Gui Gui moved closer to take another snapshot. On the other hand, Aaron, who had ran some distance along the beach, shouted out to her, "Hey Ying Jie, that's the tenth time you have taken pictures of our footprints...are you all done??"

Gui Gui smiled and made an 'OK' sign to him, "Footprints are unique...And you can do more with that Photoshop program as well!!" She then marched cheerfully towards him.

Aaron took his guitar which he has brought along, "Come, I'm gonna start playing...I need you to listen to my first composition..."

Gui Gui managed to catch up with him and sat down, "Alright, alright...I'm all ears!"

He took a deep breath and then started strumming the guitar, telling her, "The name of this song is, 'Gui Gui, My Rainy Days' Blessing'...Ready??"

She nodded earnestly and from the very moment the music started, Gui Gui was drawn towards it with heartfelt emotions. It brought to mind so much memories that happened recently to transform her sadness into glee. Gazing at Aaron, she got to admit he looked most stunning with that guitar...Next time, she got to make him play the piano for her.

Since the lyrics has yet to be complete, Aaron only began to sing at the point of the chorus. Gui Gui felt so soothed by the melody of his voice. Then, somewhat mesmerised, she was bit by bit overwhelmed. Soon, in the middle of her daze, she found her head spinning and following, a painful headache attacked her.

Aaron paused as he was quick enough to notice Gui Gui turning pale and was about to faint. He quickly got to her side, "Are you okay, Ying Jie??"

Gui Gui was so much overtaken by the abrupt dizzy spell that she could hardly respond, only shaking her head.

He touched her forehead, "Think I better bring you to the hospital...Hang on, okay?" He flung her arms over his own shoulders and hastily piggy-backed her away from the beach.

Worries hit him hard as Aaron tried to urge Gui Gui not to succumb to unconsciousness along the way.

They were about to reach the road when suddenly out of the blue and beyond Aaron's awareness, a kid cycling a bike was approaching fast in their direction. When he saw them, he shouted out in panic since at the speed which he was going downhill, he found it hard to slow down. "Watch out!! I just learned how to bike today!!"

By the time Aaron spotted him, it was already too late. Unable to brake properly, the kid on his bicycle knocked Aaron and Gui Gui down. Their fall ended up in such a way that Aaron was over Gui Gui and their lips met.

The kid sighed with relief since he observed that they weren't hurt that much. He smiled embarrassingly looking at the both of them. Interestingly, Gui Gui opened her eyes next second and staring up at Aaron, her face reddened. Aaron quickly got up and apologised, "Sorry, I didn't mean to..."

She sat up awkwardly. The kid only laughed, "Don't you guys like each other? What's there to 'sorry' about??" He then turned about to leave.

Gui Gui sensed all her discomforts from a while ago gone. Aaron offered her a hand to help her up. Then, her cellphone rang and Gui Gui hurriedly answered it, "Hello?"

"Hello...It's Wang Zi...I have placed a copy of my notes in your mailbox...Just check it when you're home, okay?"

Upon hearing him, Gui Gui gasped, "Wang Zi...You sound so different?? Are you really Wang Zi??"

"Of course!"

Aaron, who has been watching on the side, suddenly realised what was amiss. He then cried out, "Ying Jie! You're not wearing your earpiece!"

Gui Gui was startled, "Huh?" She touched her ears and true enough, there was nothing. Then, seeing some passers-by conversing with one another, she ran up to them.

She almost could not believe that each stranger's voice was distinctly different. Gui Gui yelped and turned to Aaron, "I think...I am cured!!"

He went up to hug her tight, "Really...Ying Jie...You don't have to be afraid now..."

Tears unknowingly filled her eyes, "Yes!! Thank you...thank God..."

Aaron pulled apart to give her a tender kiss on the cheek this time, "I'm happy for you!"

Gui Gui smiled the happiest at last, "Aaron, this is a miracle!"

He held her hand close, "Promise that you'll come together with me to my 'New Song' Press Conference tomorrow??"

She nodded with gladness, "I will..."

They then went hand in hand to the nearby street and joyfully await the next bus to come.


"Thanks Alot for reading!"