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I am getting in swing of things for Xmas! Even though its May...

Summary: Its Christmas for the winx club and Prince Sky rents a mansion in the country for all of them in the holidays! But little do they know that there is going to be more than just snow...

Disclaimer: No, I do not own winx club. But I DO own the idea of a Christmas mansion and any extra characters I chose to put in! (I'm not sure whether there will be any though...)


*ring, ring...ring, ring*

Bloom picked up her cell. It was Sky.

"Hello," Bloom said

"Hey there, Bloom!" Sky yelled for no reason, "I rented this HUGE mansion in the Eraklion country!"

"Err, yeah , and?"

"Me, you, Riven, Brandon, Timmy, Nabu, Helia, Tecna, Musa, Stella, Layla and Flora are going to stay there for the holidays and spend Christmas there!"

"No way!"

"Yes way!"

"That is totally and utterly brill, or as Stella would say, INCREDIFABULOUS!" Bloom started laughing like a total maniac. Sky lifted his eyebrows.

"Yes, it is..." Icredifabulous? What the hell! I do not envy Brandon having Stella as a girlfriend... Sky thought to himself

"Oh, but wait! We haven't been Christmas shopping yet!" And with that Bloom forgot about Sky and ran to tell her friends the good news. Sky held the loudly bleeping phone away from his ear and hung up.

"She seems to be pretty hyped up about it," said Riven coming out of no-where

"Yeah, wait, you heard that?"

"I'm surprised you aren't death dude!" Rived snorted, "Why did she hang up?"

"She said she had to go and do some Christmas shopping,"

"I hope their presents are better than the ones we got last year,"

"Oh, shush. Just smile, and at least LOOK grateful!"

In Magix, the girls were doing their Christmas shopping. Stella had demanded to go to the Men's clothing boutique. Flora and Layla were looking around together. They couldn't find anything that would suit their boyfriends. The shop was full of short-sleeved designer workout shirts and Baggy football tees. Stella, on the other hand, already had at least seven or eight outfits to buy for Brandon.

"I can't imagine Nabu in any of this! It's ridiculous!" Layla said, outraged

"I don't think Helia will want any clothes, especially ones that I choose for him," Flora sighed. She was having the most difficulty choosing a present for Helia. He wasn't into modern clothes like Brandon, he didn't like workout gear like Sky, and he most definable wasn't into technology like Timmy. She was stumped. Her dad had met her friends, and was impressed by the fact that most of them were princesses and princes, so he had given her a TON of money to spend on them all for Christmas. She knew whatever she was going to buy for Helia, it had to be special.

"Do you think Riven would like this?" Said Musa, holding out a green zip-up jumper and a pair of baggy jeans

"I'm sure he'll love them ," said Flora, to busy to even look at what Musa was asking her about.

"What's up?" Musa asked, raising an eyebrow

"I can't imagine Helia in any of these clothes!" Flora yelled, she was so frustrated that she tore down half the clothes off the display hangers. A shop assistant tapped her foot at Flora and gave her a stern look. Musa dragged Flora off.

"Maybe Helia doesn't want any clothes," Musa said

"Well what am I supposed to get him then?!"

"Something that really says 'Helia'," Musa thought, "I have no idea, but I'm sure you'll come up with the best idea that will blow him away!" and with that, Musa ran off. Flora scowled.

Flora ended up going back into the store and buying clothes for all the other guys, apart from Helia, Nabu and Timmy. She got Riven a rhinestone belt and a pair of dark-denim jeans, she got Brandon a white, blue and red hoodie and she got Sky a pair of designer trainers.

"Right then girls, its time we went shopping for each other!" Stella yelled at the top of her voice, "Now I'm going to put all of us in pairs-"

"Pairs?" Layla smirked

"Yes, pairs, now anyway, You and Flora can go together, Tecna and Musa, and Me and Bloom!"

"Meh..." the others said with no enthusiasm, and went off in their separate pairs.

"Bloom, LOOK! It's a Spella McCartney store! Lets go!" Stella yelled once again, a few other customers turned and stared at her.

"I have to go in here for Timmy," Tecna said, as she literally dragged Musa in to a computer shop.

Layla and Flora paced up and down Magix. They went to music stores, they went to DVD shops and they even tried a grocerey store, and came out holding their noses (The cheese section was out of date and the smell had spread through the whole store)

They ended up sitting outside a cafe with milkshakes.

"I don't want to give up!" said Flora

"And we won't! I think there's a store especially for magicians down the road, I'll see what I can get there for Nabu, and then we can focus entirley on Helia,!" said Layla

"Why are you focusing entirley on me?" Helia asked as he came out of no-where, making Flora choke on her milkshake.

"Hi Helia!" said Layla, Flora just blushed, "Why are you here?"

"Me and Nabu came into town so that we could do some Christmas shopping,"

"So where's Nabu?" Layla asked

"He went into that shop over there for a reason which I cannot say..." Helia tapped his nose. Layla giggled. "What are you doing here?"

"Same reason as you,"

"Right then, I'll leave you girls to it!" Helia walked off

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