Author's note: For PADavis, who likes a delirious Dean. Sorry, I had to make him a kid. I adore Dean with all his faculties intact. The challenge word was "dry".

Disclaimer: Supernatural is my obsession but not my possession

Word count: 100. Might as well named it "Call it Slaughter" considering how many of my darlings I killed to get it down. You should have seen the first draft, it was beautiful! *runs out crying*

Call it Faith

Dean is three and down with a fever, eyes dry and dull.


"Yes sweetheart?"

"Over there, I saw…"

Mary starts, instincts long unused suddenly alive in her movements as she twists, throwing out arms to grapple darkness. No monster is getting her son!


Dean stares, startled.

Mary turns, shoulders tense but voice steady;

"What was it, honey?"

"Angels. You said! Watching."

Dean is confused. Doesn't mommy know?

"I just… of course, angels. Watching, over you."

As Mary hums Dean to sleep she vows again that her son will never know darkness.