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Ichigo boarded his plane, looking behind him and waving a tear filled good bye to his family. Yuzu wept openly while Karin fought back tears. His father looked at a picture of him and his mother and broke down completely gaining stares from passerby. Ichigo wiped his eyes and climbed into the plane. He put his luggage away and sat down in his chair. It would be a long trip to America, but it would be worth It; after all he was escaping everything he ever disliked.

Grimmjow ran across the airport and finally reached the hangar where Ichigo's plane was about to take off. He ran, almost tripping on a small girl with pigtails. His hair hung limp with sweat; he had run here from the Shinigami Women Society Headquarters and was out of breath. He had called Ichigo various times but the teen never picked up. Then he finally got through to some old geezer who said Ichigo was already leaving for the airport. Then he started running.

Grimmjow had flown across town; it was only until the last stretch of the town that his Sonido had given out. He had been feeling rather strange since he had left Hueco Mundo, weaker somehow. When he reached the airport he sought out Ichigo's reiatsu and ran in that direction. He heard the boarding call and pushed his gigai to its limits. Then he ditched it altogether. He didn't care that his limp body was causing a commotion, all he knew was that he didn't want to lose Ichigo.... Despite the fact that he had been acting cold towards the berry the entire week and was hiding behind the façade of a relationship with Ulquiorra, he loved Ichigo; he had never stopped.

Finally he saw the berry's family, but Ichigo himself was nowhere in sight. He tried to move past them, but the older girl sensed him and stuck out an arm to stop him.

"You're not chasing after my brother, you blue haired ass. He's been through enough without you chasing him and begging him to take you back." She shot him a glare that could make lesser men quiver in fear.

"I didn't ask your permission. I will go see my berry whenever I feel like it, because he belongs to me. He always will... Now MOVE OUT OF MY WAY!" Grimmjow moved closer to the girl, getting ready to rip her arm off if necessary.

"Karin," The older man put down the girl's arm and moved forward to face Grimmjow himself. "Grimmjow-san I agree with Karin. You threw my son away for another one of your kind. You cannot so easily take him back because I won't allow it. He is my son and if he wishes to leave because he finds it hard to be around you, who are you to try to change his mind?"

The old man looked at him levelly and Grimmjow attempted to stare him down, but a sharp pain in his left temple stopped him in his tracks. "I don't want to have to kill you human. Get out of my way, because you have no idea what you're getting into."

A smirk made its way across the geezer's face and then he pulled a small dagger out of his sleeve. "Do you know what you're getting into Arrancar?"

"Naïve human. Nothing short of a zanpaktou can kill us." He paused and stared down at the man. "I bet you have no idea what that even is."

"You're the naïve one. Do you think defectors only exist among the Arrancars? Soul Society has survived many wars and I am just one of the many defectors! Keiyou kuroi tori!"

A blinding light engulfed the hangar and Grimmjow fell to his knees, the pain in his left temple increasing until he was breathing hard. This reiatsu... it was something... else... Something otherworldly and certainly something he was not familiar with. It was as though million shards of glass were sent flying through him.

"Doda? Not so high and mighty now are you Arrancar? I was once a Shinigami captain. Do you still want to fight me?" The arrogance behind his tone angered Grimmjow, but even then he still could not bring himself to get off the ground. He considered blanking out, but even as the old man spoke, the last boarding call was blaring over the loudspeaker.

"Bring it on old man." He knew he was in over his head. He knew he probably wouldn't be able to beat him. But he wanted to bring Ichigo back, because he couldn't bear to part with him; Ichigo was the only one for him. Grimmjow pulled out his sword, but when he pulled out the empty hilt, he was at a loss for words. He looked down at his stomach and noticed the gargantuan hole that once was there, was the slowly receding and fleshing out. A chain was beginning to form down his chest and his hearing was slowly turning from the hearing of a cat to the hearing of a human, something he could barely remember being. His sight blurred and then he heard the sound of a plane taking off, and turned around just to see it take off and then fall to the ground in a sea of flames.

"Kurosaki-san, I am sorry, but your son didn't make it." Ishin looked at the doctor and Grimmjow walked out of the room unnoticed by either man. After the brief episode in which he had resembled a soul, he had regained his entire Hollow-like power except that of his sword, which only appeared as an empty hilt. He sat down crossed leg in the hall and marveled at all the souls wandering the corridors, chains clanking and their endless regrets following them like an omnipresent cloud. No matter how long he looked, he did not see Ichigo. He knew that Ichigo wasn't here, from the moment he had felt that strange reiatsu fill the room, he knew Ichigo had been whisked off to Rukongai. Either that or one of the Chosen had come to pick him up.

The Chosen were four elite super-souls that had zanpaktou's that took souls directly out of their bodies when the Fates ordered it. The Chosen only came down to Earth to pick up superb souls. There were only four souls that they had picked up in the last millenium and they were all prodigies from a young age. Shunsui Kyōraku, Jūshirō Ukitake, Byakuya Kuchiki, and Toshiro Hitsugaya, all given the title of captain in less than a decade. The Chosen were told to be able to suck the memories from the souls, so that they would not be biased in their judgements as future shinigami. The only reason they bothered to do that was so that Central 46 didn't have to lock up potential allies; Soul Society was always in danger of war.

Grimmjow closed his eyes and concentrated on raising and lowering his reiatsu, making sure that he had absolute control of it. Then he heard the whisper.

"Griiimjooow.... Cooomeee heeeeereeee...." The whispers were raspy and seem to come from the darkness in the hallway. A smoky apparation appeared in front of him and he recognized it vaguely as Pantera.

"What do you want alley cat?"

"I haaaaaaaaaaveee a joooob forrrrrrr yoooooooooou.... Yooooooooouuuuu muuuuuuuussssssstttttttt refoooormm yoooooourrrr bonnnnnnnnnnnnd wiiiiiiiith yoooooooooour maaaaaaaate.... Aaaaaand soooooooon….ooootherrrrrwiiiiiiiiise you'rrrrrre poooowers wiiiiiilllllllll diiiiissssaaaaaaaaaapeeeeaar...."

Grimmjow grimaced and was about to ask a question but Pantera's form quivered and with one last pleading look the cat like form disappeared into smoke.

Grimmjow stared into space, wondering why this was happening. What did reuniting his bond with Ichigo have to do with keeping his powers....? He was an Arrancar... and Ichigo was a Shinigami... No. Grimmjow turned over and floated upside down imagining that the blood was flowing to his head. Then it hit him Ichigo wasn't a Shinigami. He was a Vaizard... He was part Hollow.

Ichigo felt as though he as floating. Nothing held him down. Not even gravity. He felt like he could do anything.

"Ichigo... wake up..." The voice resounded off what seemed to be bare walls, or at least that's how he imagined it would look like if he opened his eyes.

"Ichigooo..." The voice was sweet and soft, like a pillow, but without the lumps.

Ichigo opened his eyes and sat up. All around him were colors. But right in front of him was a girl. Her skin was porcelain and her hair was corn silk. Then she opened her eyes, and he stared straight ahead, the evergreen eyes. They had that glazed over look that only the blind have.

"Who are you?" Ichigo wanted to know this girl's name, the girl whose voice was magic.

"I am Arina Judas. I am one of the four chosen, the one who wields earth."

Ichigo looked at the girl. "What are the Chosen? And why am I here?!" He was starting to get panicked because none of it made sense.. The last thing he remembered was fire and the plane going down. Then they took him to the hospital..

Ichigo looked up at the girl, who had a sad smile on her face.

"Kurosaki Ichigo, you have departed Earth and by the creed of Soul Society, I will erase all that you remember of your time on Earth. Whether memories be of pain and suffering, whether they are filled with joy or sadness, I invoke my power as a Chosen One and take it all, so that when you serve Soul Society, your judgements are impartial and unobstructed." Ichigo looked into her eyes, her sightless evergreen eyes and the world began to sway in a sea of different colors.

"Sayonara Kurosaki Ichigo, may you speedily depart from this world and serve the other for the greater good. " Then Ichigo fell back onto his back and followed the voices that led him off of Earth.


Keiyou kuroi tori- Fly Black Bird

Doda:From the anime I've watched I've gathered that it means something along the lines of "What do you think" If I'm wrong please correct me :)

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