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Warning: Slight yaoi fluff HitsuXIchi GinXIchi Implied One sided RenXIchi

"Oy! Kurosaki over here!" Abarai Renji yelled. Ichigo Kurosaki walked over to him and felt awkward. Sitting on the ground of an old park were his buds. Ichimaru Gin, Hitsugaya Toshiro and Ishida Uruyuu. They all were what you would call different. They were all the outcasts and unwanted of Karakura High School. Ichimaru was rumored to be into drugs (but it wasn't true... he was just a happy, blood loving teen). Shiro was short and had whit hair and was always 'picked on' even though most of his attackers didn't come back for a few weeks. And Uryuu well he was a completely different story. He was a class A nerd and he was captain of the... ugh... sewing club. As for Renji, it was a mystery as to why someone who was so popular would choose to hang out with a bunch of misfits and outcasts....

"Earth to Kurosaki! You wanna play truth or dare or what?" Renji seemed mad. "Ne, shouldn't we wait for Ru-" As Ichigo spoke a girl with black layered hair hurdled over them. A crash soon followed. "Ouch that hurt like hell!" Kuchiki Rukia was on the ground with yet another smashed skateboard at her feet. "Rukia, you can't skateboard! Just give it up!" Ichi was amazed as it was the ever so shy Uryuu that said this. And to think he almost never spoke to anyone other than Ichigo...

Renji plopped down next to Ichi and said, "OK now then Ru-Chan is here lets proceed with our ever so rousing game of truth and dare! Ichigo!" Damn this always happened... Renji proposed this stupid game and always had him doing things that ultimately always led to his embarrassment... "I dare you to kiss Shiro!" At this there were various reactions. Among them were laughter and immense mostly laughter. "Eh?! Why me?" Renji smirked and said, " Well... because..." As he seemed to be in deep thought Ichigo mentally prepared himself for the ordeal ahead. Sure Shiro was cute, but it was just that Ichigo wasn't into guys.... Well technically he wasn't into girls either but... now that he thought about it.. he really wasn't interested in either sex. Hmm... maybe this dare was an interesting development... "Ah! Got one! Shiro's been mumbling your name in his sleep..hehe"

At this Shiro turned pale and then red. "Abarai how the hell would you know that?" Renji sweat dropped and then ignored the small genius completely. "OK then... you guys gonna go through with this? Or ya'll too chicken?" Renji laughed even though on the inside he was horrified at the thought of Shiro's lips on his Ichi's. But at least it was better than Renji trying the same thing and getting kicked into the arms of an ever waiting Byakuya. (Hehe... though why he would want to ignore that smexy ass is beyond my comprehension holds up sign that says Byakuya Fan-girl)

"OK, OK. Alright we'll do it..." Shiro thought of the implications of the last three and nearly salivated at the thought of Ichi and him... well you get it... Ichigo looked tense. Maybe this was his first kiss? Nah the ever elusive and outspoken redhead had probably had dozens of kisses and then some. Shiro leaned in and as if on cue so did Ichi. Then their lips met. It was an interesting feeling. Shiro mentally laughed as he thought that Ichigo lived up to his name. He tasted of strawberries.

Meanwhile Ichigo was in heaven. Shiro's lips moved in sync with his and somehow he resisted the urge to grab his hair. He could already imagine being declared gay and being the only outcast of the outcasts. They broke apart, both teens flushed. Renji's eyes focused on Ichigo, who's breaths were becoming more like actual breaths than pants. Hehe.. pants.. just the thought of Ichigo panting because of him turned Renji on. But wait... Ichi was panting because of Shiro.. not him. Damn it! Had he just given Shiro and Ichi a bond that was harder to break than the one between himself and Ichi?

"Ne, Ichi why don't you spread some of that love over here?" Ichigo felt himself being pulled backwards into the arms of a very teasing Gin. "Leave me al-" Ichimaru's lips crashed onto his,cutting of Ichi's sentence. Oh. My. Gosh. Didn't this mean that Gin... was.. gay? Haha Gay Gin... That was a funny nickname. Ichigo was brought back to reality as he felt Gin's hands wandering. He broke apart and managed to get out of his arms. And then Ichi was running. What was he running from? He had just been wondering about his sexuality and suffice to say he had found it out hadn't he?

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