Finger Puppet

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She lay on the floor of the Tardis. Why she was laying there was known only to her. She said that it was comfortable, though how that could be confounded everyone else. Romana had become rather eccentric since she regenerated; peanut butter and ranch sandwiches being one of the many weird things.

She lifted her left hand started to stare at the little band that was wrapped around one of her fingers. It was mostly gold but hand thin bands of crimson and jade running across it. She took another one of her fingers.

Romana just marveled at how such a silly little trinket could mean so much. Humans were so silly in their ways. But since she spent some much time there, not out of lack of going somewhere else, she gotten used to it.

She turned her hand to let the light reflected off the band. It shined all three colors that it was made of. It was some beautiful. Romana found herself lost in the colors, so much so that she didn't notice that presence of another person in the control room

Romana was brought out of her trance by a hand grabbing her own. The hand possessed a band identical to her own. The person pulled her from the floor and smiled at her "The way you stare at your ring you should be glad that we haven't encountered any gold people yet". Romana couldn't help but laugh "Well Doctor, it's your fault that you made them so pretty". The Doctor took Romana's hand and took her to the council. As the Doctor punched in the coordinates, he noticed Romana's hand on his own, the rings clanging together. It was now his turn to stare.