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A sunny forest clearing stood before her; emerald grass, fallen logs here and there, small boulders, perfect for resting on, and tall, leafy trees. But what really captured her attention was the trees in the center of the clearing. They were lined up in a row, and were adorned with colorful marshmallows. Tohru knew instantly who had grown those particular trees; the riceball looked around, but didn't see the elf in the immediate vicinity. The girl did not like to take anything that belonged to anyone else without permission, so, ignoring her growling stomach, she forced herself to wait. Sitting down on the grass, she proceeded to hum a tune that her mom used to sing to put her to sleep.

To be sure, the Elder was annoying, but two charms would be a great help, and he was grateful to the elderly leprechaun. He would, of course, have to create duplicates of the new charms, but that was easy: with a duplication spell, Lucky easily created copies of both the rose charm and the thunderbolt charm. Currently, he was in his little wooden cottage, in a room he used as his 'work' room, though he didn't consider what he did work. When there were enough duplicates of the charms, Lucky used a bit more magic to make them fly into his famous cereal boxes. These new charms wouldn't be distributed anytime soon - still, he wanted to get the packaging out of the way. When that was finished, Lucky decided to get some more fresh air; he walked back to the clearing to check on his marshmallows, but stopped in his tracks upon reaching the site. First, he heard a beautiful sound - someone humming. Then, he took a few cautious steps, and soon discerned that a girl was sitting near the trees, humming a song. Upon closer observation, he saw that it was the same girl who had rescued him from the children before. Without further hesitation, Lucky approached the brunette.

Tohru had been sitting in absolute silence, with the exception of her humming, and the light footsteps nearing her were distinct to her sensitive ears. Her head whipped around, chocolate orbs landing on the small creature. Her face lit up attractively.

"Oh, hello. I knew you would come, so I waited for you." Tohru blushed, realizing how stalkerish that sounded. "I-I mean-I was walking, and I got lost, so when I found myself here, I knew you would be here, so...umm...er..."

She twiddled her thumbs, addressing her hands.

"I was tired, so I thought it would be best to wait for you. I hope you don't mind."

"Of course not. I did not expect to see you again. It was a lucky thing you stumbled across this place."

Tohru nodded violently.

"Oh yes! If I hadn't, I probably would have collapsed from exhaustion. Uhng..."

She promptly clapped a hand over her stomach and slumped over.

At once, Lucky was alarmed. He gently grasped her shoulders, brows furrowed with worry.

"What's wrong?"

In reply, Tohru lifted her head weakly.


"Can you stand?"

"I think so."

She tried, and luckily was able to - however her feet were sore, and her legs were tired from walking for so long. She was only just able to keep from falling over.

Lucky took action immediately. Lifting his hands, he created a wind that gently lifted the girl off her feet. He directed the wind in the direction of his cottage, walking along at a fast, but gentle pace. Upon reaching the cottage, Lucky moved the wind over the porch; the wind eased the girl onto the porch and, on Lucky's command, dispersed. Tohru was too weak to muster the strength to be shocked; she simply stood unsteadily, the full realization of how tired and hungry she was hitting her, making her that much more drained. Lucky was by her side in an instant, guiding her inside, and showing her to the kitchen. Tohru gratefully collapsed into the chair the elf pulled out for her, smiling at him in thanks. Lucky was quick to start fixing a meal. If you thought that he just ate his cereal, you'd be wrong. Yes, he does enjoy a bowl or two a day, but he does eat other food. Since he is irish, it's obvious that he would have irish food; he had already made some irish stew that day and he now warmed it on the stove.

Tohru waited eagerly and humbly accepted the bowl that was given to her with soda bread on the side. She thanked Lucky profusely, and ate, trying to be polite and eat slowly, even though she wanted to gulp it down. When she had abated her hunger, and was able to eat with less vigor, she made a point to ask about the wind trick: how did he make the wind move? Was it magic? Could he do other tricks like it? Lucky answered her questions in succession: that's a secret. Yes it is. Yes, I can do other magic like that.

The riceball was awed by this creature and wanted to know more about him. However, the meal had made her sleepy, and she was reminded that she had to go back to Shigure's house. However, it was late afternoon, and she was sure it would take hours to find her way back. She wanted to take a nap, but was afraid to sleep in a strangers house; it seemed that Lucky had thought about this though, and immediately brought up the topic.

"You looked tired. Perhaps you should get some rest. I'll show you to the bedroom."

"Oh no, I couldn't impose. I'll sleep somewhere else. Please don't trouble yourself over me."

"Don't be ridiculous - you look like you're about to collapse! Come, let me take you to the room."

She didn't - or rather couldn't argue. She was simply too exhausted. So she let Lucky lead her to a cute little room and, without taking the time to really admire it, she fell on the bed and, not bothering to cover herself, fell asleep within moments.

For a moment, Lucky was captivated by the girl on his bed. He had never taken kindly to humans - children were so aggravating and he never really spoke to adults unless he had too. The only people he could associate with were his own kind and other mythical creatures. This was the first time he had really gotten to know a human, and it was fascinating. He found he wanted to spend more time with her, and show her things he could never show other humans. Snapping out of it, he shook his head. It was pure nonsense. He shouldn't get involved with a human. They were dangerous and, most of the time, untrustworthy. As nice as this one seemed, he couldn't let his guard down. A small voice in his head was telling him that this could be an exception. He tried to ignore it, but the feeling that this girl was someone he could grow to like kept nagging at him. He scratched his head, annoyed with his thoughts and feelings. They were all mixed up; perhaps he should do something to distract himself. Shutting the door, Lucky temporarily pushed away thoughts of the girl. They could wait; right now, he had other things to worry about.