whirled around quickly. A friendly young face stared back.

It was only Momiji. Thank goodness!

"What are you doing here, Momiji-kun?" Tohru asked, cautiously keeping her tone low.

The rabbit apparently wasn't bothered by the thought of a stranger in their midst. He answered in his normal tone, "you weren't at Shigure's when I came and I was worried about you so I decided to look for you."

Heedless of the girl's frantic shushing gestures he continued, "what are you doing? Are you playing hide-and-seek? Can I play too? Please!"

Finally she put a hand over his mouth and signaled for him to be quiet.

He seemed to get the point and stayed silent as she removed her hand. He gave her a curious look and seemed to be asking what was wrong.

Understanding his unspoken question she poked her head from behind the tree and glanced around. Seeing no one she turned back to Momiji.

"There's someone else here. A stranger. Stay quiet until he goes away. I don't think it's very safe to draw attention to ourselves right now. Who knows who that person is. They could be a murder or something."

His round brown eyes widened in fear.

"Oh no! Tohru-chan isn't safe here. I'll go get someone; Hatori, Kyo, anyone. Just stay here until I come back, okay? If we both go it'll draw too much attention. I'll be quick and quiet."

"Wait, Momiji-"

But he was already gone. She sighed and slumped against the rough bark feeling tired and scared.

What would happen now? Would the stranger leave? Would Momiji return with help before anything bad could occur?

Before she had time to wonder anymore about it, the thudding of far off footsteps reached her ears and she knelt on the ground curling into a fetal position to try to make herself less noticable.

It couldn't be Momiji back so soon, so she could only assume that whoever it was she probably didn't want them to find her.

She didn't know if whoever was coming was friendly or not and she really didn't want to find out.

She squeezed her eyes shut as the steps grew nearer and nearer. Hopefully they wouldn't see her. With any luck they would pass right on by.

So she waited fearfully as the steps became louder and closer.


A small group of kids stood looking around in confusion.

They knew Lucky had escaped into the woods, but they didn't see which direction he took.

Now they were trying to decide which path to take and neither one agreed with the other's decision.

Girl A: "We should go this way. I'm positive that's where he went."

Girl B: "No, it's this way - I'm certain of it!"

Boy A: "We have to split up. One group will go this way, and the other group will go that way."

So they separated, the boy's going in one direction and the girl's going in another.

One group went down a wrong path. ...But the others followed a path leading right to where the girl and leprechaun were hiding.


When the footsteps were loud enough she knew that whoever they belonged to would soon be in the area she was in.

They wouldn't be able to see her because the tree hid her well. Still that didn't keep her from trembling slightly with fear. The strangers could probably hear her heart pounding from where they were, it was beating so loud. She curled even tighter into her little ball and willed her breath to still.

The thudding of feet suddenly stopped and Tohru thought she would faint from fright. Would they look around and find her in her hiding place? The very idea made her think of bolting, but she firmly kept her body in place, determined to wait this out.

They would be gone soon, hopefully, and THEN she could leave.

So she waited, only hearing the quiet shuffling of feet and the low murmuring of voices.

Whoever was here was trying to be silent, as if they were afraid of being made known.

But why? Was it because of the other person who was here? Did they somehow know him?

Her question was answered when the voices suddenly rose and someone uttered a loud shout.

"Hey look I found him. I found Lucky! Get him! Grab him! Don't let him get away!!!"

After that yelled order, absolute pandemonium insued.